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LordStark5 chapter 35 . 8/24/2020
Gee, if only there were some castle along the way between the Twins and Riverrun that Robb could've left Sylvia at, that would allow for him to send for her when the siege of Riverrun had been broken, especially one where Robb picked up an additional 1k men... One conveniently positioned on the Sea, allowing for her to be sent back North if necessary, and far enough from the fighting that she wouldn't come to harm.
Oh wait, that's Seagard.
Or that whole thing about how Robb had left 30 men with Catelyn, specifically to keep something like this from happening.
LordStark5 chapter 34 . 8/24/2020
As I mentioned in my last review, Robb's goals really don't need Renly. This conflict feels better suited for after Ned's death (if it still happens), rather than before. Robb has zero interest in prolonged conflict.
Also, I just hate book battle tactics with a burning passion, and Robb in particular is perhaps the biggest character who suffers as a result of the showrunners dumbing things down for no reason (don't get me wrong, they all look like dumbasses as a result, just Robb looks the worst for it).
There's also a bit of a conflation of the timeline here. Robb didn't need to cross the Twins to get south, he needed to cross them to get west, to break the siege of Riverrun. He took 9/10ths of the cavalry west with him, about 5k men, to go against Jaime's host of 15k men that was besieging Riverrun (Robb also got 1k more from House Mallister along the way, and a few hundred men from Edmure's scattered host). Robb took advantage of Jaime personally leading men to deal with some raiders, and so Robb used that to bait Jaime (who took about 2k men from the Northern camp, all mounted), into the Whispering Wood where his host was destroyed. Then Robb descended on the Northern and Eastern Camps of Jaime's siege, where both hosts were wiped out. The 1k freeriders in the Southron Camp defected with the 2k archers and infantry being scattered and reforming at the Golden Tooth.
Meanwhile, Roose continued south along the Kingsroad with 17k men to cover for the fact that Robb had crossed, and engaged with Tywin who's host numbered about 21-22k.
Tywin absolutely would not have mistaken 2k men for 20k.
And Robb's plans would already be firmly established by this point, at most he's talking with some of his lords about the tactics of the upcoming battle.
LordStark5 chapter 31 . 8/24/2020
I think they are getting a little ahead of themselves with the whole summit thing.
Let's quickly recap our characters goals.
Robb- Is trying to put on a display of might to force the crown to release his father and sisters. Bonus rewards include winning over the respect of his lords, and aiding the Riverlords. He notably does not know about the incest at this point, and should fully believe Joffrey is King.
Renly- Is trying to become King, despite having an older brother, and two young nephews who would stand in the way in terms of succession, and that's not even before getting into the fact that some would likely put Sylvia, Minisa, Myrcella and Shireen ahead of him in the line of succession as well. Renly has the biggest army with the backing of Highgarden and Storm's End, and seems perfectly content to let his enemies destroy each other first, before he can swoop in and be a savior of sorts.
Basically, Renly would be totally cool letting Robb and Tywin duke it out in the Riverlands, and Robb has more pressing issues to deal with, like the fact that his father and sisters are imprisoned. Robb's short term plans really don't align with Renly's long term plans.
LordStark5 chapter 30 . 8/24/2020
There were only the two bastards in King's Landing. Gendry and the babe, Berra.
Additionally, once again, Stannis has not declared himself king. A big reason for Robb not declaring for Stannis was the fact that they didn't know Stannis's intentions.
LordStark5 chapter 29 . 8/24/2020
Robb didn't get word of Renly crowning himself until after they had broken the siege of Riverrun. This is important as this was in addition to word of Ned's death, the stimulus for the meeting where Robb is crowned King in the North. A big part of why Robb was even crowned as the fact that the Northern Lords were in complete gridlock, and a lot of that had to do with the fact that they were just now getting word of Renly crowning himself, and they didn't know Stannis's intentions yet since he had not yet crowned himself.
LordStark5 chapter 25 . 8/24/2020
The timeline here is really messed up. Ned's coup took place almost immediately after Robert's death.
Word of Robert's death would've come with word of Ned's coup. Especially since anything they heard about this prior to them getting the letter would just be crazy rumors and tales, not the truth. Sansa's letter would actually sort it out for them.
And Edmure's plea for help isn't really in line with cannon either. There word of Edmure's defeats, but really outside of sending word to King's Landing about the Mountain's alleged raids in the Riverlands (which were actually probably the Riverlords burning their own lands, something we learned later on that they were in fact doing), and him requesting leave to carry out the King's Justice.
LordStark5 chapter 22 . 8/24/2020
Renly totally knew about the incest. His entire plan in AGOT was pretty much to have Robert set aside Cersei so that he would then marry Margaery. Of course, why not try and get Margaery betrothed to Joffrey? Especially since then her kids would actually inherit Westeros. And in what word would Renly, a guy who absolutely does think things through, not think that Tywin wouldn't be furious that Robert is setting Cersei aside? The answer is that he probably knew about the incest, the same as everyone else, and was just waiting for it to come out so that he could offer Margaery as a bride for Robert to take afterwards.
LordStark5 chapter 21 . 8/24/2020
Why is Sylvia mad with Robb exactly?
Because he didn't send word to his mother telling her to release Tyrion?
This doesn't exactly work unfortunately. Keep in mind, Robb technically has zero legal authority, he's not the Lord of Winterfell. He can't give his mother orders, and that's if he could get word to her, which he also can't because...
They wouldn't know where to send it. Catelyn openly said she was heading to Winterfell, and unless she sent word ahead saying she went to the Eyrie, (which she didn't), they wouldn't know where she went for a while.
LordStark5 chapter 20 . 8/24/2020
Two things that I want to point out here
1. The party in the Wolfswood was more than 3 people. Not only was there Robb, Theon and Bran, but Maester Luwin, and several guardsmen were with them (plus direwolves).
2. Very interesting comparison to make between Sylvia and Bobby B, considering that Robb and Bobby B are already based on the same person (Edward IV).
LordStark5 chapter 17 . 8/21/2020
The Godswood is inside Winterfell.
LordStark5 chapter 14 . 8/21/2020
*Deeply sighs
Joffrey almost certainly did not hire the Catspaw. Tyrion’s logic is profoundly dumb, contradictory and built on misremeberance. This whole scene where Robert advocates for putting down Bran, is something we have no reason to assume happen. It’s only introduced in ASOS and comes across more as Cersei manipulating Jaime more than anything else since Cersei never once thinks about it in her POV. And Joffrey being the culprit is extremely unsatisifying since we only find out the literal day he died. Did we need another reason to hate Joffrey? There’s no human heart in conflict with itself if Joffrey did it either. I find it far more likely that Mance did it, and that could actually lead to a fun scene where Jon has to actually confront Mance over it. And compared to how well the other mystery was handled, with it being Lysa having murdered Jon Arryn, which if you look back you can see the signs were obvious, this pales in comparison, as the evidence to lead us to believe it’s Joffrey doesn’t even show up until Storm. Plus, Mance being the culprit explains why the Catspaw wouldn’t have just taken the silver, priceless knife, and left.
LordStark5 chapter 11 . 8/21/2020
Something that I haven’t mentioned in previous reviews that I feel a little obligated to mention is that in the books, the plan wasn’t just to have Joffrey we’d Sansa, but also Robb to Myrcella and Tommen to Arya. The betrothals weren’t formally arranged since Myrcella, Tommen and Arya were all a little young, but it was part of Robert’s offer.
Obviously with Sansa being married to Joffrey, Sansa gets to be queen, which is good for the Starks. With the Tommen to Arya betrothal, well, eventually, Tommen would’ve taken on his mother’s name and been Lord of Casterly Rock, so Arya would be Lady of Casterly Rock, and this helps mark the end of the Stark-Lannister beef that had been established by Tywin having the Targaryen babes killed. Robb is probably the best match for Myrcella that could be made given that barring Joffrey, Robb was the most eligible bachelor in all of Westeros since not only is he heir to Winterfell, he’s also 3rd in line for Riverrun (and even has a shot at Harrenhal). This also serves to double bind both of the other two matches.
Obviously, the show cut this since Myrcella, Tommen and Arya were all aged up and these matches didn’t go anywhere, but the point still stands.
LordStark5 chapter 10 . 8/21/2020
"M'lady, Lady Sylvia."
Just because it’s in the show doesn’t make it good. Ser Rodrik Cassel is an anointed knight, has served at Master at arms in Winterfell for years, and notably has a last name. He is certainly not low born and should be saying, My lady, or better yet, just address her as Lady Sylvia given the context here.
LordStark5 chapter 8 . 8/21/2020
"The dunderhead has never even been past the Neck.“
Well, he was born at Riverrun...
“My father's mother was named Darla."
Ummm... No it was Lyarra. Ned’s mom was named Lyarra.
LordStark5 chapter 5 . 8/21/2020
"How old are you, boy?"
Huh? Robert would know exactly how old Robb is. After all, Robb was born during the Rebellion, and is betrothed to his daughter.
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