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pedrokotii chapter 11 . 10/4
What I want to say is... Masterpiece. One of the best stories featuring vindictive Naruto.
But that has to wait. Some grammar and character misplacement like Yugao swapping with Yugito in the middle of the fight...
They drop a well earned S rank to a high C.
While I still enjoyed it immensely, until these are fixed... There is some work to be done.
Be like Naruto, work hard, and You too will achieve Greatness. ;p
But still, good job.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 9 . 8/20
Well, this chapter again has problems. Not only are the empire's combatants badly written OCs, who rip off characters from other franchises, but they are also really lack re all personality, being mouthpieces for your views of the Naruto world.

And Sasuke? He SAW his family, being slaughtered continuously for 72 hours, then again 48 hours when he again met with Itachi. That is a reason to go crazy, if anything.

And Sasuke saying matte here is out of character, even in this fix for Sasuke. You literally shown him to be to clouded by wrath and arrogance to admit defeat in worse situation, yet here he admits defeat. At least go with a consistent characterization.

And Naruto did in fact, a few times in this fic admit his superiority, because he's the decesdant of the Sage Of Six Paths. Really he was naming himself so as often as Sasuke calls himself an Uchiha elite in this fic.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 7 . 8/18
Well, another good thing I must say about this fic, is that Naruto isn't evil, or overly a jerk(at least as of now), which is an often problem with bashing fanfics. As of now, the fics antagonists(Leaf), are still morally worse than Hinata and Naruto.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 6 . 8/12
However would Sasuke recognize it's Itachi's ring? And Flash step from Bleach, is much INFERIOR to Hiraishin. Flash step makes you move very fast, while Hiraishin, teleports you literaly instantly, it being a time space jutsu. So I don't see how flash step, would be an improvement. It could be an improvement over sushin, if anything.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/5!

I must say, this was a very good mix of action/drama and i would willingly pay to see this made into a movie. Besides the occasional grammatical errors and sentence mixups I found myself before a very in depth fanfic (though I must say, when you introduced the ENTIRE imperial council for the first time, I felt like I was reading a tom clancy book and it led me to skip over parts that drug on for entire paragraphs) other than that it was a solid 4.5/5 (again, grammatical errors and slow pace at points) but you have done an amazing job portraying the naruto and hinata couple as royalty. Bravo, bravo!
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 5 . 7/28
First, slapping if slapping a seal on Obito, would be enough to cancel his Kamui, Minato, or Konan would do so. And how did Obito get his rin'negan, if Nagato is still alive? Konan wouldn't follow Obito's orders, if he would try to steal Nagato's rin'negan. She would go amd try to kill Obito, just like in canon. And again, seen in the next chapter, Konan didn't even get a description how she was beaten. Despite the fact that it was shown she's as strong as Pain. Another bit of sexism in this fic. That, and Naruto calling Tsunade an old hag over and over again, really starts to reek of sexism, and ageism.

Some part of male fandom of Naruto really seems to have against Tsunade that she hides her age behind a genjutsu. Only one thing, it NOT even a genjutsu, it a physical transformation technique. The fact fans call it a genjutsu, is due to an very old mistranslation.
Check out narutopedia's article on Tsunade.
And even if it was just a genjutsu, it wouldn't be a justification for the rampant ageism directed from the part of the fandom.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 4 . 7/27
Well, at the very least the line : "Sarutobi and his wife, Maito Gai", gave me more amusement, than anything else in this fic, as it suggests Gai is Asuma's wife. Just mentally picturing Gai in a wedding dress, makes me laugh so hard XD

It's hilarious, what can sometimes (unintentional?)sexism do. The fact that you didn't even mention Kurenai by name, only reducing her to literally being just first referred directly as "Sarutobi's wife", can give the humorous illusion that Gai is this wife. But more sadly, Kurenai still wasn't even reffered by name or surname once in this chapter, and story as a whole, as of now, despite being Hinata's (ex)sensei.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 3 . 7/26
"No. Consider this our resignation," Shikaku drawled as he and Shikamaru walked out of the that act of defiance, what would be known as the Konoha Exodus has begun...
...or Rather WOULD begin, as Danzo, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Root and regular Anbu attacked, and slaughtered the would-be missing nin.

Really, that what would happen, if this followed ANY logic, and Danzo, Tsunade, and Jiraiya, weren't written as completely incompetent idiots. Really, you bortrayed the three and Sasuke as completely morally bankrupt, so there is no reason they didn't do so.
And they are powerful enough to do So. Jiraiya fought Pain like an equal, while Pain mostly curbstomped most of the Leaf, including most of the Shinobi who were part of the Konoha Exodus. Tsunade has literally Megaton punches(with strenght of millions of tons of impact), as Tsunade easily broke through Madara's Susanoo, and Itachi's and Madara's Susanoo, survived without scratch explosions, that were as strong as strong nukes. Danzo is virtualy immortal, as is technicaly Tsunade, if activates Creation Rebirth. They have Giant summons, and Danzo has ELEPHANT SUMMONS. Not to mention Anbu, Root, and other Shinobi Loyal to them. Sasuke also the Mangekyo activated, so this also would amount to at least something. Really Danzo, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Sasuke, could kill the newly rogue shinobi VERY easily and quickly, there is no contest. Of course, this is before Guy was revealed to so terrifyingly strong with all 8 gates oppened. And probably even the Konoha shinobi didn't know Mighty Guy is God-Mode powerfull with all gates oppened, and this was written before that was revealed, so you also didn't know it. Not to mention, he is latter shown on Konoha's side, for some reason. And as seen in the next chapter, Guy here isn't nearly as powerful, as in canon.

But let's try to concentrate on the stuff this fic done well. It has some pretty nice world building. I also doesn't do cliche of Neji being against Naruto, so often present in revenge fics. Well, that's pretty much (sadly) all, at least as of now.

It also VERY fun there no frictions btween A and Hiashi, or the Main and Brach Hyuuga lines, especially with Naruto destroying the Caged Bird Seal. And A isn't pretty much responsible of Hizashi's death. All very realistic.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 2 . 7/25
Well, I made a bit of a mistake with confusing Hiashi, wih Hizashi. But we see here allready some really stupid stuff. Why Tsunade is against Naruto, and with Sasuke? The Senju and Uchiha were enemies. And really, the whole Tsunade being Naruto's Godmother, has really no evidence in canon, and is now used to realy stupidly bash Tsunade. It's literaly bashing a character, for SOMETHING FANS INVENTED. And really, the Yamada clan rivaling Tsunade in terms of medic skill, is a pretty ridiculous. Tsunade pretty much invented medical Jutsu, and was multible times stated as the most skilled medic by far in the whole world. And her skills didn't detoriate with age, she is as good, as ever, as seen with her very quickly reverse enigering Kabuto's regeneration, from just seeing it once.

And with the Senju and Uchiha not being decesdants of Hagoromo, is just an attempt to turn the Uzumaki clan, into an clan of Mary Sues. It was shown by this point this fanfic was posted, that Madara had EVOLVED the Rin'negan, from the Sharingan. If he didn't, he would be able to switch his eyes between the Rin'negan, and sharingan. And he outright stated he evolved them by time he first used them in the manga. So at least the Uchiha, would have to be decesdants of the Sage, by even this fics logic. Unless Madara is also of Uzumaki descent.

And the infamous blood clones...yeah, that also something that's fully a creation of fandom. And even they should detoriate into blood, some time after their destruction, but before burial, as it's impossible for a clone to last so long after death, for no one to notice. But even if we overlook that, if those were blood clones on the bridge, there is no reason for Zabuza's moral transformation. It was brought by the pain from death of Haku, that didn't really occur here. And Zabuza wanted to end Yagura's life, and release Kiri, so it doesn't make sense he didn't go back.
dreamer-in-darkness chapter 1 . 7/25
Well, the fic sarts and allready there are some mistakes and strange stuff. How come Naruto is 19, and Hinata 20? Hinata was born the same year as Naruto, but over two months later. Also, fun thing A is Naruto's friend and advisor. It was A who ordered to kidnap Hinata, and wanted to start war with Konoha, because the kidnapping was not succesfull. And Hiashi, somehow alive again, is co-advisors with him. If this was anyhow realistic, they would hate eachother.
cegi85 chapter 11 . 7/16
Nice Hokuto no Naruto trained by ghost of of story Hokuto no ken Emperor.
LadyHayakawa chapter 11 . 6/24
Really love omake damn gore
DARTH CAEDUS chapter 11 . 5/12
SEEKER452 chapter 4 . 4/15
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killer4853 chapter 11 . 1/24
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