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Xhegu The Savage chapter 2 . 1/22
My only gripe is there are no hotsprings on the way to Riverrun. The only hotsprings are over in Eastmarch, northwest of Darkwater Crossing. If you're following from Helgan they're still in Whiterun hold, thus no Hotsprings.
Xhegu The Savage chapter 1 . 1/21
Calling it now. Hinata x Ralof.

Because Ralof is BAE.
xela521 chapter 3 . 12/11/2017
I ship them so fucking hard
Archangel Writings chapter 7 . 8/7/2017
I finely found a good Naruto crossover story where Naruto isn't the doing the universe hopping. So for that, I thank you, and I thank you again for picking our ever-so adorable (And deadly) Hinata as your main character.

I only have one request...please find some alternate way to solve the Civil War problem. It's obvious that Hinata sides more with the Stormcloaks, but she won't stand for the blantent racism, shyness be damned.

But seriously, I honestly can't tell you how much I can't wait for the next chapter.

Good luck, good work, and please post soon :)
Fenris-wolfprince chapter 7 . 6/22/2017
Great story, I really like what you've done so far!

I am curious about one thing though. Will there be other side effects for Hinata once she starts absorbing Dragon souls aside from the "standard" increase in strength? Like you said, she has both her own Dragon soul as well as being a direct descendant of Kaguya, it's not too far of a stretch that other abilities won't awaken as time progresses...two very prominent ones coming to mind.

Another thing that's puzzling my puzzler is what Daedric/Aedric artifacts will she be acquiring? Dawnbreaker was obvious even before your awesome new cover art was made (in fact I wouldn't be surprised if Meridia had a hand in Hinata arriving in Skyrim) just because of its sheer power and versatility, but the question still begs what other wonderful toys will she be getting?

At any rate, once again, great story! I'm eagerly awaiting the next update!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10/2017
Here is to hoping that at some point she finds the Thalmor dossiers on Ulfric and the Stormcloak rebellion.
I wonder what her reaction would be.
identifiedGuest chapter 7 . 6/9/2017
There's a ton of scope in this story, but it seems really neat. While my anonymous words probably aren't going to make things better or easier for you as a writer, I hope they are a little helpful and that you will be able to overcome the momentum that is in a story that could be as large as the Skyrim story line can be. I really want to see what happens next, and when the more mystic parts of Skyrim (werewolves, vampires, daedra) are encountered, and when the darker parts of Skyrim (Thieves' Guild, Dark Brotherhood, maybe necromancers count?) are encountered. Take my enthusiasm, and keep writing!
RamenKnight chapter 7 . 6/8/2017
Glad to hear your mom is getting better. Thanks for the update.
guisniperman chapter 7 . 6/8/2017
I imagine Hinata to be a Sabre-thooth Rabbit. Shy like a rabbit and deadlier than the average Skyrim critter of the same name.
the iron lion chapter 1 . 6/7/2017
Great merging of worlds so far. How much will you be going into the story? Sticking to the main plot and events, or will you be delving into the dlc?
Jose19 chapter 7 . 6/7/2017
I hope to see this story updated often but Hinata is stuck in such a primitive and harsh world but she can help things a great deal but I want her to join with Naruto there is no one here that she would love as much as Naruto.
Meow382 chapter 7 . 6/7/2017
A very good chapter. You are starting to blend the two universes together very well. I like that Hinata is starting to feel the powers of the dragons on her own without anyone having to explain it to her. I can't wait until her next adventures. The quests I wouldn't mind seeing Hinata do at some point is the Dawnguard quests. I could see Hinata and Serana bonding over having horrible fathers. Though Hinata's father did get much better after the chunin exams and his talk with Neji. Plus I like the Idea of Hinata possibly getting a war dog from them especially appealing. I could see her picking up on how to use dogs in battle from being teammates with Kiba realistic. It was shown in filler that both Kiba and Shino helped Hinata develop and train her moves. So it stands to reason that she helped Kiba and Shino with some of their skills as well.
Lightsbane1905 chapter 7 . 6/7/2017
Fact your doing anything is commendable indeed
StephBX chapter 6 . 5/28/2017
Nice to read you again. I was sad to see a good story like this one unfinished.
For your game, if your old computer is still usable, try to transfer the install from it to a external drive from its steam properties menu then on your new computer. I have done that myself for my game and it is a lot faster than downloading it from steam. You can even transfer installed mods in a similar way if you have any.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/14/2017
OMG i cant belive it!, this is one of my favourite stories and i am so happy that you updated, really thank you sooo much ~
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