Reviews for Invisible
lilyblaney chapter 74 . 11/21
lilyblaney chapter 48 . 11/21
I like it. ANOTHER!
lilyblaney chapter 35 . 11/21
This one was so perfect. Agh I wish this could happen to me. It would be so surreal :). I feel bad for cupcake. She's such an awesome girl. This one was just so satisfying. I wish Jamie had danced with her or at least Pippa instead of some random girl. Silly boy XD
lilyblaney chapter 21 . 11/20
Bunny made me laugh in this one hahaha. He's such a pessimist
lilyblaney chapter 20 . 11/20
I love this one! I've always though the would have had to change his cloths a lot. I mean, it's not like they became immortal with him XD.
Call me Peeves chapter 21 . 11/14
You named the yetis Fred and George? That's just too great. Way too amazing.
Rosycat chapter 31 . 11/13
Aw. Wow.
Rosycat chapter 28 . 11/13
Templars? Do you play Dragon Age?
Candy Phantom chapter 87 . 10/4
I think if you're going to be doing the blizzard of '68 then it should be chapter 100.
Candy Phantom chapter 82 . 10/4
Maybe Sandy should see this cave in a different chapter.
Candy Phantom chapter 80 . 10/4
Longer than most of my chapters. XD
Candy Phantom chapter 79 . 10/4
Yeah, I hate hugs too Jack. You're not alone there.
Candy Phantom chapter 76 . 10/4
Oh my gods, they are turning into a less evil Snape and a more mischievous Harry Potter! XD
Candy Phantom chapter 60 . 10/4
Jack watches Adventure Time? I wonder what he thinks of Ice King.
Candy Phantom chapter 59 . 10/4
Ok, I just realized that Tabe rhymes with babe. That is so weird. XD
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