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silly-beggar chapter 4 . 1/30/2016
I can't even articulate how beautiful this fic is.
Words are failing me. Of course I am endlessly happy that the Bateses got their beautiful baby, but I will never tire of reading about their family life and the babies that will follow.

And this is so special that I'll at least try to give an in depth review. Or perhaps I'll just waffle.
Eleanor- I always have had a thing for their little girl being the spitting image of Anna, so I was very happy to see her description. The first chapter was so...I'm just going to reuse the word beautiful, because it was. So much love, so much happiness. It's all they've ever wanted and they are so deserving.

Alice- little Daddy's girl! Oh too cute! Whilst I love little blonde Bates girls I love her little brown curls as well. I liked the touch you added of Alice only finally settling when Anna had kissed her forehead. It alleviated some of those fears that you could tell were beginning to take hold in Anna's brain, thanks to the tiredness.

Aoife- although I've read this fic before, I couldn't quite remember if the baby was okay. I ended up putting down my phone halfway through chapter 3 to take a deep breath in orders prepare for the worst. But the third little Miss Bates is a strong fighter, and thank goodness she's okay. I was very worried for a second! The description of Anna in the bathroom, her white knuckles and the blood totally killed me. I am so glad that little Aoife made it. And she sounds like such a happy character in the last chapter, what a blessing!

William- now he was a lovely final addition. Whilst all girls is totally perfect for the Bateses, a little boy to top it all off just makes thing a all the sweeter. A mini John Bates, a happy surprise for the family and probably their last baby, I assume. I love happy little babies!

Mama Anna- I personally see Anna as a very maternal character, and feel that lots of children is exactly what she wants and would thrive with. And you've captured that brilliantly! She just loves her sweet babies. My heart.

Papa Bates- Like you, I have a huge soft spot for a Papa Bates with his daughters. He just loves his girls so much. In the third chapter, your description of them as his everything was so beautiful (adjectives are failing me). Whilst I love my father, I would not object to having a Papa Bates. Or perhaps as a husband...

So I've just waffled on about your sweet characters, and Banna themselves. Not a great review, sorry about that. Just know that this fic is very special.
Dearest Anna chapter 4 . 5/14/2013
I loved it. They deserve so much happiness, and you give them all what they need.
I love the little girls, so sweet. But well my heart breaks with the idea that they will leave Downton. Of course it will be a new freedom, no more subordinated, as they can feel sometimes. But aren't they, two of the real hearts of Downton? The house should never be the same without them. We know that everything will have an end, but all the same...
Amy chapter 4 . 5/5/2013
It was a delightful story. I loved how it was wrapped up so well.
Amy chapter 1 . 5/4/2013
Loved it! Loved the name
JamesLuver chapter 4 . 4/28/2013
The smile on my face when I realised that they'd finally got their dream hotel was so wide that it was almost painful. And this really was the most perfect way to end a most perfect fanfic. This is how I'll always imagine their life now, end of.

I liked the fact that you actually did something a bit different with the idea of their hotel move. Normally, I don't think of it as anything but a completely joyous occasion, so it was nice to see a different spin on it, with Anna being more anxious about the move than she'd thought she ever would be. Really, it /is/ a momentous occasion, leaving behind everything that you've ever known to start again somewhere else. But I loved how she was instantly reassured by John taking her hand, and how he didn't let go throughout the entire train journey, and how he held her hand once they'd reached their new home too. Such a sweet image!

And Anna with her girls was just so wonderful. I know we all like to fangirl over John with daughters, but Anna as a mother is just going to be one of the most beautiful things ever when we finally get it (because we will, damn you Fellowes!). You've captured her dynamics with them so perfectly; her sweetness and how loving she was just made my heart swell. Loved her fussing over Eleanor's nightgown and promising Alice that she could sleep in their room that night, and telling them that she and John were going to take them to the beach. :3

I wasn't sure if another baby Bates was going to make an appearance, and I was very happy indeed to realise that there was another one! And a baby boy this time, aww. I do like the idea of John having at least one son in a house full of girls - at least he's not quite as outnumbered anymore! (Not that he'd ever mind!) I can completely understand John's fears of Anna's fourth pregnancy, after what happened with Aoife. He most definitely would be that overprotective of her. It was sweet to read about, because we know that he was only doing it out of utter love for her. But I liked how you hit on the deeper issues too, like Anna struggling with her own fears alone because she didn't want to burden John with them. That is definitely something that she'd do, and my heart went out to her for struggling with her burdens alone. :( Thank goodness nothing went wrong this time around!

And I was so sad to read about Lord Grantham's death, especially with the bond between them both. But I think that it's a very believable reason for John and Anna to move on - to be honest, before Matthew's death, I was certain that Robert would die in the final series so that M/M could be the new Earl and Countess of Grantham...obviously not happening now! But yeah, it would be the perfect catalyst for Anna and John to pursue their own dreams. Anna comforting him was lovely, and her vow to make him as happy as possible even more so.

Loved the little nod to the Anna/Mary relationship, too. Mary kissing her cheek, aww. Their interactions are just so lovely.

And, as usual, you make my heart melt with the way that you write Anna and John's interactions. I can always feel their devotion and love for each other whenever I read anything that you've written, and it's always the most wonderful thing in the world. I loved their their flirting and kissing and the way that they stood together with their son looking out of the window. And, of course, I almost died of happiness when John told her that she was marvellous (yay for working in the CS!), and how shy yet flattered she was. And her telling him how marvellous he was too. Aww. John's comment about the way that their picnics always ended made me grin an insane amount too. I can just imagine that. ;) And her telling him that they couldn't be having any more children, haha. And her saying that they should sneak away later on for a while to make up for the fact that Alice would be sharing their bed that night, oh my. It's suddenly a bit warm in here! ;)

Bless them, getting caught kissing rather enthusiastically by their children, haha. And what a lovely scene to end the whole thing on, with the family all together and happy and following their dreams. I have enjoyed this story so, so much. I want the future Bates family to be exactly like this one! Although I know that Fellowes won't do as good a job as you have done, because this is perfect. Also, I loved the names that you gave to each of the children, and the meaning behind all of them. They're all beautiful names, and I really appreciate the thought you put into them all. And overused or not, William is still a lovely name for their little boy. (And with Robert as a middle name, it couldn't get much sweeter!)

Thank you for writing this. Forever one of my favourites.
Umbrella-ella chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
- "As dawn came, the cries of pain sounded louder through the ceiling. Daisy's eyes widened in fear and John's shut themselves tight." This. A young girl who is just as afraid of the possibility of anyone being in pain, much less Anna, and a man who is terrified at the idea of his wife in pain whose reactions are terribly accurate. The way their reactions contrast is beautifully done. John knows exactly what Anna is going through upstairs, the pain she is feeling, and he's trying his best to keep himself together, while Daisy's surprised reaction is born out of a sort of innocence, in that she has no idea what kind of pain Anna is experiencing. The naive and the experienced, both brought together so wonderfully.
- "Each time he looked into her eyes, he could see them there, giggling and playing and wrapped in her arms. She was born to become a mother; her very nature, so kind and caring and compassionate, made her absolutely perfect for the role. If any aspect of him, be it his age or his many past mistakes and incompatibilities, deprived her of what was her God-given right he would berate himself forever." I love this piece so much. Here we can see the happiness and hope in John's own mind, and yet, given all of their past experiences, he is still very much afraid of himself, of his own failings, of his inner demons. I love the idea that he thinks Anna was born to be a mother and that he can see their future together, just as he had at the beginning of season two, with the little hotel plans.
In sum, there's nothing else I can say but: D'aww! This is a great first chapter and I can't wait to read the whole thing!
JamesLuver chapter 3 . 4/25/2013
Aww, this story gets sweeter by the chapter! That makes it all the better for me. ;)

I loved John watching his two girls baking a cake in Downton's kitchen. I can just imagine the chaos that they'd been wreaking. The fact that both of the girls have got such distinctive personalities is great - I loved that Eleanor is the perfectionist, and Alice is much more content being creative. The little details that you added in, like Alice knocking over the bag of flour by accident, and then drawing patterns in it, just made me smile so much. The daughters that you've created here are already my absolute favourite children ever. And I absolutely adored reading about their time up at Downton, with Mrs. Hughes wanting to see them often (she'd definitely dote on them), and Mr. Carson taking them around the house and telling them stories. Seriously, I just about melted at that point.

When I read that Anna was resting, I wondered why that might be. I was hoping that there might be another baby Bates in the picture, but I never expected it under such circumstances (even if your A/N does warn that it was a tiny bit more angsty than the other chapters, haha). As I was reading the unfolding story of Anna's pregnancy, my heart was definitely speeding up in my chest. I had faith in you that everything would turn out all right by the end, but that still didn't make it any less difficult to read. You captured the terror and the uncertainty of such a moment so wonderfully well, and I was on the edge of my seat as I read. For me, the most absolutely touching moment ever was John crouching down beside Anna in the bathroom, holding her cheek, and the two of them nodding in unison. I can't describe how powerful that moment is to me. That whole scene was just incredible. And my heart was definitely in my mouth for the baby when I read about her bleeding all over the leather seats in Lord Grantham's car. John's certainty that if anything ever happened to Anna, it would be the end of him just drove everything home for me, just because I truly believe it would be too. As I said, you did such a wonderful job with the fear surrounding the birth.

I am so glad that they had the chance to have another child, though. They deserve to have a wonderful, large family, and I can definitely see Anna wanting more than two children. Adored the fact that John was so desperate to give her exactly what she wanted too, bless him. Their heartache over not conceiving straight away was heartbreaking, especially when it was something that they both wanted so much, so it's nice to reflect back on that part when both Anna and the baby made it through unharmed.

And another daughter, yay! There's just something irresistible about John with daughters. He'd spoil them all so much. I liked how you worked in his lingering fear, too, in just a short sentence about how nothing could have happened to Anna while he'd been away. That was great. And their whole exchange in their room was just lovely. The hand holding (you know my weaknesses!), John fussing around her, the whole thing. My heart went out to Anna when she started to apologise, but John's response to that was absolutely perfect. Of course she has nothing to apologise for. :3

Aoife (I have such trouble remembering how to spell that, haha) is such a beautiful name, too. I liked that it was a shout-out to John's heritage, and the story behind it. It's nice to think of the name being associated with happy memories too, as well as the sad ones. And the final image of the chapter, with John watching all of his girls together, just about killed me in the best way possible.
JamesLuver chapter 2 . 4/21/2013
Finally getting the chance to carry on reviewing this! And I fell more and more in love with every second that passed. I can't even articulate how much I loved this chapter, though I will try my best to show you a little of my appreciation.

First of all, I absolutely adored the wonderful family atmosphere you've set up here. I just could not stop grinning at the thought of Anna sitting with her two girls, thinking about everything that has happened, and how wonderful her life is. I loved how distinctive you made Alice's personality, and it made me smile even more to know that she was a complete daddy's girl (come on, I think it's everyone's family kink, to see John with a daughter who is exactly like him). And John in completely hopeless overprotective mode with Eleanor was just too sweet for any words. He'd definitely be so fussy over all of them. I loved how Anna just let him fuss, knowing herself that Eleanor would be just fine.

I think you captured the chaos of motherhood wonderfully too. I obviously can't speak from experience, but I've no doubt that it is incredibly draining, especially having two children who are quite close in age. And I think that it would be only natural for Anna to have instants where she doesn't think that she's coping too well, even if she is.

Alice waiting up for her father was adorable, and I loved the way that John was with her. I definitely need these kinds of scenes in my life. You captured John's lovingness and tenderness so well, and I loved his admission that he'd rather stay at home with Anna and the children. And the reminder of the hotel dream! Yes!

Aww, John settling Alice down was adorable. The idea of getting her to sleep with a bedtime story was great, and something that John would definitely love to do. And the fact that she couldn't settle until Anna had kissed her goodnight...too cute! I'm sure that went a long way towards easing Anna's doubts.

And then the ending was hot as hell. I share your "John reading to Anna" kink, and this one was perfect. I loved Anna's initial cheekiness when getting ready for bed, and the image of her striding up the covers towards him *incoherent noise*. And then the choices of poetry was inspired. Yeats is just something that I always connect with John, so I was excited to see him here, and the poems that you chose were great. I also loved the little insight into how Anna's love for Yeats had grown through John's, and the additions of the lines that had comforted her (and made her despair) through her life. And then Anna getting racy with John when he was reading to her. Yes, yes, yes. Loved the image of her unbuttoning his shirt as he read, and then shifting her hand beneath his book so that she could manage the rest. And John being obliging was just as great. ;) My favourite part was probably the description of the kiss, with him taking her top and bottom lip in turn, and then kissing her philtrum. That was so hot and sensual and intimate and I can't. Definitely one of my favourite parts of fanfiction ever. You always write their intimacy so well. I could never get enough of it.

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to review the next two chapters at some point during the next week. Now I'm off to work for a 2-10 shift with a huge smile on my face thanks to this.
poma14 chapter 4 . 3/1/2013
Aww, this was a super story of a lovely future for John and Anna. I too just sigh at the thought of Bates with little daughters...but the thought of him being all father and son-ish is also appealing. I like how Robert's death served as a catalyst to their moving on. I swear if they don't get that hotel by the end of the show I will be so upset. Would love to see this story come to fruition. This is how it should be! :)

I absolutely loved Bates's line about having her sweet smiles forever just made my heart ache. Love it!

Thanks for a wonderful possible future for these two. Look forward to your next story!
LKJFHSK chapter 4 . 2/24/2013
Oh, I loved the ending! Amazing job, hope to read more from you soon!
theonlyxception chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
Eleanor is a beautiful name. And you don't know how much this story makes me smile. I love the idea of Anna and Bates finally starting their life together; having a lot of kids and just seeing a part of their lives that isn't shown on the show.

I too love how this is told from Bate's point of view. And how Anna was actually listening to him talk to their daughter as he was looking out the window. They have to be my favorite couple in the show, because they have such chemistry and flowing love being together.
Alkd chapter 4 . 2/15/2013
Sheer perfection. Gosh, what a beautiful chapter!
fuzzydream archive chapter 4 . 2/15/2013
OMG! They have a little hotel - OMG! That alone made me squeal.

The whole scenario you created at first - Anna staying in - amazing. Goes back to Anna's very first line on the show, so it makes a lot of sense to have it happening here. An ending at DA - a new beginning for their family. That's how I want the show to end.

And the girls, awww, the girls. Eleanor being the older sister, the little mother-hen, so like Anna. And Alice being just like John - and I felt for her when she said she didn't go to her parents' room because she didn't know the way. Poor Alice! I'm sure she'll learn the way very soon, though. :) And little Aoife! She made me smile so much, being so bright and happy. I can't see John and Anna's children being anything but happy. They'll be so, so loved.

And the little boy! For a moment I thought you'd choose to go with only three girls but the little baby boy was such a special touch - the perfect adition to their family, completing things. I laughed at Anna saying they couldn't have more children - they should take care, with the way things are going, but who can blame them? Plus, they have their own hotel now!

It was just the perfect ending for this story - to see them together, facing a new future, with their own family. I've loved this story from beginning to end, with Eleanor, Alice, Aoife and little William. Such a bright story, it cheered me up to no end. I just love them and the little family you created for them - I really hope Fellowes has something like this in mind for their future!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us and you know I'm very much looking forward to your next story!
fuzzydream archive chapter 3 . 2/15/2013
I was worried about Anna at the first sentence of this already! I knew something must have been "wrong" if the girls were at DA without her, though it shouldn't be that way. :P The sight of the two of them is such an adorable image to think of, though. I can just see them being the joy downstairs - Carson taking the two of them on a visit to the house- aw, so cute! I need this to be canon. I need it.

Oh, and poor, poor Anna, with such a difficult labour. But of course it was all worth it. John's worry over her was definitely palpable, and so, so endearing. I love how you portrayed all that. And sweet little Aoife - awww! Another little girl! I'll admit, I thought you'd be giving them a boy because after two girls that's generally what happens, but I was pleasantly surprised when I read that the third baby was a girl. You know I just love seeing John as a father to little girls, so I love the idea of them having three daughters.

Bless Anna for feeling guilty for wanting another child - the whole conversation was so lovely and perfect. My heart ached for Anna when she said she was sorry, and of course John would make her see it was not her fault. Especially when in the end they were given a healthy baby girl. The meaning of her name was also amazing, I loved it, especially the story with John's sister. Little Aoife will probably be very spoilt - and with two older sisters too!

Amazing chapter. Everything about it was perfect!
fuzzydream archive chapter 2 . 2/15/2013
Better late than never, I say! I've read this when you first posted and I just loved it - now it's time to leave a proper review! :)

Poor little Eleanor! And bless John for being so worried about his little girl. I can definitely see him as an over-zealous, absolutely loving father. And awww, Eleanor not enjoying mornings - so like her mummy! Too adorable. And oh, I can just see them like this - missing the days when they both still worked in the Abbey but still being happier than never before with their two daughters. And can I just say that I love their names? Eleanor and Alice also go ever so well together, and with them being so close in age, I imagine they'd be quite the pair.

I just absolutely loved the image of the four of them having a moment together - and, later on, with Anna putting Eleanor to sleep and giving Alice a kiss so she could sleep peacefully - awwww! That's exactly what a small baby like her would do, I think, despite being so adorably enamoured by her daddy.

Also, very, very romantic the ending - John and Anna definitely keep their passion alive, and I'm not even mentioning how you can feel their love is even stronger with two little girls. Amazing chapter - can this just please, please happen on the show? :)
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