Reviews for All Too Well
Nickeloco116 chapter 10 . 4/11
Will there be an update soon?
Cate chapter 10 . 10/6/2016
Oh, I do so wish for you to continue! This is such a sweet sweet story, and I want to know what happens next! I hope you find the inspiration to continue writing :)
SWS chapter 10 . 7/28/2016
Aaaaaawwnnn, c'mon people! Bring back chapter 10! Some of us never got to read it :(

Ok, this chapter was very sweet! I love that Niles is being so supportive.
SES chapter 9 . 7/27/2016
The reviews indicate that there are 10 chapters but I only see 9! :(
This is such a sweet story, and I only came upon it because you updated recently. I hope the site fixes this bug, I want to see chapter 10!
Keep writing, you're so good :)
Princess Pat chapter 10 . 1/7/2016
Sweet story, please finish!
Carol chapter 10 . 9/30/2015
I meant to review each chapter but I ended up getting carried away reading the whole story! I just want to hold poor CC, I need to know what happens next! You've made me love them even more than I already did!
Carol chapter 2 . 9/28/2015
Much better, I like the idea of CC feeling much more relaxed around her hubby. and singing Barbra! lol
Carol chapter 1 . 9/28/2015
I just came upon your story! What a wonderful (yet heartbreaking) beginning, I can't wait to dive in!
RainbowPockets chapter 10 . 9/18/2015
Oh, this was heartbreaking and bitter sweet, I had a feeling CC would have trouble leaving his parent's home after finally feeling so serene. I wonder if she's having doubts that she can find that same serenity and contentment with her and Niles' own little family. (I hope that's not the case but I could see her worrying about it and see it within the way she didn't let Niles in or let him comfort her completely). I'm sad they're leaving too, I was loving how warm CC felt in that house with her new extended family, I'm very excited though to see where this story will go and how it will end!
AllTheSnakes chapter 10 . 9/18/2015
Uhm... Now I see it - the scarf, the memories, the wounds being reopened.
RainbowPockets chapter 9 . 9/16/2015
Absolutely beautiful. Scenes of CC feeling serene and content are so fantastic and needed for this character. I am interested to see how these wonderful times transform into whatever they argue about to make CC want to leave. I love how much Niles cherishes her.
AllTheSnakes chapter 9 . 9/16/2015
Uhm, that was nice.
I can see that these memories will help her to get over whatever happened there in the first chapter.
Queen Of Fond Memories chapter 9 . 9/16/2015
I think this is my favorite chapter so far! So sweet, tender, and beautiful! I love it. Keep the good work :)
OSUSprinks chapter 9 . 9/16/2015
It's lovely to see CC so at ease and comfortable. I'm looking forward to more!
AllTheSnakes chapter 8 . 9/15/2015
Dear - CC is wicked!
She is taking advantage of poor enamorated Niles...
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