Reviews for It Only Stands to Reason
Brokenwings35 chapter 30 . 9/27
This chapter is amazing.
Brokenwings35 chapter 28 . 9/27
Your story is perfect
Brokenwings35 chapter 25 . 9/26
Perfect chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 23 . 9/26
I liked this chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 20 . 9/26
This chapter is perfect
Brokenwings35 chapter 18 . 9/26
This chapter is perfect.
Brokenwings35 chapter 15 . 9/26
I loved this chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 13 . 9/25
Amazing chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 10 . 9/25
I'm loving your story.
Brokenwings35 chapter 8 . 9/25
I liked the chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 5 . 9/24
Great chapter.
Brokenwings35 chapter 3 . 9/24
I loved the chapter.
babythor chapter 40 . 9/9
I meant to leave this in my final review, which is attached to chapter 41. I love Piper. He has stolen my heart, he's my favorite, and now I want him to appear in every story. Ever. Game of Thrones? Let Piper sort out Westeros. I'm serious. If Piper started showing up everywhere, I'd be so happy.
babythor chapter 41 . 9/9
I quite enjoyed this story. I loved the tough, Navy brat Bennet ladies. The conflict with Wickham was well-spun. I believed him capable of the violence he threatened, and of all the acts he ultimately perpetrated. I think the real hallmark of this story was how you developed the friendships between the characters in all directions. None of the various relationships and friendships were isolated from any of the others. They didn't read as one-sided either, where one character talks about their relationship to another, or a third party remarks on two characters' relationship. There was real substance to the connections and the respect your characters formed with one another.

The only remark that I have is on the last line, "And they did." It was unnecessary and took away from the impact of Admiral Bennet's final line, "Let us go and do something about that." That aside, this was a very well put together story, and it was lovely.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/18
I hate when Elizabeth acts like a silly lovesick girl.
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