Reviews for Partners
IWantColoredRain chapter 161 . 11/26
Very good, looking forward to the sequel.
Jazzlyn7 chapter 44 . 7/31
Yay! They are finally together :)
Snowgirl01 chapter 161 . 6/14
please post more
gatewatcher chapter 161 . 3/24
This was great! Will be starting Partners Forever very soon!
gatewatcher chapter 121 . 3/21
Sweet :) Makes me want one!
gatewatcher chapter 88 . 3/17
Very creative insight as to why Booth hates clowns.
yenyen76 chapter 161 . 3/4
Just two words, "Loved it"
yankeetiger chapter 56 . 2/22
KKKat chapter 161 . 1/30
I finally finished this one! I must say this is one of the best stories i've ever read! Thank you for sharing this one!
julianne chapter 130 . 1/28
Good show of support from Brennan. But I don't agree with her putting herself in danger when she is pregnant. That bothered me on the show too. Especially, when she drove straight into the path of a mesocyclone. Logic would dictate protecting her young not endangering it.
julianne chapter 36 . 1/27
While I'm enjoying your story I don't think there are any men out there patient enough to follow through on Booth's plan. I thought she was being way too dismissive about his feelings in the 100th episode. It wasn't that long ago when they were ice skating where she was saying that everything changes and nothing stays the same. So how come when he asks her to try dating him she totally rejects him? Her reaction was too extreme and led to the very event she was trying to avoid. Then she guilts him into staying as her partner even though she knows how he feels. After which she blithely begins dating his boss again like he has no feelings at all.
MysticSong1978 chapter 150 . 1/14
Fascinating...and scary!

A friend of mine was working in the DC mail rooms when that anthrax scare hit years ago.
MysticSong1978 chapter 145 . 1/13
This made me laugh.

I've recently hooked my Mom on Bones, and we just saw that Halloween episode recently. Before it started, I asked her who she thought Bones would dress up as ... first guess? Wonder Woman. Didn't tell her she was right though. :-)

I like how personable you've made the other agents!
MysticSong1978 chapter 138 . 1/12
I love this. Very heartwarming.
MysticSong1978 chapter 137 . 1/12
I was reading your story awhile back, when it was still fairly new, and got so busy that I got behind in all my fics. I just started rereading this the other day. I am SO happy you didn't kill off Vincent. I cry every single time I watch that episode.

Also, really glad to be back in your story. It's fabulous!
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