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WRose chapter 12 . 5/27
Kairan1979 chapter 12 . 5/5
I'm always pleased to read another story when Naruto is tutored by Gai. I believe that Naruto is a perfect disciple for Gai and his philosophy of 'geniuses of hard work'.
I'm surprised Yamanaka clan didn't warn their members against using Mind control jutsus on Naruto. Well, that kind of oversight kills people, and that's exactly what happened to Minato.
Looking forward to see what's going to happen during the invasion. I wonder if Tsunade's presence is going to change anything.
Jon chapter 12 . 8/10/2013
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't end it here! lol... Great work so far. To be honest I usually have lots to say but all I can think atm is "nooooo don't end here!" lol. Keep up the great work :)
zafnak chapter 12 . 5/28/2013
Not to be sound picky, because I'm not at all, but you're getting Ino's clan's name incorrect. I'm sure somebody has pointed this out already but it is Yamanaka.
ImagineBreaker7 chapter 12 . 5/23/2013
This story is amazing, once I started I could not stop reading it. I can't wait to read more. I wonder when Naruto will realize Tenten's feelings for him.
Big-Babidi chapter 12 . 5/5/2013
Really good story idea and well executed. A good proofread would definitely help correct small errors but that's minor. Hope to see more of this.
Lazy Twilight Sparkle chapter 12 . 4/16/2013
excellent story so far. i cant wait to see more
Kudou Shinichi chapter 5 . 3/1/2013
Madness? THIS IS YOUTH! Funniest one liner :)
Mojtaba13 chapter 10 . 2/20/2013
You need better structure in your story and make it less confusing. It feels to me like THE story is on steroids and just going places. second i cannot believe that tsunade would not pick up on kabutos lies. she is training him as an apprentice which means close contact and in canon he just didnt have THE Same close up connection to be found out. also THE fact that You have gai teachig them only taijutsu. i mean You dont even mention chakra control excercises. dont forget to be a jounin You have to much more well rounded seeing as special jounin would be more of a one trick pony that gai looks lik here. so rewrite please and update
KiyumiArashi chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
"The Green Shouty Man who summons turtles!" I love it! And the test was brilliant! Way to get that over with without being all long and drawn out, and at the same time, definitely show teamwork!
KiyumiArashi chapter 1 . 1/3/2013
Nice ideas! I could totally see Gai acting like that with Naruto and Ningame, Plus Naruto bouncing and babbling the whole way as he rode the turtle back. I also like your idea for the branch house and Neji. I really hope that this story will contain Neji development as well as Naruto development! Since we've begun with Neji already having a problem, it's got to be solved somehow! :) I shall read on!
Caellach Tiger Eye chapter 9 . 12/16/2012
BTW, certain elements of your fic remind me of two stories in particular.

1. The concept of Naruto graduating at an earlier age and ending up with Tenten and Lee as teammates is the principle behind the story "Cutting Loose" - although in that one, it happens because he and Tenten become friends a few months before graduation, and she helps him pass. In that one, their bond is the driving force of the plot (it's more meaningful than even a romance, according to the author), and there are more changes in the one-year prior to the Chunin Exams (quite a few, really).

2. Having the Finals of the Chunin Exams be a team-tourney appeared, previously, in the fic "Better Left Unsaid" (in which Mizuki didn't mouth off at Naruto the night he stole the Scroll). In that fic, the Exams were held in the Land of Iron, and a tourney similar to this was set up (albeit without an Invasion Arc - a surprising number of things are changed before the Exams even start).

Simply wanted to comment on that. If you haven't read either story, I would recommend you do so - both are exceptional reads, with great plotting and writing (as well as awesome fight-scenes).
Caellach Tiger Eye chapter 7 . 12/16/2012
Oh yeah, one more thing: I don't really care whether you use Western or Eastern naming (that is, given-name/family-name OR family-name/given-name), but for goodness sake, keep it CONSISTENT. Pick one and be done with it - we can't have Naruto sometimes introduced as "Uzumaki Naruto" and others as "Naruto Uzumaki", it doesn't fit at all. You even did this during the Team nominations scene, where Neji's male teammate was referenced given-name first, despite that all others were referenced by family-name to start with).

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to get a Beta, since they could pick up on such things better than most and help you out... Just a thought.

Caellach Tiger Eye chapter 8 . 12/15/2012
Normally I would go until the last chapter before bringing out the comments and reviewing, but... well, there's a few things to note firstly.

This story is solid. Not exceptional or exemplary by the measure, but definitely a fairly solid story overall with a decent central driving plot - Naruto graduating early and being placed on Team Gai (with Lee and Tenten).

It must be noted that if canonical flashbacks are taken into account, Naruto was actually not part of the older graduating classes on his previous attempts at the exams. Rather, there is supposedly some kind of obscure law which enables students to attempt to graduate before the full period in the Academy is up (Naruto was possibly nominated by Iruka showing his support for the blond, or perhaps by the teacher who wanted him to fail)... On the flipside, those details are so confusing and contradictory at times that I can understand the desire to simply place him in a class two years below his canon class.

It is "senbon", not "sebon", for future reference. It would be good if you could go back and edit all uses of "sebon" to be grammatically correct, but if nothing else you should try and avoid that mistake in the future. Just a comment.

Missing-nin do not ALL slash their headbands - that is actually a trademark traditionally done only by Akatsuki. "Narutopedia" (the Naruto wiki) mentions as much, and it is supported in-story, as Zabuza, Haku and others don't have slashed headbands (Sasuke's was slashed during the Valley of the End fight against Naruto, presumably as foreshadowing that he'd join Akatsuki, but yeah)...

Oh, and Kurenai leads Team EIGHT, not a 2nd Team Nine. You might wanna go back and fix that. :)

Kabuto's jonin-sensei... I had to go back to Narutopedia and check, just to make sure that you giving him a name wasn't contradicting anything established in canon. I needn't have worried - while recent chapters have confirmed that he was in fact shown in flashbacks (on a team with Anko and another unnamed genin, during the Chunin Exams arc), his name is as yet unrevealed. I appreciate that his team was mentioned as well, though, along with Neji's. Naruturally there are more established teams than mentioned, but you brought up the important ones well enough.

For the overall story so far... I have to say, again, that it is solid. While many authors will strive for an exceptionally wordy piece of writing (with massive description, sometimes overdone, and extensive use of scenes and such), you are essentially doing the opposite. It seems to work for you, though, as not everyone is a natural at prose and you DO describe the important parts (there are obviously off-screen moments we don't get to see, which is shown in the growth of the heroes rather than told, and so works well enough).

But I'm mostly interested by the ways in which you have derailed the events (or some of them, at least), from canon. For having written this much at roughly 1.5 days per chapter (if that), you've overall been able to do fairly well with both chruning out the story AND with plotting. Tsunade being brought back because they took on a different mission (presumably the city was saved in canon, but Tsunade didn't meet Naruto back then), and as a result Jiraiya doesn't catch a major leak in Akatsuki? Actually quite cunning, that. Not to mention how Naruto meets his little "minions", by giving a demonstration in class and such. But most noteworthy is how you complete wrecked the Land of Waves arc - using Gai's reputation, which is more obscure than Kakashi's (while he's strong, it's unlikely nearly as many people take Gai seriously as Kakashi), he beats Zabuza without much trouble and is uninjured. It must be said that I do kind of wish Zabuza had put up a better fight (he's not purely brute force after all, he's an assassin), and I'm a little disappointed Gai didn't pick up on the "faked death" later on (he's not stupid despite appearances)... but I do REALLY like how things got changed. Even if it was a little over-simplified, the plan to destroy Gato's forces was interesting, and I liked how anti-climactically Zabuza killed him. Indeed, it would be interesting if/when Zabuza and Haku appear later, since Gai does think the man is dead. If you play your cards right, this will make for some interesting plotlines later on (as will Kabuto having been apprenticed under Tsunade - I presume he was looking to heal Kimimaro? Hehe, oh dear...)

Kudos on not demonising most characters (showing a sympathetic side to Kurama, and having Kabuto genuinely LIKE Naruto due to both spending more time with him but also for symbolising Kabuto's goals... the guy's not gone too far YET, at least). Don't overdo it, though - pacing is always important, and certain elements need to come later on.

Best of luck with the rest of the story, and I will be now continuing where I left off.


Overall, quite good by and large
darksider82 chapter 12 . 12/14/2012
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