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Flutters Is Shy chapter 4 . 8/24
I want moooooooaaaaaaaaaaar
Silky Button chapter 4 . 7/22
This was going well.
I'm sad you stopped working on it
Silky Button chapter 3 . 7/22
It's good... but why add third year classes to first year?
Silky Button chapter 2 . 7/22
getting better and better
Silky Button chapter 1 . 7/22
haha this is too awesome!
SnowWolf43 chapter 4 . 4/21
Plese come back and write soon
Guest chapter 1 . 11/3/2014
Your math is off; it should be -166,000 instead of -136,000. Somewhere you gave him 30,000 too many points. Maybe 10,000 for meeting Tonks, Remus and Mad-Eye, or perhaps 30,000 for saving his cousin from the Dementors and being found not Guilty in the Trial?
Guest chapter 2 . 10/6/2014
why would an owl emporium have a snake?
Sin Ouroboros chapter 4 . 9/27/2014
This is really good but when is harry going to spend his points? It seems like he isn't ever going to spend them except for the first level up
sachin6291 chapter 3 . 9/10/2014
You do realize that this is really annoying, more so when you do it at least twice per chapter. It is really not nessesary
Object: full
Challenge completed! Throughout the game there will be challenges that will give you extra points.

Challenge: Ravenclaw lead: get fifty points for Ravenclaw.

Exp: 1,000 5 Transfiguration

Match Transfigured!

Exp: 500

Level up!

Harry Potter

Basic Points to spend: 50

Health: 500

Magic: 500

Stamina: 450


Points to spend: 10

Parseltongue: level 6 50 points

Magic senses: Level 4 30 points

Animagus: Level 3 20 points

Potions master: Level 9 80 points

Alchemist: Level 5 40 points

Enchanter: Level 4 30 points

Seer: Level 3 20 points

Warder: Level 15 140 points

Curse Breaker: Level 3 20 points

Trap maker: Level 3 20 points

Beast master: Level 5 40 points

Leader: Level 3 20 points

Dark arts: Level 15 140 points

Financer: Level 10 90 points

Wand Maker: Level 3 20 points

Eidetic memory: Level 3 20 points

Quick reader: Level 2 10 points

Gardener: Level 8 70 points

Chef: Level 3 20 points

Defense: Level 10 90 points

Charms: Level 20 90 points

Runes: Level 10 90 points

Transfigurations: Level 15 140 points

Total Level: 13

To next level: 1,600

Exp gotten: 18,500

Perks to spend: 11


Ward maker/breaker: full

Quick Ward: full

Novice warder: full

Object warder: full

House warder: locked


Speech: full

Investment: Locked level 15 speech


Basic: full

More ingredients: Locked-level 15 alchemist



Novice: full

Longer: full

Speed: full



Novice: full

Mind: full

Body: full

Animation: full

Theory: full

Practical: 2/3

Dark arts:


Rituals: 3/5

Elements: 2/5

Dark animals: 2/5

Blood magic: 3/10




Basic: full


Basic: full

All serpents: locked-level 15

Beast Master:

Basic: full

Familiars: Locked-level 15


Basic: full

Potions Master:

Basic: Full

Ingredient Power: 1/5

Total level: 16

Exp required: 8,100

Exp gotten: 34,000
Navn Ukjent chapter 2 . 7/2/2014
The concept isn't bad, but the execution is lacking.

Posting the wall of stats so many times in a chapter is NOT the way to go. It doesn't help that the formating is bad, the various choices Harry makes are not easily visible and many of the skills/perks have no explaination.
DropDeadRomantic chapter 2 . 6/22/2014
Great! Can't wait for more.
Ava-Keep777 chapter 2 . 6/5/2014
Right, do you need to repeat Harry's complete stats over and over? Please only show what is relevant (what changes) and Harry's reactions and reasoning for the change.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/14/2014
dude still about half your chapter was dedicated to the levelup. what you may be able to do is just give a summary of his skills at the end of each chapter, and then when a levelup happens you could just 5 to enchantiong 3 to runes. Like that
Guest chapter 3 . 5/14/2014
dude why is freaking half your chapter dedicated to levelling up, it takes up nearly half of the entire chapter, i mean i just skip past most of them so who cares
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