Reviews for Strangers
seaglasssoul chapter 54 . 7/24
psst hi i can't believe i haven't reviewed this yet. long story short, i love your monologues, your ust-ing abilities, anD NOW WE HAVE THE CUTEST FLUFF IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and nothing can stop me from rolling in it. i love the unique dorkiness you bring out of each of them to make them your own, and this will always be a treasured fic to come back to time and time again. looking forward to the wind down and also your future projects!
HaruhiFujioka1425 chapter 54 . 7/21
haha i love it so far i cant wait for the next chapter
lovelymonkey chapter 25 . 7/18
I can see this being a movie in the future. Well it should be. It's really good
Guest chapter 18 . 7/15
I love the valentines day dance, but everyone is just realy calm for if one of their friends just got stabbed, but I like how Soul is still a little antsy about Crona and Ragnorark
Guest chapter 15 . 7/15
For a scene that was suppose to be dramatic (or at least I think it was), it wasn't very dramatic. It felt rushed, but overall I am really enjoying this fanfic.
akwardllama chapter 54 . 7/13
One day maka will notice the bone and it will end either in hilarity or madness or both. Love the chapter and the story!
sahdah chapter 54 . 7/13
Burn baby burn. Someone needs to throw a bucket of cold water on this chapter! Ahhh, sexual tension, these poor kids.

One of my favorite lines was her face falling, slow like dust through a sunbeam. A very beautiful line I probably misquoted.

Thanks for taking me back to the good ol' days of being a TA. My brother actually had to take my lab, and I may have been hard on him ;) The chem feels were fantastic! Nicely done.
Bluepanda800 chapter 54 . 7/13
Guess who's birthday it is? Mine! Thanks so much for the birthday present XD

But seriously these two are adorable, and I can't wait for their communication to improve so they can have the talk. I get the feeling soul is more ready than Maka but if he doesn't ask he'll never know and could end up frustrated for no reason XD
marichat chapter 54 . 7/12
i fell behind in the story because of life so i was really happy that i could sit down and read four beautiful chapters! nice mix over the last few of pining and fluff. i like how soul is awkwardly horny in this chapter, but he's struggling so hard to seem cool and collected. thank you again for writing this!
Whispered Winters chapter 54 . 7/12
I'm so in love with this story! Can't wait for the next installment :)
RabbitMelody chapter 54 . 7/11
hehe soul is nervous
chelsea-chee chapter 53 . 7/9
This was such a cute chapter. Loved their little outing! Not to mention the kissy-kissy part either. *winks*

Thanxs! :) :p ;)
Guest chapter 53 . 7/6
I really enjoyed this fluff. It's nice to see them getting back to semi normal after at the miscommunication. And to see them moving forward in their relationship. Nicely done.
Pentastic chapter 53 . 7/3
Very cute chapter
Emiryy-celeste chapter 53 . 6/29
Kisses make Maka abit hot and bothered! Perfect and can't wait for the update hope they advance alittle more
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