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reader chapter 6 . 5/7/2014
I just found this and really enjoyed it. I'd love to see Sean and Nick both trying to woo Juliette. But mostly more Sean. ;-)

And I loved Monroe helping out. He's such a sweet, funny, quirky character. Watching him sort of bumble along trying to help was great.
Truthisfreedom chapter 6 . 2/5/2014
It's such a crime how this fic wasn't finished...Such a crime.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/10/2013
Worse fake name for a middle-aged man than John Smith? Jane Doe.
Singtoangels1 chapter 6 . 12/6/2012
I've only found a smattering of Juliette/Renard stories online and I'm always excited when I find more. However, I'm doubly excited when it's good. Please make another story to this! You have their voices pegged 95% of the time and it adds depth for me to a show starring Detective Blah. :)
ForestPebbles chapter 6 . 12/3/2012
Totally agree that there's a lot of greyness and woven entanglement. That's part of the show's charm, but I don't think it is being conveyed very well or acknowledged. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if a lot of it is by accident and unintentional. Because I feel like the show wants me to see things in black and white. Take Renard. I feel like camera work, promos, and whoever is doing the editing thinks of him as a power-hungry mastermind and some sort of untouchable alpha male at the top of the chain. But all the OTHER creative choices (acting, writing, costume and set design) tells me otherwise. That he's just trying to survive and his status is actually tenuous; and while he's authoritative, he's not some macho male. (I'd say Hank falls into those traits more.) While it's possible that this dichotomy is deliberate and follows the show's theme of "two sides" and may be foreshadowing, the clunkyness of the show as a whole makes me doubt it.

And I've noticed that Renard's sets have designs that makes it look like he's in a cage. (His office curtain binds, the barred window, his penthouse window looks like a birdcage, and his bathroom wall tiles) Then there are the laser-sight visuals. (The cross in the elevator that takes him up to his penthouse, and the blood spot when he sliced off that Reaper's ear.) Renard is coming off as a tragic character to me. He's GOOD at being good, and he could have been happy. But something else is going on and he's doing bad things. And… he's kinda incompetent at being bad.

Then there's the obsession arc that's currently going on. It's an ugly situation that's making a mess of lives but I feel like I'm being told it's a simple love triangle. Even the actors that play Juliette and Renard are promoting the arc that way. As a result of that there's an illusion that Juliette has a consensual choice. Thus a lack of sympathy or willingness to understand her situation. She has essentially become a scapegoat for the men's pain because she's being fought over and she has to "choose."

Like you, I'm also intrigued about his past. I actually think Nick and Juliette are a bit of a reflection of what Renard must have gone through in his youth in terms of being suddenly thrust into new info and being kept in the dark. Being a bastard AND hexenbiest (I'm pretty sure the latter is the worst of it; Eric implied that they were considered lowly and that would explain Renard's callous treatment of Catherine and Adalind. I'm willing to bet hexenbiester are an all female Wesen and Renard's existence is an utter fluke that made people go WTF), I think his family preferred to keep him out of the loop. I also think it's notable that he doesn't seem to know how to work magic even though half of his heritage should be all about that. It makes me think Renard didn't know what his mom was until too late, and by then he had developed the Royal's attitude towards hexenbiester, and/or refused to learn magic because of the stigma that was probably attached to that ability. The guy has got to have major issues. I'm also guessing he has a dead daughter judging by the pictures he has and his warm moment with the little girl in one of the early episodes.

While I agree relationships aren't always neat and tidy, I do think there's a point where it does fall into wrongness and invalidates the relationship. Like your Helga/Fredric example. I don't know the specifics of the characters, but I'll take Monroe at his word that things just worked out ok and Helga was alright. But put another two people in the same situation and it genuinely could be twisted and non-consensual. Because there's a difference between a relationship that forms based on what the parties wants or needs, and a relationship formed based on having one's head messed with. Ie, Juliette and Renard. So there is a case by case issue. Unfortunately in real life, people tend to romanticize or blame the victims, and these are real social problems that we still encourage. And the cases where you have a happy Helga/Fredric is instead used to silence victims and invalidate the fact that something terrible happened. When instead it should be treated as a different ending, because that's just what sometimes happens. (Humans can suuuuuck.) Or the situation with Lorelai and her mother. You have Lorelai accepting the situation and not destroyed by the fact that her mom is hijacking her body in violating ways. But that doesn't change the fact that her mom is doing something wrong. With someone else, this hijacking would be devastating. Either way, Lorelai and this speculative Someone Else are perfectly within their rights to cry foul and try to get help.

So, whenever these types of stories pop up, I think two of the big problems is firstly, lack of acknowledgment that there's something inherently wrong and secondly, excusing and whitewashing the perpetrator. Hence you get something like Juliette hate.

"It was like she'd unwittingly branded him." Ahhhhh! First signs of sliding into victim blaming here. Run, Juliette, run! Nick, do something about your captain! Dammit Renard, you OWE it to Nick to do right by him and her! Why do you not notice that he does care about you? You ARE his captain and part of his police TEAM.

…now there's a relationship heading towards invalidation. The camaraderie is fake for Renard, but real to Nick. Kinda sad how every single one of Renard's bonds that could be deep and meaningful are fake. And I really do think Nick is the one Renard has to patch things up with before anything good can happen. I don't believe Juliette can be truly happy if she breaks Nick's heart because she can't remember him. She already has said she felt guilty about it. I think it's terrible that she seems to blame herself. But while Juliette is the biggest victim, she is sadly only collateral damage, the real target is Nick and Renard; who are the real source of Adalind's hate.

I really don't want Juliette's heart broken. Happy endings for Juliette, Nick, and Renard, please? I know there's a lot to work through for them to get to a good place, but I think those bonds can be made.

Btw, I thought Juliette's eyes were light brown, not blue? Much like Nick and Renard's eyes. (Nick is grey-blue. Can't figure out Renard's. Grey? Light grey? Light hazel? He seems to have a different eye color every time.)

And no worries! I've talked your ear off too. :)

Good luck on your next installment!
Guest chapter 6 . 12/2/2012
Hey, it's me again. Your guest. :) [I'm sorry to say I have left both those comments - the first one showed up so late I thought it didn't post so i tried again later]

I am very much hooked, and I'd love to see you continue this, of course! But do it in your own time, don't let us pressure you into it.

p.s.: chapter 6 has some tense problems. I assume you wrote the flashback in present tense and then switched it? You missed a few. *g* If you have interest in a beta for this work, I'll gladly volunteer. Let me know if you're interested and we'll see how we can exchange emails.
ontheledge chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
YOU MUST FINISH THIS STORY! don't leave us hanging! I hope Renard and julette have true feelings for each other. But you are the author this is your story to tell, I'm just along for the ride, and so far it's been fun!
D Squirrel chapter 6 . 12/2/2012
Nooooo... You have to continue!
Anni chapter 6 . 12/2/2012
Did you honestly think we're going to say 'no, don't bother?' Write, I say, write damnit! :)
D Squirrel chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
Yes, update! This is going great. I'm totally hooked.
Kit Thespian chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
Duuuude, I am NOT a Julliard fan by any means but I really like what you've got going on here. I like how you've separated obsession and love. The discussion between Monroe and Renard was great. So, you've got a Beauty and the Beast kind of story. I'd like to see where it's headed!

By the way, your Monroe is GREAT. "You're Hiroshima!" and the pumpkin thing was sooo hilarious. That could be Renard's pet name for her. "Hello, pumpkin!" LOL
ForestPebbles chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
This is really interesting. I'm really glad that you've pointed out all the criminal aspects of the obssession spell that's driving Renard and Juliette. It's a big reason why I can't see Renard and Juliette as a romantic couple. (There's just so much wrong there. And as a cop, Renard should know this. In fact, since Grimm is part cop procedural, the WRITERS should know this.)

And the last few paragraphs really show that Renard is turning crazy and this obssession is dangerous. I'm worried about Juliette and everyone else's safety too. Actually, the obsession spell really is no different than how Renard was affected by the coins. They both drive a person to something "grander" but the person has no control and is being spiritually destroyed. Difference is the coins can be physically removed. I think someone needs to guide Renard here because he has zero control because of the spell. And because of the spell his "sincere" actions and affections would always be called in question. And it can't be Juliette because she's in the dark about all things Wesen and magic.

As much as I think Renard is a bastard and really needs to be pummeled by karma, I do sort of hope things work out and he finds some sort of peace. (Provided that peace doesn't come at anyone else's expense. Like say Nick's.) I don't want to see him become a shell of a person or insane. I felt a little bit sorry for him for what the coins turn him into and how he reacted when they were gone. Any chance of this turning into a threesome between Nick, Renard, and Juliette? I really wish those three would get together because I think it solves a lot of problems. I would love Nick as the restraining factor in that relationship equation. And poetic in a reversal of Renard manipulating Nick. I can't agree with the idea of Juliette controlling Renard because she's affected by the spell too.

Your Monroe is terrific. Sweet and adorable. Yet with a slightly skewed morality that comes with being a blutbad and Wesen. What with all the blood and death that comes in that world. It seems perfect that Renard, the bad guy, would understand the issues in regards to the spell and Stockholm's and called Monroe out on it. (In a roundabout way, Renard's inner cop is protecting Juliette here.) And Monroe, the good guy, romanticizes it. (As much as I like Monroe, in real life, that's pretty slippery thinking and people can get hurt.) It makes the characters dimensional and complicated. Be interesting to see what tune Monroe sings if he knew the WHOLE story.

I dislike Lorelai's mom. She's competely skeevy.
Anni chapter 5 . 12/1/2012
Liv Tyler! Hysterical! And I have the shiny prize of reading two chapters at once, since I've been offline for a couple of days! Now I'll get back to reading ...
Guest chapter 4 . 11/30/2012
"This was not good." - Ha, quite the opposite. This is very interesting! So interesting in fact that you actually got me to leave my first review on this site, ever.

I am very much looking forward to what you have to say about love and obsession. Both your Renard and Monroe are great.
Wolveyaon chapter 4 . 11/29/2012
Monroe and Disney! am in love with him now! I love this can't wait for the next chapter! I am just about to post my Epilog on Alisha later tomorrow!
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