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Robin the Ylissian Grandmaster chapter 49 . 6h
Every time a new chapter is posted my day gets a little better and it's worth the wait. might go back and reread this story because I like it so much.
Guest chapter 49 . 7/28
It Is a good chapter don't beat yourself, i hope you can continue this fanfic and your family and Life get Better, have a nice day and stay safe
demoncreater2002 chapter 49 . 7/26
Damn. I cannot believe I slept on the story. Need more! Please post soon!
egemsuperstar chapter 49 . 7/24
That was great. Hinata diplomatically telling her tormentors to f%ck off was cathartic. I'm sure I mentioned this last time but I'm glad Naruto and Tsunade are getting the tools they need to start to heal. I also liked hearing your take on why she decided to study medical ninjustsu. I genuinely enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for sharing and have a nice day.
AvatarUzumaki chapter 49 . 7/21
worth the wait for this chapter. glad to see Narutos chosen family is there fo help him. what will be tsunades decision? will she get over her fear of blood on her own? and what will happen in taki? will konoha get there in time to help?
Seiho Byakko chapter 49 . 7/20
damn man you have come a long way from your old fics. Your attention to detail and now tackling matters of mental health and ptsd are incredible. I sincerely hope you continue to write as you are immensely talented
CCSakuraforever chapter 49 . 7/20
Esta muy bueno el capítulo como le va a todos los asesinos en la aldea que esta pasando ahí y que esta haciendo para aumentar sus fuerzas que sucede en konoha que pasa con taki y que sucederá en los cambios que se acercan
Eltyr chapter 49 . 7/20
Good transition chapter. Cool to see that Yugito and Iruka are getting serious with their relationship! I'm intrigued by the land of Snow foreshadowing, I'm excited to see if the Assassins will eventually be able to make use of the tech from that region. Raphael's plans of expansion are reminding me of the region conquest mini game from Brotherhood onwards.

I knew the Hyuga meeting was going to go the way it did, and I'm glad Hinata got to give them a big 'hell no.'

The Taki foreshadowing has me worried for Fun, but I also see opportunities arising from it. If the Assassins can reach Fu, or establish a foothold in Taki that'd be a boon, but are they ready to tangle with the Immortal Duo of the Aukatski? I certainly look forward to finding out! Take care, Leaf!
Dragon Man 180 chapter 49 . 7/19
Shibuki has big steel balls to agree to hand Fu over to Akatsuki while at the same time get word to Konica. I hope Fu isn’t taken and Chomei ripped out of her!

The Hyuuga Elders and Hiashi are all giant walking dicks!

Tsunade needs a few more nudges to become Hokage, I can’t wait to see what influences her.
Rose Tiger chapter 49 . 7/19
The Hyuuga cannot survive one day without being assholes! I'm glad that Hinata told them off!
MojoBlack chapter 49 . 7/19
Great chapter. I definitely am curious how you ll have assassins in other nations though. It's pretty much infiltration at it's finest. What Naruto needs is some good old fashioned bonding time with Hinata-Chan so that he eventually realizes he likes her more than just a friend, but of course he has dense DNA in his system so it's gonna take a while.
Out of all curiosity I wonder what your end game with this story is? 4th Shinobi War? Madara? Woth the way you have your story premise set up either of those two pathways don't seem possible. It appears that you want the protagonists of this story to be heroes in a less public flashy fashion by the time we reach the end game. How far off am I?
Look forward to the next chapter man.
bleedingangel95 chapter 49 . 7/19
Nicely done.
Crimson Hawk Wolf chapter 49 . 7/19
Still not easy reading about Naruto acting like he is but I do like how things are going. It is better then him being all forgiving like he always seems to be. It does suck that it’s gonna make working with Kurama that much more difficult now.

I’m glad with how things seem to be going for Hinata though. I just hope her former clan doesn’t try anything else for a good while. I hope that seal is able to be removed from her at some point though. I’ll always hate seeing Hinata with some kind of seal like that on her.

I really hope things end up working out for the best for Fu in this story. I hope she’s able to become part of Konoha and be able to be happy. That would be awesome. Especially if she becomes an assassin as well. So much can be done there I feel.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next chapter when you get the chance. Things are going to be interesting by how this chapter went.
Dracarot chapter 49 . 7/19
"The Jyuuken is perfect"... If my eyebrow twitched any harder it would have ignited through friction with the air, if there was a perfect martial art it would be the only one practiced... never mind that it's been shown that the style can be beat...

Well at least Hanabi and Hinata will be able to hit them in the hubris for it when the former invites the latter back...

Also though where not seeing the full thing good to see some actual mental therapy being provided that isn't just Naruto's original talk no jutsu.
buterflypuss chapter 49 . 7/19
Good chap
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