Reviews for John's Story of Love, Life, and 2012
ecc309 chapter 20 . 12/26/2013
This story was really good I'm sad it's over! Hint hint *cough* sequel *cough* any road! I think you did John's personality very well!

Thank you for this story! (:{)
Morgan chapter 20 . 9/21/2013
If this isn't completed you have to continue it. Its great!
SabrinaMayyLouie chapter 20 . 12/8/2012
I loved this story from beginning to end. John Lennon is adorable and of story. And did anyone else read "Eb" As e flat by mistake. Band geek. :P
Celestearts chapter 20 . 12/7/2012
I really enjoyed your story Natasha! I think John's personality was pretty close to character with the story! Keep up the good work!
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 20 . 12/7/2012

-Deja vu. I feel like it's not John's best friend...
-You ARE going with them, Eb. You just ARE!
-I'm surprised the boys weren't going on about scandel. Of course, who are they to speak?
-Strange glares from Ringo are never good. He couldn't...REMEMBER?
-GREAT last line!

This was an absolutely awesome story! And I feel that yes, you did characterize John's gentle side well.
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 19 . 12/7/2012
Oh boy! Now what?

-"Dreamed" is right. THIS WAS REAL, JOHNNY BOY!
-Smart John. Keeping things from your band mates' is a good move.
-You're just realizing that NOW John? What kind of thick skull have you got?
-And bursting out in front of PAUL! Tsk tsk tsk.
-BRIAN! That's all I can say. Just BRIAN!
-Eb, seriously.
-Aunt Bea, seriously.
-Getting up the nerve to move, eh? Remind me to never fall in love...
-Clever last line.

Hey, great job on this chapter!
The Starkiller chapter 20 . 12/7/2012
I'm so sad it's over! It was amazing, and Ebony is a beautiful name! I can't believe you don't think that you didn't characterize John well; I thought it was creepy realistic! Hope you have a new story soon!
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 18 . 12/5/2012
Interesting twist!

-JOHN! Impatient in a girl's hour of darkness! Tsk tsk tsk.
-Wait a sec. How does this work? HE remembers everything, but she doesn't remember ANYTHING.
-Gotta hate that gypsy.
-Jake, would you quit the callous bit already!
-So you both think you dreamed it up, you're never gonna get back together, and you're all horribly desperate...HELP!

Celestearts chapter 18 . 12/5/2012
This is great! I just wanted to let George turned 21 in 1964 not 1963. ;) can wait to see whey happens!
The Starkiller chapter 18 . 12/5/2012
I wasn't expecting that!
abcdefghijk123 chapter 17 . 12/4/2012
Well... That was a sudden change conpletely in the story! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 17 . 12/4/2012

-Ah, just wanting to crawl back into Mum's arms and forget it all...
-Sarcastic comments! We can already see Jake showing through...
-Pretty impressive, how it all comes back to you in the blink of an eye.
-Hey! You're three months and three days older than John! That's something to hang over his head...
-Well, I'm glad Jake has SOME redeeming qualities...
-You just say...well...I don't have an answer for you, Eb.

The Starkiller chapter 16 . 12/3/2012
WHOA, I did not see that coming! Update soon!
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 16 . 12/3/2012

-Eb, you better build up a little courage if you're going to time travel...
-John, you're charging all these things you're buying, right?
-The Eiffel Tower. How generically romantic.
-No! No! Not AGAIN!
-Venezuela. I might have figured...
-I just love that last line. It sets everything up for a new and exciting MYSTERY.

EveningInHornersCorners chapter 15 . 12/2/2012

-Well, Colorado's a little far to go back for them...
-Starting to have lovers' quarrels, eh?
-C'mon, Eb. Just look once.
-John, I must admit, you're kind of mean.
-Tut tut. It's in bad tatse to steal dresses.
-Yeah, I would imagine the change in time zones would make you tired.
-Smart. You're right, you WILL be out of there before you get the bill.
-Yeah. Gotta love Paris.

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