Reviews for a war never to be won
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
I love this! I liked the cameos of Sirius and Reg, and how even at that age Sirius comes to Alphard and Regulus goes to his father - it's like foreshadowing already, and I love that you included that. I like how Orion and Alphard started off making nice just for Walburga's sake, and then ended up really liking each other - or more. I like the angst here, and I do think it works very well, actually. Aww, poor Alphard can't marry because Walburga took the only person he's ever loved! It's pretty realistic, though, since Alphard never married and that's kind of rare for the Black family. Great drabble!
Morghen chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
"Orion had become too greedy, and Alphard had let him get that way."

DETAILS, PLEASE! I wanna read about Alphard letting Orion /have his greedy way/. ;D

OMM, the [sexual] tension in this piece is tangible! I loved how you mentioned your previous fic for them and how they used to be able to enjoy each other's company in silence, but now all that they've done and stuff is just too much for the quiet to be enjoyable.

"He couldn't go anywhere when his sister had managed to snag the only person for whom he'd ever cared…"

I mean, I'm glad Orion got married because then we have the precious Black brothers, but that sentence is so sad and wow. Like, jeez, I don't even know - that would be such a terrible feeling to have your sibling marry the person you love because it's so close to home so their relationship would constantly be in your face... POOR ALPHARD! *huggles him*

Asdfghjkll, this is so angsty but beautiful! The ending - how Alphard wanted to show he still cared and hadn't given up but then Sirius and Regulus come bursting in. AND HOW ORION NEVER MOVED HIS EYES FROM ALPHARD FACE! I'm trying to make coherent sentences, but they keep getting all rambly and shit. This pairing is just so perfect and forbidden and smoulderingly hawt.

I love how neither of them spoke in this piece and yet so much about their relationship was shown. It gave a nice effect to the whole scene.