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RaceyNitroVindicta chapter 8 . 1/8/2014
So I have sat here and read this story for the past hour I believe and I love it! It is such an awesome portrait of it all... and no worries about Lucy being the Devil from me... everyone believes what they want to believe and sometimes in writing you have journey a bit away from your beliefs to really show the character. Like for instance in one of the stories I have written I am against abortion (not completely but a just reason should be shown in my opinion.) and one of my characters had an abortion. It's all about searching other options and thinking in different mindsets you don't wanna right different characters exactly the same as the last one you did, ya know? Any way awesome story love it so far! Still reading!
clarkegriffins chapter 17 . 8/4/2013
This was so awesome. I don't even... What? I am speechless as to how good this was. Wow. Also did you have a Moriarty reference in the last chapter? :)
clarkegriffins chapter 4 . 8/3/2013
How come Sister Mary doesn't respect Lucy like Jed did, I mean they were both possessed by the same demon, weren't they? That's what I've always assumed.
clarkegriffins chapter 1 . 8/3/2013
Man, I kinda liked Lucy but then she was mean to my favourite character (Mary Eunice) so blah :P
Smarty Pants chapter 18 . 2/8/2013
AHHHH! You can't place an author note as a chapter! It tricks the reader into thinking there was an update!
charliesdarKangel chapter 17 . 2/4/2013
This story always leaves me in a daze-A tragic thrill and so much depth into the characters-more importantly the main one that's your own character-If no one had ever seen 'Horror Story and read this, whether or not Lucy was a canon would be out of question-Your original characters are solidified beauties-just magnificant writing and storytelling-Your incorporation of Lucy into the scene with Jude on the brink of death was chill-inducing and had a sort of bitter sweetness at the fact Lucy(fer) had been her guardian angel-And then the scene with Timothy-executed so excellently (loved that scene, could imagine the confrontation between the two and Lucy's ultimatum alongside the dark intentions with her would-be daughter and that scene with Lana literally frightened me-being generally freaked out by dolls the thought of Lucifer turning Lana into a voodoo doll with button eyes-no-Just no-so creepy-And the end-Totally speechless (rereadrereadreread)-Brilliant storytelling-This whole story was just mindblowing-The end with the voice of his mother in his head leading him onto a path lit with darkness-Truly amazing writing
Batgirl3952 chapter 17 . 2/2/2013
.love. This whole story, fantastic ending, just brilliant
charliesdarKangel chapter 16 . 1/11/2013
Well I'm speechless. That scene with Frank left chills down my arms with 'the blood is the life' and the newspaper clipping and the paragraph at the end and before that, the baby coming and the way Oliver was caught and killed by the police was excellent, this escalated smooth and deadly-the final scene between Johnny and Andorra with Lucy/Lucifer and Oliver in the shadows as spirits was so spine-tingling-Did not expect that at all, Johnny being shot and seeing his mom with "We'll be one, big, happy family." and them being cast into the shadows and forever earthbound-insanely creepy. This was one hell of a story-Brilliant work with incisive research-I learned quite a bit from this-truly among the best reads on here.
Ezeiel chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
I love it so far!
charliesdarKangel chapter 15 . 1/3/2013
This is getting so intense-Love the way you captured Sister Eunice/Azazel's end and how you incorporated Lucifer into Arden's death was brilliant-Hiciste un magnifico trabajo!
nida chapter 14 . 12/28/2012
I absolutely love how you have recreated this story and made it your own like you wrote the script for the series, and I love how created a sort of twisted mother/lover portrayal of Lucy with Dr Thredson. Please continue this story as soon as possible and if it is not to much trouble could you create a bit of a tender moment between Lucy and Oliver? Anyway stay awesome!
charliesdarKangel chapter 14 . 12/22/2012
The scene between Johnny and the therapist discussing his rage about his mother and her voice among others in his head was amazing-Reading this story always feels like a continuation from the show-Leaning toward his mother really talking to him because of this '"Satan never dies," he replied in a matter of fact tone that filled her with slight fear, "Only the body that he decides to inhabit."' Oh man if I were that lady, probably would freeze up in fear too, scream. And this '"Mother doesn't like you very much."' to top off that segment was words, loved the way it started off-so awesome and it gets better and better. Love the way you dipped into Arden's head with his interaction with Sr Eunice and almost like back to back from Johnny and the therapist discussing how dreams were like memories and Arden awaking from his visit from the dark wells of dreamland. And then after running off we find Lucy in the park in which she shares the company of her possession with Martin, his life flashing before her and after he shares some wisdom with her him gaining his vision back with a tender moment of consideration-Eunice is pushing Kit to take her down and the child-That last part, with glimpses of Lucy in this possession having a breakdown was brilliant!-maybe a mixture of both coming to terms and forgiveness-A work of such depth and mind-blowing thoughtfulness
Guest chapter 14 . 12/20/2012
I wonder if his mother is really talking to him?
I loved the breakdown, it really puts you inside this character. She walks a thin line between love and hate and I like this. It shows that she loved God and stook by his side and now she is so angry with him that she hates him.
"I'll win this time" sent shivers down my spine.
And the whole scene with her and the blind man I cried, I literally cried. And then she let him see again. It was very Jesus like. She is such a complex character. I think you should really write a novel on this. I would reaad it
Guest chapter 13 . 12/20/2012
I like how she isn't calling herself the devil now. She's introducing herself as an angel.
I also love how you have her looking away from the cross and running away. And the whole thing with the almost miscarriage, nice to see because it reminds us that she is still i s human and must deal with human body problems. Very smart.
Love the "Someone's at the door"? I'm really curious at how you will go about this. It's a scary thing to see. You never know who is at the door and that works on a more emotional level for me. You never know if someone on your doorstep is the devil or not or if they mean you ill intentions. Very smart. I love that symbolism. You use it a lot in this story. Love it.
charliesdarKangel chapter 13 . 12/14/2012
Doing excellent with this! So awesome to see Timothy here interacting with Lucyfer-And the scene with Leigh-Loved the twist of the current day session with Johnny as Lucy'll bear him now-back to theorizing-Intense chapter (really sorry this is late!-pc got a virus and been MIA for a few days, but it's all clear now) Update SOON
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