Reviews for The Night of the Time Travel
Martina Ross chapter 29 . 9/10/2014
I LOVE THIS STORY! It was FANTASTIC. I was clapping at the end. Great, great job!

The only thing I would like to point out is this; I honestly felt that Jim and Artie needed a slightly bigger part in this. I mean, I liked the Coley and Ray scenes, but I felt that the story got driven to them a little too much, and it seemed more like a Ray & Coley story than a WWW story. (I understand that it's a kind of crossover.) However, I am impressed with how you depicted Ray. I've never watched Perry Mason, but I sure felt that I did reading this! Great job!
CersiFinallyGotWhatSheDeserved chapter 29 . 2/21/2013
Sounds like Artie has some separation anxiety issues if he worries about Jim all the time.
CersiFinallyGotWhatSheDeserved chapter 28 . 2/21/2013
Artie must have really good eyesight if he can see all that.
Aurelia30 chapter 29 . 2/20/2013
Good ending! I'm glad there's going to be a sequel. I'm going to enjoy that, too. The idea that they can go back and forth is good, but I'm wondering how they'll get the Posey gang back through, and keep them there. That will take some doing, I'm thinking. But, that's for the next story.

I can hardly wait!
The Wild Wild Whovian chapter 29 . 2/20/2013
Good ending. The scene with Mrs Rodman brought a tear to my eye.

Well, I also liked the scene with Jim's horse!

Ok, now that this story is over... Get to work on the next one!

(Teasing you, of course.)
Deana chapter 29 . 2/20/2013
Fascinating story, I'm glad the portal can still be used...very cool! :-)
LADYMALLARD chapter 29 . 2/20/2013
This last chapter was well done, bringing the story to a close with the agents returning to the past, with the promise of being able to visit the future again some time, (wrapping up an exciting story) getting word to Coley's Mom that her son is well and living in the future. I can just imagine the conversation between Arte, Jim and their boss at the secret service, as they told him everything and I would hope that Coley would be granted immunity so he could visit his Mom. Meanwhile, All's well that ends well and this chapter has ended well, with the portal being opened. And it seems to be a two way Time Tunnel from the present to the past and back, (I loved that Jim's faithful steed was there to greet Arte when he stepped thru back into the past) so maybe there will be a sequel in the making? I am wondering of course what would happen with the Posey Gang and hoping that there could be a way to close and reopen the tunnel, sort of like a garage door, so that there wouldn't be any accidental transporting of hikers back to the past and vice-a-versa transporting any other 1874's people into the future. In any case I really did enjoy reading this story and look forward to your new stories as they arrive...till next time.
Harry2 chapter 29 . 2/20/2013
Why do I see/sense a little Back to the Future in this finale? Either way, its been a great ride. Now, back to the BAND, and get Perry and company back to work on the case that they have to deal with.
LADYMALLARD chapter 28 . 2/19/2013
Well this was an informative and interesting chapter, with the heroes and their enemies being evacuated of the Mt. after they discovered that the portal was sort of opened, thanks to Snakes and his explosives. I found it interesting that Lucrece was still trying to keep things secret as far as the hideout and arguing the point that they shouldn't have to go back and be arrested. I was really surprised when Jim, Arte, Ray and Coley arrived back at the Golf Club and Mrs. Featherstone told them she was supposed to be Everly's spy and then the real spy showed up, I had to laugh and applaud our favorite kitty when Jane and her mistress got the better of Mabel and Jim tackled her security guard cohort, while Ray and Coley helped restrain Mable after she threatened all of them, I thought it was just too funny that Arte was standing by, waiting to be "Needed" watching the others in action...And Pinto and Lucrece have all but said their I Dos after deciding to be married, when and where is now the question to be answered...I can't wait for the next chapter to read about what will happen as they try to widen the opening in the time portal and I wonder if Flo and Snakes survived the explosion on the Mt. I'm wondering, will they return to threaten the others again or not? It will be hard to wait to find that out...till next time.
Aurelia30 chapter 28 . 2/19/2013
Wow! Some things are wrapped up, but not all. I think Jane is very courageous, and I'm not surprised about Mrs. Featherstone. That actually made sense, when I thought about it. I can't wait to see what you've got cooked up for the end!
The Wild Wild Whovian chapter 28 . 2/19/2013
Well! I like how it turned out that a particular character was the spy, yet wasn't. I was glad she made the decision she did.

The line about five people and a cat made me laugh.

As for the last scene, yeah, the way their lives are, sooner probably is a better idea.

So... more? :-D
Harry2 chapter 28 . 2/19/2013
Well, things look like they are finally starting to come together. The leak has been found and exposed, and even the crooks have decided that Snakes has GOT to go! Now, its just a matter of seeing how sturdy the portal is, and if it will stay open long enough to send everyone back.
CersiFinallyGotWhatSheDeserved chapter 27 . 2/19/2013
Yikes! Another close call for Jim. He's going to be glad to have some recovery time after this.
LADYMALLARD chapter 27 . 2/18/2013
Wow! This was some chapter, with everyone heading out to the mt. after receiving the pictures from Snakes and having Jane trying to stop them, I do believe that animals have foresight sometimes, but I couldn't have guessed what would happen when our heroes and the Posey Gang arrived to stop those scientists, Snakes and Flo. To have a battle royal break out and then in a twist have Everly, who was hiding in the helicopter try to get rid of Ray and coley, while the others were trying to prevent Snakes from blowing the portal and everything else to bits. And whooow, it looked like Coley and Pinto were dead, but like a couple of cats who used two of their nine lives or like virtual Phoenixes, they both came back when Ray and Lucrece were sure they were gone forever...I wondered if they did actually die or if the experiments done on them back in the past, made them sort of immortal or gave them the power to regenerate from fatal wounds. Anyway I'm glad that they all made it. What will happen next? Will they find the portal open from the explosives Snakes threw at it? Or is it permanently closed? I'll certainly be on edge waiting for the answer to that all important question...till next time.
Aurelia30 chapter 27 . 2/17/2013
Ah, they're alive, but what shape is the portal in? That's the big question. They need to figure it out.

As for Jane... she'll never want to leave Coley again once he's back at the club. I knew something was up when she began acting like that. No self-respecting cat would be that emotional without a purpose.
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