Reviews for Shifting Foxes
Mernom chapter 41 . 9/14
Well, this was rather interesting. It shows that this story is one of your oldest, but it's still quite good. Only those repeating explanations, and skipped scene descriptions.
Mernom chapter 34 . 9/14
So Hinata's Proigon can vibrate? I wonder why... *hinthint*
Mernom chapter 30 . 9/14
One thing that's slightly irritating is when Naturo repeats the same explanations every time.
Mernom chapter 29 . 9/14
Naruto's Pokémon may have lost levels, but they still have their stronger moves and their EVs. So their states should be 5 or 6, maybe even 10 in case it was specialized, higher than most st the level.
Mernom chapter 28 . 9/14
Naruto should've gotten some real Pokéballs while he was at it.
Mernom chapter 22 . 9/14
Hmm, that test pegs me a bit weird. If they just went to the whirlpool village and back, it would be really easy. Not much of a test... But saving that guy? How did it even effect history? Was there even an effect on Naruto's timeline? Also, you had the plot thread with the toads ready to give Naruto the formula for the Hiraishin, did you forget?
Mernom chapter 19 . 9/14
Hmm, the content was a nice touch, but it was a little on the short side. Also, you didn't include the element of deducting points when your opponent pulls of a combo. The fights were a little hard to follow.
Mernom chapter 16 . 9/14
So the team is Naruto, Haku and Ino? You weren't clear on that one.
Mernom chapter 15 . 9/14
Do you use the manga continuity or the anime? Either way there is a Pikachu to fit the bill, but I do wonder which one is it.
Mernom chapter 12 . 9/14
For one, I find it strange that Jiraya for into trouble with his team. He seemed to show a lot of respect for his toad summons, so one would think he would treat his Pokémon the same.
Mernom chapter 11 . 9/14
So Jiraya came to warn the Hokage about the invasion, but completely forgot about it when he met Naruto?
Mernom chapter 8 . 9/13
BTW, nice naming for Kurama. I bet the real one will have a field day once he gets to talk with it...
Mernom chapter 7 . 9/13
Wait I thought that you split the teams! Why was Gaara with his siblings? Were they the only sand team in the exam?
Mernom chapter 2 . 9/13
Yeah I was a wondering if Naruto ends up having a Vulpix... But two? That cought me off guard.
Mernom chapter 1 . 9/13
Hmm, you decided to keep normal animals in the loop? Usually Pokémon fics like that go with the replacement route...
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