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GoldenGriffiness chapter 14 . 11/13
This is amazing! And gratifying to read after the Gay Marriage law passed.

This is the most respectful and interesting "X character is gay" fic I've ever read(Granted, I avoi them because they're usually horrendous!). It doesn't come off as the usual tripe spring from it being 'hot' or similar, it's not to force a relationship that was perfectly fine platonic, the character development is beautiful, and much more. Bravo! And thanks for a WONDERFUL and REFRESHING read.

Barda chapter 14 . 10/21
Okay, so I stayed up late to finish this story. The whole thing was incredibly emotionally satisfying. Thank you, for sharing your writing talents with others.
Barda chapter 4 . 10/21
Don't know if you're even still getting updates here, but I really want to compliment you on this chapter. Something I once read about a writing trick that has really stuck with me is that when something bad or frustrating happens, you should be angry at the characters, not the writer. Because sometimes, especially in the realm of fanfiction, you can get angry at the writer for having the characters do something stupid. Happens to me a lot with fanfiction, actually, where some character is just doing something real dumb and out of character, and I just want the characters to do the one obvious thing that would solve all their problems. Here, for example: I want to just yell, come on, tell Dash the secret already, it would make your life so much easier. But unlike with a lot of fanfiction, I was not at all annoyed with you, as the writer, for not having the characters realize this. The thing is, you wrote everyone so in character, and I got so wrapped up in the situation, I forgot I was reading fanfic until I got to the end of the chapter. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense, but I just really wanted to say, good job. This is a great piece of writing.
Ur fan chapter 14 . 10/21
I wont lie. I'm sad it's over it was a great storry. Sorry for not reviewing more but I really wanted to know what came next.
nobody chapter 14 . 6/12
That was freaking awesome. I like Dash in this...I shouldn't but he's just so, well level headed and cool and I'm fangirling over Dash. This is not happening. Um...anyways, Very cool story. I really liked it and I liked Dash's outsider perspective on everybody and his observations. I'd like to know more about the bartender but all in all great, fun, crazy story and the GIW getting barf all over them? Priceless.
CRyogenic-maelStr01m chapter 14 . 5/13
Can I just say this is the best Dash-centric fic I've ever read? I mean, granted, it's partly because it's the only Dash-centric fic I've ever read, but it sets the bar pretty darn high. Holy shit. That was freaking awesome.
Great chapter 14 . 5/5
Love the story! Must remember to use it as an excuse if needed. Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 14 . 5/3
Great story! You've done a great job making everything believable, including Dash's transformation to not being a jerk.
orange cactus chapter 14 . 4/5
I liked this story veeeery much, thanks for writing it, it was great! 3 I'm yet to finish Ghosts in the Closet (it's BIG and angsty, so it's harder to read?'), but as soon as I read a Dash chapter there, I was instantly desperate to find out how everything went, so finding this whole story felt amazing!:3
bananamoongirl chapter 14 . 1/2
everyone being older, dash being gay, tucker dating valerie... i like it, these are the sort of things that make this story special and stand out. also, i really like the fact that you made a whole story about them covering something up for the fads, i'm certain there arn't that many people around who would have taught of a the main concept being something like that. and all the detail making the story flawless... really really well done! keep up the good work! totally love it! :)
Cartwheellou chapter 14 . 12/19/2014
Ur stories amazing. Im just starting to write a story, havent posted it yet, i wanna get a good foothold on it, but ur storys just somethin to look up to. The way was beliveable, so that made dash in character, and the plan u came up with was just so intricate, it pulled u right into the book. U know somethings a really good story when u get lost in it and u can feel the ups and downs of the characters. This was one of the best fanfic stories ive ever read, i can only hope to be able to write something that holds a resemblance of a candle up to this story.
grungekitty chapter 14 . 8/25/2014
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! It's over?
This was really good. REALLY good.
Nox Counterspell chapter 14 . 8/18/2014
Ok I haven't read this one, ause I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it, but damn It was AWESOME! I mean, I liked Dash character before, now I love him! This is probably a replica of what he would do if he was in that position. Be the quarterback, ask question later. And yes, Danny would trust him enough afterwards he saw what Dash was willing to do for him, without knowing his secret.

I'm just missing Sam finding out on the story. SHE'D HAD A COW. And Dash would've be the little fan girl squeaking at the Justin Beiber concert. Just saying.

Gotta question for you, I kinda figure the tineline is over by now, after Ghosts in the closet covers pretty much the afterlives of them. Any future projects? Some sidelines/alternative time lime ficlets, perhaps? I love the way you write.
GBlackwell chapter 14 . 8/6/2014
Sorry it took a while for me to get to this review. I actually read the story a while back and... I don't have much criticism! I know, shocker huh? I'm normally all about the criticism. This story, though, seems near-perfect in my eyes for the time being. It flows well. The chapter length and story length make it a quick but thrilling read. It is very much plot-focused, which makes it accessible (I love character driven stuff, but I have to admit that snappy plot focused stories are a structure that everyone can understand). There's no dawdling, so it flows as a pretty easy read.

I don't have much to add for the characters, since they are pretty much the same as they are in Ghosts in the Closet. Excellent characterizations. The only character I have anything to add about is Dash. Dash, Dash, Dash. In Ghosts in the Closet his sexuality and his presence as a character seemed like an interesting addition, but not really an important one. Here... it makes him evolve into a character that, to be honest, I really really like. His canon traits are there, but you can see how he's grown out of them. You can still see the selfishness (lying about his break-up with Tyler at first, for one) and such at points, but he's matured into a much better person. Also, the backstory you give him is wrenching... but in a realistic way. A lot of people try to write tragic backstories but they just come off as silly, probably because the writer doesn't understand how real tragedy plays out and affects people and is instead milking the audience for sympathy points. Here, I wouldn't exactly call Dash's troubles a tragedy (mainly because my Literature teacher was super-picky about the usage of that word) but it is real, and sad, and sadly real. That's more than most writers can manage. You manage it by making Dash, well... Dash. Kind of a jerk. Kind of making things worse. But ready to change when it matters.

Also, I love the subtle conflict between him and the Fenton gang. He's kind of an outsider, though they've forgiven him, but the fact that he doesn't know everything makes an interesting dynamic. I especially love his exchange between Sam; it acknowledges her own character flaws for one thing. For another, it gives Dash a reaction besides, "Oh I'm so glad you guys accept me!" I think it's generally good to have some ambivalent feelings between people, especially in a situation such as this. It's not melodramatic or over-dramatized, but it's there, and realistic.

The overexplaining thing was pretty much absent here. Having just read part 1 of Revival, and then writing as recent as this, I would say you've mad leaps and bounds as a writer. I have... just about no complaints. Well, except maybe the last chapter. I just feel like... it didn't end on the right emotional note? Eh. Like, I feel like the conversation between Dash and Danny shouldn't have been the ending scene. I can't really explain why though. I mean, it was building up to it, so... I don't know.

Anyway, good job! Love it! Please write more, and I'll get to reviewing your other stuff. :)
too-much-inspiration chapter 14 . 4/9/2014
Very nice. It is interesting to see the characters taken to a more full conclusion than is ever given in the show. There is a lot of potential in them, but the show ended long before it was fully realized. I also always enjoy a case of enemies of a sort getting along as well as epic and heart-felt reveals. I also like how you made this PP compliant, as many trying to do reveal stories usually act like that story never happened.
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