Reviews for Partners
DorothyOz chapter 144 . 4/15
Nice update. Poor B&B moving is a pain!
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 144 . 4/15
i like it. good work
Spitfire303 chapter 144 . 4/14
Great chapter :)
daisesndaffidols chapter 144 . 4/14
Believe it or not..I've never moved.. and I don't look forward to the day when I have too.. I've helped a lot of people move I kinda know what B&B went through
zats chapter 144 . 4/14
Moving is always hard. Glad they are in the new house. Look forward to the next chapter.
Dempeo4ever81 chapter 144 . 4/14
Can't wait for more
Caprigirl60 chapter 144 . 4/14
Sign me up as a member of "The I Hate to Move" club. I'm with Booth-my next move is to the cemetary. Nice how everybody came and helped. It makes moving not quite so terrible.
Guest - Caroline chapter 144 . 4/14
great description of a group of friends/co-workers to help the 3 booth's move.
love the idea of a friendly thank you bbq -
parker's got a great deal of enthusiasm & energy about him in this chapter, i really felt his excitement coming off the page.
i am so very happy booth & bren as individuals are finally getting their dream family life, the one now they're creating, can & no doubt will help erase those horrid memories of old, frm their own childhoods.
thank you for yet another great update, in this story that i'm loving & being kept intrigued by...
Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
mphs95 chapter 144 . 4/14
Good chapter
tanargue chapter 144 . 4/14
Oh the joys of moving house ! ! We moved from the UK to France then twice in France and seem to be amassing more and more stuff. Think I'm with Booth - next move will be to the cemetery lol.
From your profile you moved around a lot so I guess there is personal experience in there somwhere.
IHeartBonesBooth chapter 143 . 4/12
I loved you story, I wish there was more!
SGABY chapter 143 . 4/11
Eu adorei sua história!..
Você escrevi bem!
Kisses.. Beijos..

Atenciosamente.. SGABY
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 143 . 4/10
soo good :)
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 142 . 4/10
great great
daisesndaffidols chapter 143 . 4/10
You either have the touch to make good pancakes, or you don't,.. I don't.. /
But at least Brennan was intuitive to see that Booth was just trying to make her happy
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