Reviews for One Day in the Life of Arst Outway
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2
this deserves a continuation. you write well
Asakami chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
Just beat ToX2 on true end mode, and I have to say... seeing that final part with the tiny, SLIGHTEST hint of Gaius/Musee made it that much harder to watch. So, seeing how my favourite didn't get a happy ending, I've resorted to . AND THANK GOODNESS you exist D:

I apologize for not leaving reviews for the rest of your Gaius/Musee stories; my only excuse is that I'm too lazy (sorry!). But, anyway, onto the point, I love your writing. Not only is your writing descriptive, but it's also creative. Like, the way you show the two's relationship is just fantastic. Cute and shy, with a little hint of mischievousness (more so on Musee's side, of course lol). It's great that not only are they in-character, but the way you portray their interactions make your story so intriguing to read.

TL;DR, you're a great writer, I'm a fan, never stop writing Gaius/Musee.

Will be looking forward to more of your updates, so good luck!