Reviews for Diamonds
Jaygm chapter 19 . 5/11
Another lovely story! Loved this one as well. Thank you for this.
Jaygm chapter 18 . 5/11
Well, Edward is alive. I hope they find Jacob.
Jaygm chapter 17 . 5/11
Who would have guessed that Jacob was such a freak? Poor Edward must have gotten hurt badly.
Jaygm chapter 16 . 5/11
This is bad. Who would do that?
Jaygm chapter 15 . 5/11
High top converse? Oh, Bella. LOL
Jaygm chapter 14 . 5/11
Creepy Jack- that is putting it mildly. And Charlie knowing what he was doing with Bella is really perverted.
Jaygm chapter 13 . 5/11
There is so much story left. I suppose there is going to be something big happening that will upset all the nice stuff going on right now.
Jaygm chapter 12 . 5/11
Well, he is definitely settling into his role with her. LOL.
Jaygm chapter 11 . 5/11
I guess he's going to have to be a bit of dom with her. But it was good that they could talk about it. That is what they will need to do. They should be able to find their "normal" or what works for the both of them.
Jaygm chapter 10 . 5/11
Hmm. Wonder how Edward is going to feel about things when he wakes up?
Jaygm chapter 9 . 5/11
That was quite a story, but it is better that it is out. Now let's hope Bella can tell hers.
Jaygm chapter 8 . 5/11
Well, we know that Edward's mom died and he really isn't telling much about that. Bella, on the other hand, has significant issues that should probably be dealt with in therapy. They are really affecting her. Just what happened anyway?
Jaygm chapter 7 . 5/11
Her past seems to be a bit frightening. His- I simply don't have any idea yet.
Jaygm chapter 6 . 5/11
Lots of demons to get rid of.
Jaygm chapter 5 . 5/11
Holy shit! What happened to her? She has kept it buried for the most part.
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