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bluefirefly chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
I loved the dark sarcasm of this story! Very well-written, as always with your stories. What's the summary of your next full-length story? Or at least a little hint please? _
Phyllidia chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Silly me, I wasn't signed in when I posted my review. So you get it a second time!

Absolutely brilliant. Please do a behind the scenes from Snape's POV for all seven books. Only let Severus live. And do something truly atrocious to her Pink Toadiness. Pretty please and thank you.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Absolutely brilliant. Please do a behind the scenes from Snape's POV for all seven books. Only let Severus live. And do something truly atrocious to her Pink Toadiness. Pretty please and thank you.
EreshkigalGirl chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Entertaining, as always! I do love getting to see things from Severus's point of view.

Take your time with what you're working on. We all (all several thousand of us, apparently) love your incredibly well-written stories, and we don't want you to rush. Well... okay, we do, but at least we know we're getting the good stuff because we're waiting, so we'll suck it up.
Oracle Phoenix chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Brilliantly done as usual. The Valentine's Day thing was especially great. "What fresh Hell is this?" was probably my favorite line because I'm almost positive that's exactly what happened. Headcannon has, once again, been updated by your work. :) chapter 1 . 11/23/2012

Yessss...! That's exactly what I needed on such a chilly, ugly November afternoon :-)
Pure fun! Started with the qotation above already *sports circular grin* : Right, idiots are fun and that's why every village wants one. Well, sometimes, when looking around, I get the impression that some shops sell them in bundles - noooo, I don't want to say anything bad about my little village, most times it's fun to live here ... and anyway - idiots? Don't know any *leer, drool, muaahaaa*.

Right - back to the nice, little oneshot you made: When I noted that it's mostly about dear Gilderoy, and when I read about the first appearence he made in the staffroom, I reacted exactly the same way Severus did later on: 'oh joy!'. So, his colleagues all looked a little 'star-struck'? Well, I know how I'd look if I had been in their place and been introduced to that prat for the first time, turquoise robes, perfume attack and all, but I have to admit that - much as I might be interested to be up-to-date with your nice language, I don't know what star-struck is, and even the internet translator admitted defeat. Don't worry, I have a general idea about their reaction ;-)

Oh dear, I never spent a single thought on the question which house dear Gilderoy might have been in during his time at Hogwarts. At first, I thought: Ravenclaw of all houses? Never! But then I thought twice - and still I'm not sure about it. But, what else? Slytherin? Impossible, they would have torn him to pieces within his first year there ... he's cunning, alright, and ambitious too, I'd say, but... no, never. And And Gryffindor? Neither... well, they have their flaws, but they are normally no cowards, at least most of them, and he's the absolute king of cowards, that one. And Hufflepuff? No, they are loyal and honest and hard workers... no way. But Ravenclaw? Hmph, I suppose we all did the obligatory online test/s 'Which house would you be in' or so, and I've to admit that I would have been in Ravenclaw... so... argh? Well, but I suppose there's a black sheep in every herd, right? And maybe he just got that way after having finished school... Neville, after all, was not the typical Gryffindor either, he just had to grow into his boots by and by, and in the end - weren't we all proud of him?

What else? Oh, I loved the idea of a poker playing Severus who cheats and wins every single time, and poor Minerva will never understand why *laughs*. Just one little advantage for dear old Severus, with regard to his part muggle origin. Oh yes, and then there were the several times Severus tried to put on an innocent mask. Ha, I can well imagine that! Didn't we all love that scene, in the 5th movie, when Umbridge has Severus come to her office, after having caught the golden trio, and asks him: Padfoot? Where it's hidden? What does that mean, Snape? And he turns back to her... and that look on his face! 'NO IDEA!'. So funny.

Ah yes, another question *lol* - how, by all that's holy, did you create somebody like 'Jacobs the narcoleptic drunk who was afraid of the suits of armour in the corridors'? Don't tell me that one is based on a real person you know? Like Lockhard, for example, was based on a real person JKR knew. Jacobs the... oh dear!

And another question: (annoying, aren't I? *apologetic look*): Severus made the reviving draught for the petrified people, ghost, cat and... what? a partridge in a pear tree? Is that a saying, like 'all and sundry'?

Well, but the best of everything was the scene in the hospital room, when Severus saw the sedated, cat-girl Hermione Granger and laughed so hard he had to lean onto the doorframe, or wall, in order not to fall and roll on the floor laughing. Oh, I loved that idea. Apart from the fact that he'd deserve so many more opportunities to laugh, it just reminded me of... don't know if you saw it once, some years ago... there was sort of a picture gallery, don't remember where, on or maybe the German forum 'The Hog's Head'... and there was one picture I loved to look at - must have been a moment when Mr. Rickman was already dressed in his Snape-attire but just had to wait a bit for the next take, and somebody definitely must have told him a good joke or something like that... anyway, in that picture he's dressed as Snape ... robes, hairdo, nose and all, and stands in the background, steadying himself at the wall, and laughs so hard he almost doubles over. It's my absolute favourite ... he's not Mr. Rickman anymore, he's Snape already, and it's the only picture that makes me realise how sad and sinister and bitter he looks all the other time, apart from this moment. Well, it's not part of the movies, of course, but something to cling to anyway *sad sigh*

Okay, I think my review is almost as long as the story... sorry for that :-)
And thanks, once again, for this one.
Somebody told me that delivers the reviews of us 'outsiders' to the esteemed authors, saying 'Guest' and not the full mail address, as before? Drat. Should that be true ... this one was sent by the Special Guest: Moewe 24 aol. com
TaraSindar chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
Severus is awesome. I greatly enjoyed the banter between him and Minerva. Excellent work.
Night Vision1 chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
I always love how authors give Severus a really great laugh over Hermione's cat problem in second year. If any character needs a moment of pure laughter it is him. On the flip side I am also glad they have all had her sleeping through it. Bad enough she made a mistake no need to witness all the reactions of others.

Love the point of view, great take on year two!
Saint Snape chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
What fun. You were just spot on with Severus' snarky thoughts about the events of the Chamber of Secrets. It had to drive him crazy not to have a good DADA teacher when he knew students would need those skills in the war. Then to have complete morons teaching and Dumbledore not seeming to care I'm surprised he didn't hex them all to hell and back. One of my all time favorite scenes is the dueling club. I get the giggles everytime Severus nails the silly pompus idiot to the floor.

I also wondered in the book why Dumbledore didn't give Severus any credit when he thanked Poppy and Pomona for making the antidote when it was obvious that it was so complicated a master potioneer would have to make it and that was Severus. I've always thought Dumbledore waiting till the last minute to snatch the house cup from Slytherin and giving it to Gryffindor was very cruel to the Slytherin students. I believe as Severus that Dumbledore helped Voldy along with his prejudice against the Slytherins and caused other students to see them all as Death Eaters when they weren't, thus causing much of the inter house fighting and hatred.
KellyJoy chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Oh, this was fun. Actually, Lockhart's quite possibly my favorite DADA teacher, just for the lolz, and having the entire staff (minus Dumbledore) united in their disgust and exasperation for the man was awesome. Severus was especially delightful here, and the sarcastic humor was flawless, as usual. All things considered, this wasn't too bad a year for Severus, really (especially considering all that comes after).
L.A.H.H chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Excellent. I still wonder how as an eleven year old reading the books I ever missed how unfair it was to yank away the House Cup from the Slytherins in first year. And I loved reading Severus' opinions on the Polyjuice happening and Lockhart. Thanks for writing.
Javoher chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Excellent story, as always. One thing I like is how you portray Snape's immaturity and Dumbledore's exasperation with him. It's funny and realistic. You also allude to Dumbledore's deeper flaws - I was wondering if the old man was blinded by a pretty face. (now that I mention that, I realize James Potter and Sirius Black were very pretty boys, weren't they?) Once he realized his mistake months later, it was far too late to change things but God forbid he admit it even to Minerva, much less Snape. I like how you set up Snape for the DADA teacher next year. Remus has the skills Snape asks for, but in Snape's POV is far more dangerous than Lockhart as well as getting right up Snape's nose effortlessly. I also liked very much that you put Minerva in the middle. She handles Snape's immaturity far better and genuinely likes him. Thanks very much- if you hadn't mentioned you're writing your next big epic already I would have asked if you might write another story like this for the Lupin year. Very much looking forward to that.
All-I-need chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Oh, I love this oneshot! (surprise!)
Of course Severus would absolutely despise Lockhart. He doesn't suffer idiots well, after all, and there has never been a greater moron than Lockhart - Crabbe and Goyle at least know that they do not know anything.

I love his reaction to the Valentine's day decorations (and I almost wrote Halloween there, because the horrible colors would have fit the theme) and the way all the teachers hated Lockhart so very much. Wonderful.

Also: laughing out loud at Hermione the Cat - can't blame him and it keeps Severus in canon for your stories. Well done! I like how much he wishes she was a Ravenclaw. At least he could treat her better if she was. What a waste, indeed.

Looking forward to your next story (which one of those on your profile is it, by the way?) and the other oneshots!
Ginger-Snapp chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Good lord, woman I've forgotten how much I love your writing! I really enjoyed this, though I
Would have loved to see a lot more Lockheart torture. My only beef with it (and this is not your your writing, merely the ideas you have brought to light) is that I hate seeing the snakes mistreated and the trio acting prattish and Prof D being an ass. It bothers me because of the truth of it: Im a little like Harry - I don't want to see beyond my beautiful school with its shinning battlements and shinning Headmaster.

Looking forward to whatever big project you're working on next! I can't believe how long you've been a part of my life now! I started reading immortals in...7th grade? Maybe sixth? Now I got my 1st college acceptance letter yesterday. Thanks for tolerating me and giving us your wonderfully brain in textular format, Loten.

3 Ging.
Juliet chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
Really enjoyed this, but was hoping the whole way for Severus' reaction to Hermione's note, thanking him for restoring her. This is not a criticism at all! Just a wish...
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