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Guest chapter 11 . 8/3/2015
vsry good story but I wanted to point something out.

You kep bringing the "of age" thing in here. Actually in Japan, age of consent is 13 as long as it is someone of the same age. At age 17 teenagers can pick their own partners, no matter the age and be with whoever they want. And at age 18 they are considered full fledged adults.

Just wanted to make you aware.
ChibiKitsuneOfEgypt chapter 11 . 8/3/2015
Sorry, didnt realize I wasn't logged in when I reviewed earlier. I just wanted to make you again aware that the age of consent is 13 in japan for teenagers dating their own age, 17 to date whoever they want, and 18 to be considered adults.
Teacuppy chapter 12 . 10/22/2014
really nice story, I enjoyed reading about conversation between Shinobu and his sister as well as Miyagi and her. You write well. (I hate Shinobu's father btw but I kind of understand him too)
Daimao896 chapter 17 . 1/26/2014
I know you wrote this a while ago, but OMG is it good! I laughed, I cried, I was a nervous wreck for a bit there. Talk about an emotional roller-coaster! Soooo good!
Misses Tsundere chapter 17 . 11/21/2013
Such a dramatic story with a much cuuuuter ending **
You're a talented writer, please keep up the good work ! :)
Hiroki Kuze chapter 17 . 8/11/2013
Most of the Terrorist stories get away from the complication with the Dean saying "I agreed and there you go with your happy ending" kind of stuff.

But this one is just.. Perfect!
inuyasha.lover33 chapter 1 . 6/22/2013
Hahaha when the Dean was going to watch the tape I shrieked so loud my sister came running to see what was wrong with me, haha oh, the drama. Great story great of tension and affection between Miyagi and Shinobu!
heartless241 chapter 17 . 5/2/2013
Kristin xx chapter 5 . 4/17/2013
What a wonderful chapter!

Oh my god ... Shinobu's parents saw the Tape! In my poor opinion, if this scenario were ever to happen in the anime, it'd happen exactly how you described it to be *deepest bows*

I adore all the little bits of these characters' inner workings you offer, you have done so well with every element. The characters' dynamic is perfect; you showed, with incredible talent, every detail of their personal process of interiorization of this unwanted "disclosure", it was a breach in the real world. The triptych interaction among Shinobu, the dean and Noriko (btw, lovely name _) was handled perfectly; the dialogues were so amazingly realistic as well as their actions. I'd love to tell you what I liked in particular but I loved everything so I'd have to quote the entire chapter back at you. Excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent chapter :) As always, thank you for writing *bows*
Kristin xx chapter 4 . 4/17/2013
What can I say ... your writing style is nothing short of spectacular.

Miyagi and Hiroki are amazingly in character and you beefed up the character of the dean wonderfully. I really believe that you should take into consideration the possibility of becoming a professional writer :) Your writing style is neat and fresh, intelligent and witty. The maturity with which you write creates a concrete storyline and that's the poetry of the written word ... reason and fantasy mixed together to communicate something; it's like watching a new episode of the anime, really. In this chapter there was pathos, sense of empathy, depth.

Some authors here fail in this aspect: the typification situates the character inside a stereotype, rather than in a "person". You, on the other hand, have done an excellent job with the characters ... they have such a strong identity, they become real with your writing style, which is a rare ability. Thank you for writing
Kristin xx chapter 3 . 4/17/2013
I liked the interaction with the waitress, it was very realistic; sometimes it seems to me as though the focalization on the six characters creates an ampoule, a barrier that alienates them from the "real world"; that's why I like to read this kind of scenes every now and then (Feuerbach would agree with me :p)

( don't need to be embarrassed around me, Kamijou – not after that scene in the lib–" "YES!" Hiroki interjected, "Let's just stop right there, shall we! Can't we just forget all about that?"
"Well, I really do wish that I could actually. Sometimes I even dream about it – those nights are the worst, I can tell you…") ... ahaha I so love Miyagi, he's the best :)

("Anyway, you really needn't get so worked up. I'm in the same situation as you, remember."
"Yeah, I know, with that little brat!"
"True, he is a brat!" Miyagi agreed, nodding, a grin once again plastered across his face. "But he's a special brat...") ... this line is lovely ...

("Kamijou, out of curiosity, how long have you and what's-his-name been together?"
Resigned to the fact that Miyagi was going to keep on asking him about his relationship with Nowaki, Hiroki sighed and faced his superior. "Nearly seven years now, I guess – if you include the year he was away studying."
Miyagi's mouth dropped open in surprise. He hadn't expected his shy assistant to have been in such a lengthy relationship – or at least for another person to have survived intact after seven years with an angry, bad-tempered man who had a penchant for hurling books at people's heads.) ... this part is amazing _

("So, what did your parents say when you first told them about the two of you? What about when they saw the size of him, did they fret after their poor, ickle Hiroki-kun?"
Hiroki flushed again and pressed his lips together, looking uncomfortable. He wasn't quite sure why he was letting Miyagi get away with asking all these questions, why he hadn't at least changed the subject, if not actually attacked the man! Although, he thought as he went to refill his glass once more, the lightness of the bottle of sake might have something to do with it. Looking round, he caught the eye of a nearby waitress and signalled for her to bring a refill. He felt he needed the support to withstand Miyagi's barrage of questions – yet it was a vicious circle, as it was the sake in the first place that was making the elder professor bold enough to interrogate him and making his own tongue loose enough to answer.) ... this excerpt is amazingly-written, well-played and very IC.

"Now look here – first of all, my relationship with Nowaki and my family is none of your business. Second, he is wonderful, yes he is, and of course I'm not ashamed, but you know what, I'm a guy, he's a guy, which means we're both guys! I can't exactly see my parents falling over themselves to welcome him, to-to celebrate the fact that their only son is in love with another son, er, with another man! And fourth… fourth… what? – Oh yeah! Fourth, who said I'd help you? How can you lecture me about telling people, when you're running around behind everyone's backs with that brat? What's holding you back from declaring your love to the world, eh?" ... And the Academy Award for the best drunken speech goes to : Kamijou Hiroki! The Smex Tape! :'D

("So… Matsuo Basho… To be honest, I really think he's the worst example of a Japanese poet in the entire history of our country!"
Miyagi's head shot up and his eyes flashed with anger and indignation at the sacrilegious words coming out of his assistant professor's mouth. Thoughts of Shinobu fled from his head as he geared himself up to spend the next hour explaining exactly why Basho was in fact the greatest poet of all time, not only in Japan, but in the whole world!) ... Oh good heavens, this part is so funny XD

(Clutching the wall for support, he staggered further into the room. Now that he was back in his room alone, he suddenly felt lonely. The symposium had been fascinating, but three and a half weeks was feeling like a long time… He couldn't wait for the next few days to pass so that he could go home again to Shinobu. Shinobu… His mind flashed back to his earlier conversation with Hiroki, and suddenly a yearning for his lover filled him so completely that before he knew it he was reaching for his phone, bringing up the speed dial for Shinobu's number.) ... and this extract is my favourite. Many people don't understand Miyagi and his feelings for Shinobu; In the Ova though is so profoundly clear how much Miyagi loves Shinobu, how much he starves for his presence, so ... thank you for underlining this aspect of their relationship.

Last but not least, it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g to "see" again the Tape with a new prospective and the description of Miyagi ...ehmmm ... masturbating was hot as hell * perverted thoughts in 3 ... 2 ...1..*

I'm sorry, I've practically quoted the entire chapter back at you ... but I adored every bit of it

Thank you for writing
SunshineProject chapter 17 . 3/28/2013
so, so, so , so SO great.
one of the best stories, i have ever seen
GothicNinjaKitty chapter 17 . 2/26/2013
So I would have written a review for every chapter but I had no time whatsoever
Anyways, this was a fantastic story. To keep my Hyper brain to fully focus on it, I must say you are a great author.
When the dean took the tape I was all like (literally) "oh sh*t" because I knew Miyagi would find out XD
I absolutely love this story, it had humor, happiness, sadness, and all in between. It made a really wonderful and read-worthy story
Thanks for writing this XD
Kristin xx chapter 2 . 2/21/2013
" For the millionth time, he wondered if it really was worth all the trouble – having to sneak around for fear of being branded a pervert – or worse, a paedophile… The anxiety about losing his beloved job… Of all his hard work being for nothing, all respect for him shattered in the moment of revelation…But then, intruding on his morose thoughts, scattering them all away, came the vision of Shinobu's adorable face turned up to his, telling him once again how much he loved him, how it was their destiny to be together…Of course it was worth it. He wouldn't be risking so much if Shinobu wasn't worth it – if he didn't mean more to him than his job, his status, even his freedom."... The first part of this second chapter in general is marvellous, but I adored this extract in particular. What strikes me of your writing style is the glorification of a specific narrative awareness, I find you very believable and generous as both a writer of lustful intimacy and a narrator of affect and effect.

"Chuckling, Miyagi hurried off to call the lift, glad he had escaped before the Dean could rope him into a binge-drinking session. God knows what he might accidentally let slip if the man plied him with a few too many beers! Possibly something along the lines of, Oh yeah, boss, forgot to tell you – your nineteen year old son sure is a hottie! He and I have been licking each other all over for months now, and man, does he have a tight arse!" ... this part is EPIC!

And the phone sex ... well, it was really funny and hot, maybe a little OOC in my poor opinion. However, I like your hyperbolic language here because you used it with shrewdness (not for nothing, you're one of my favourite authors)

Thank you for yet another splendid chapter. BTW, I'm sorry about my sporadicity (is that a word?);I have been writing my reviews in fits and starts,I hope to be back in action soon, I miss this site so much
geraldinnewaffle chapter 1 . 2/20/2013
omgom gom gomogmomomo orgash *A*
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