Reviews for The Brass Box
Mahareshi chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
I liked this quite a bit. Better than reading what I usually end up reading...which is ships, ships and more ships. Nice departure from the norm/mundane formula. Only thing I have to say is that you should try to be more descriptive. Not in a colorful, but in a whimsical way if that makes sense. Something that'll pull the reader in. Remember, since you're not shipping, you'll have to rely on writing skill in order to pull readers, so practice that. Good first chapter. Good luck on the rest.
Kanarah J chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
Your summary was really difficult to deciper (both because I think you were intentionally being cryptic, and because there were lots of grammar errors), but the story was interesting to read. Overall, you did a good job. I can tell that Roxas and Axel have a heavy friendship, but I wondered what else was going on behind the scenes. I'm not sure where this story is taking place (Axel and Roxas's shared dwelling, I presume, but since they're in college, is it in a residence hall room, or maybe an apartment?) I'm also interested to learn what it was that Axel was doing to himself with the electricity. I haven't heard of this before. Thanks for sharing your work!