Reviews for Surviving the HIVE
Guest chapter 10 . 7/21
Very good story keep going if you can
Goon chapter 10 . 7/4
Okay I've literally read this 5 times over, I love it so much. Please keep updating!
WeskerSA chapter 10 . 7/3
Great chapter! The character interactions were really good!
:) I hope you have a good weekend!
Goon chapter 10 . 7/2
I really hope you keep on continuing this story! It's so great and I'm just fawning over it at this point.

Please keep on updating! :) great story
PrincessSparkleKitty chapter 10 . 6/29
It may have been a hard chapter, but it was a great one! I love seeing all the stuff about Robin's past coming into his life now.
Update soon, please! I love this story! :)
iamking chapter 10 . 6/28
It was fun to see Slade calling Batman out.
Karin Matthews chapter 10 . 6/24
Oh my goodness. I am literally obsessed with this story at the moment! So glad that you updated! Cannot wait to see more!
Verdantia Akalixi chapter 10 . 6/23
Very well done! :) Yah, it's hard to make transition chappies as interesting as the rest of the story, but this one definitely was!
Itsupiki Okami chapter 10 . 6/23
I loved this chapter and I just want to thank you so much for updating. I read in your author note that it was a hard chapter to right and it just makes me that much more thankful that you put it up!
livefreeandshipfree chapter 10 . 6/23
Yoohoo Vacation! I wonder where they'll go? Wherever the destination is, I'm sure you'll pull it off brilliantly. As always, I'm enamoured with this story and your writing, and I anxiously await the next update!
burn chapter 10 . 6/23
It was worth that difficulty to write.

You really portray how he is coping with the grief. Nice details with the bit of interference/background of the chapter.
Nightwing237 chapter 10 . 6/23
Oh I can't wait until you update again!
Renx27 chapter 10 . 6/23
:" poor Robin his life and past being revealed to the world in such an ugly manner. And slade being a jerk talking bad about Bruce made me angry. Hope Robin situation gets better
Karin Matthews chapter 9 . 6/23
I am seriously love this story! Please update soon!
Verdantia Akalixi chapter 9 . 6/21
Ooh, killing off Batman. That takes guts :)
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