Reviews for Desperate Love
ltz499 chapter 61 . 5/23
I was absolutely glued to this story. You are an amazing writer!
Arileb chapter 60 . 3/18
Amazing! Couldn’t put it down. Great spin on the plot!
Arileb chapter 43 . 3/15
That was hot!
amberblue69 chapter 61 . 9/12/2021
I lost a weekend in this story. A clean house is so overrated. There were tears and laugher. Damon is again at his snarky best. I didn't want it to end.
You chapter 61 . 8/15/2021
Love your style of writing you even incorporated how Elena was selfish and full of herself. That last bit about it stinging a little bit that she wasn’t the one to make Stefan that happy was spot on.
DanielaFaltz97 chapter 61 . 6/23/2021
OMG! I can't believe it took me so long to read this fic! I always knew it was good but I didn't read it because it's 61 chapters (a little scary, tbh). This is so much better than the show! Maybe JP should've hired you to write it, you did an amazing job! No sire bond crap or the cure.
The reason why Elena couldn't drink from blood bags was great and never, in a million years, I would've imagined you would create two 900 years old Hunters who wanted to create some kind of court for the supernatural world.
I loved Stefan and Caroline's build-up and relationship, this is the first fic I've seen Stefan being sexy and hot. I loved this! I wish "In Time We Trust" was a sequel to this one but I'll read it and "Happily Ever After:Salvatore Style" too.
I really loved this fic! So much better than the show, I can't even believe it. LOL
I loved the hunter mythology, Damon's friendship with Matt, Jer and Kyle (I loved Kyle!), I loved to know a little bit of Damon's past with his father and I loved all of DE scenes, I loved the drama, the angst and the smut.
Anyway(I'm fan-girling a little bit here, sorry), great story!
NatashaRostof chapter 60 . 6/14/2021
It's the trolley problem! Poor Elena. The prose at the top of this is achingly lovely. I also appreciate that as much as Elena has stretched and developed over the course of this whole story to be more comfortable as a vampire and more like Damon, here she kind of sees the paths diverge between what she sees as that optimal vampire-girlfriend and her actual self, and goes with the latter. That's oddly comforting, as a wrap-up to this whole arc, that it's not just like "And then Elena turned into a clone of Damon, hooray?" I'm finding season 5 Elena difficult to stomach for this reason. She seems kind of unrecognizable in a hollow careless way when she's with Damon in the show, which is so disappointing given their chemistry. Anyway. This is a beautifully rooted alternative to that, in my opinion.

You know I'm dying over the foreshadowing of Elena's observation that Damon removes the fireplace ashes, and now them having this incredibly meaningful moment at the crematorium. You realize that makes this one of my favorite books ever, ever. You have to know this, I don't think I can try to express it, which is why I waited like a week to write anything about this chapter.

It's so poignant how "cleaning up" IS Damon's way of "not hiding from it." Kind of like how his and Elena's ways of mourning and remembering Ric were so different in that heartbreaking chapter with the whiskey bottle. She had thought he was unwilling to face the grief and just wanting to suppress it but his message here, "You were the one that told me if you dwell too much on the ending, you miss the story. This is the ending, don't dwell" is pretty powerful. I love, love, love how - in the whiskey bottle episode I was so sad that they couldn't understand or appreciate each other's methods of mourning, and here that's been dug through and really profoundly resolved. I adore that. You just...consistently fulfill all the emotional wishes in your writing. Which makes for such a sense of safety in reading.

Then, the line about the sky, ending somewhere beyond sight. It's gorgeous. What a hopeful version of the image, after all the ashes and eggshells. And what an image of distantly limited but bright open freedom to wrap up a dark battle over free will.

And, oh my gosh, Trogdor, I LOVE that you moved straight from there, barely blinking, into the shower cleanup scene. Like they aren't going to shy away from the mess in the war they won, now they aren't going to shy away from the mess in the love they won. What an amazing bold MEANINGFUL choice, this blows me away. Also it's a nice sidestep from the bath, which has so much meaning for them but would be...gross, to stew in the mess when they need to wash it away.

At any rate I love everything about this chapter and this whole book and trilogy, and man, I just wish I could have it bound on my shelf. And I am so so happy there's more, so I'm not going to try and be summative here. :)
NatashaRostof chapter 59 . 6/9/2021
"I erode." Chilling. Amped up by the humming. And I feel like this voice of Elena's describing the experience of the spell is an eepppiiicccc example of that thing I said I like in books, the flexible prose that shifts style to reflect what's going on emotionally. This somehow FEELS like being blissfully underwater, with the niggling passive vague impression that something terrible is happening. absolutely everything I was asking for a handful of chapters ago and more. Thank you. Dearly. I would ask you to air-mail her to me but with the heat she's packing, she'd obviously never (ever) be allowed on a plane.

I think I've said before that you do the most interesting things with bones, and MAN this doesn't disappoint. "[I want to] grind their bones under the soles of my feet so my toes can absorb the sounds," WTAF is that, that is so INTERESTING and BIZARRE and SPECIFIC but it's also like...a depraved version of a foot spa or something? She wants her toes to absorb the sounds of her enemies' bones crushing...something about wanting something so hedonistic for your TOES...? It's like...nefariously deliciously new-Caroline.

Really really interesting how awkward and unseemly Eve's body was in the boarding house, but now that it's in motion and fighting Damon can't stop admiring it. Like clearly she was made for only this, not negotiations or some kind of peaceful judge's seat.

The sudden horror of ruined incinerated William is UNBELIEVABLE. "There's a corpse on top of me, blunt human teeth gleaming with unholy glee behind the sooty scraps of his lips." WHAT IS THAT IMAGERY, GOD.

I love that Jeremy saves Elena and I LOVE how you'd set it up SO LONG AGO that he and Kyle would be immune to the curse, when at the time it just seemed like extra punishment for Damon, but has turned out to be THE MOST CRUCIAL DETAIL.

"When you feed, you heal the wounds and when you kill, you bury the bodies." Yessssssssss. It's like that line I loved so much in your "The Killer." And the ashes and eggshells and everything, and she was ambivalent before but now she's clearly chosen that she handles it like Damon.

Amazing parallelism between the last line of this and "[This is what it feels like] to be loved" from a few chapters ago.
NatashaRostof chapter 58 . 6/9/2021
Love that the calm before the storm is Elena humming Amazing Grace. I'd never thought about how...non-religiously-specific that song is. So perfectly suited for this story. ...And what a chilling moment, then, when the peace...stops.

"We pour out of the forest like it breathed us out." This is GORGEOUS, it sets this whole tone that's so supernatural and otherworldly. Also amazing how there's this backdrop of chanting and screaming shading everything and it's the timekeeper, like in the image of screams passing gradually around a circle, and in keeping track of the heightening urgency, and also in super-clearly defining and aligning the overlapping windows covered by the different POVs. So fucking genius, I cannot fathom how you're for real right now.

"The air is laden with magic and pain and veins plead at the edges of my eyes at the taste." That line...

...I can't even begin with that line, I ...can't. In the midst of EVERYTHING ELSE about it, there's something going on that's obviously not quite enjambment but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is - "magic and pain and veins / plead" I need to break into the Greek words for love-types because I keep telling you I love things here but this I wanna kick up an extra level of intensity. Didn't these characters promise a new emotional vocabulary for vampires? I need THAT.

The supernatural way Damon's eyes calibrate to Eve is so THRILLING. With how he "bids farewell to his humanity," it's like he transforms on the battlefield. You familiar with Cuchullain? (Omg I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now, I am sorry.) Ancient Irish hero who went through a "battle frenzy" or "warp spasm," this monstrous transformation on the battlefield that warped him epically from a regular large man into a bizarre creature. Anyway it's in other mythology too; I feel like Damon's participating in this kind of big ancient epic thing here. "Her mistake. I don't need air." GAH.

Oh my gosh and Caroline measuring a kind of similar shift in vision by quantity of visible excess enemy eyebrow hairs. UNBELIEVABLE. And she's pulling grenade pins with her fangs, HELP.
NatashaRostof chapter 57 . 6/9/2021
I really appreciate the twist of the series, at this stage it's more or less all of them fighting each other for the chance to be human again; whereas here it's all of them working together to avoid being reduced to human again. In the show there's kind of a subtle "so you just HAVE to accept who you are" moral when nobody who wants it gets it, but here it's so active and decisive and unifying and empowering that they're fighting to keep the identities that are theirs.

But then, Elena refusing to drink with everyone because she hates that they're going to kill people over it is maybe reminiscent of her struggle with the bourbon and whatnot at the beginning? Interesting that back then they said drinking makes vampirism feel easier, and here she's precisely not wanting what they're doing to feel easier.

I know I've harped on this already but I would die for your Caroline. Which makes NO sense because I cannot *stand* cheerleader-types. Even now in my 30s if I sense some vibe that suggests lingering cheerleader-type to me in other women I legit just can't with them, it makes my skin crawl. (I might not be a nice person.) BUT THIS CAROLINE. Errrrgh I might marry her. Also: this outfit seriously *seriously* needs some fan art. ...

It is fantastic how present Ric is. And just the camaraderie and vitality and wit and affection flying around, you really really NAIL the ensemble friend group energy every time, in every fandom/book.
Last few lines: already planning how to handle the eggshells I LOVE IT.
NatashaRostof chapter 56 . 6/8/2021
I love the messy gray area Elena's mindset inhabits here, and the fact that it's out of humility that she decides to at least not go full-on with the hunters' plan because she can't sit on the court. The concept that the only people who should be priests are people who would never allow themselves to be made priests is...important. There's a whole hagiographical trope in early Christian literature where people would literally KIDNAP holy men, tie them up and ordain them priests against their will. This has always made an enormous amount of sense to me.

Lol Damon's WWVJD: "turn the other cheek...idiot" is exactly what he actually does when it comes down to it if any of his friends are at stake. Also nice foreshadowing for him not being the one to personally kill either of these jerks, AND for him letting the survivors from Klaus's ranks live...but I'm ahead of myself here.

YES Kyle sounds SO MUCH like Brooklyn's mom! Only, I love him.

What a phenomenally fascinating, weighty chapter.
NatashaRostof chapter 55 . 6/8/2021
Okay so this is actually where I lost my mind the other night, because - the SETUP for this. The fight with Kyle that showed how evenly-matched a hunter could be to Damon. Damon, who is basically Vampire Jesus and who cares SO MUCH about free will, like, quasi-crucified on the wall for the sake of Elena's. (And holy crap the description of that experience for him!) The foreshadowing of "You could have stopped him easily with no bloodshed and you chose not to."

Kyle sticking up for Damon. MATT sticking up for Damon. The butter knife line. The fact that Damon thinks about forcing him to his knees and doesn't. Damon's last few thoughts and lines at the all just SEETHES with anticipation. Like so much has built up to this peak and it's not even done yet. Kevlar Angel had the exact same sensation, like - the intensity keeps building and building way beyond what seems possible...
NatashaRostof chapter 54 . 6/8/2021
I might be going off the deep end but is...Is their last name Auvray as vrai to the truth? Maybe as in, aimed at the Source/Cure and/or moral truth?

Also, is there supposed to be any Eve/Marian name pair significance? I'm kind of guessing not specifically this but I have a hard time not going there - Mary being the "second Eve," or at least an Old Testament vs. New Testament thing...? I mean I'm pretty sure you've gotta be juxtaposing OT Eve - letter of the law and judgement - with Vampire Jesus - do what you believe is right and don't take yourself too seriously? Especially with the burning bush reference in the first line here, and then Eve answering the brothers' question/assuring them of their free will/effectively releasing them from the anxiety about their free will from the guardian spell thing. Seems loosely but distinctly Garden of Eden.

I super like this assessment of Caroline, even if it comes from these jerks: "such a perfect balance of the ferocity and restraint embodied by a vampire who has truly adjusted to living in both worlds" yessssssss.

BRILLIANT alternative explanation for Elena's not being able to drink from blood bags, without the sire bond!
NatashaRostof chapter 53 . 6/8/2021
You really should have an Etsy store. Bobblehead Vampire Jesus: it seems IMPOSSIBLE that this thing wouldn't exist, once conceptualized. It's actually like...the most bizarrely reverent irreverent thing, as a reminder to "be your best self."

I think I've said this before but I'm addicted to how Kyle concedes stuff in the most comfortable congenial badass way. How he does his thing even though it pisses people off and then diffuses it by being like "Yeah, yep." (Or in this case, "I just brought incredibly dangerous murderous beings to your house.") "Concedes" isn't even the right word, because it fits right in with his whole 'best version of myself for myself' ethos, like - he doesn't apologize or make excuses or defend himself or qualify things or whatever, he just owns it and nobody knows quite what to do with him for it, and it's so thoroughly him it's even his speech patterns. How do you do this, and also have I harped yet today on your insane genius?

All that being said, "He winds down?" is my favorite Kylism yet. He is the most fun. Could you write a whole OF book featuring Kyle please?
NatashaRostof chapter 52 . 6/8/2021
Agh I love all the little moments that indicate how Stefan's genuinely moved on to Caroline. And - "Clicking for the full-length article" "Still clicking," lol. I didn't really get what was SO over-the-top annoying about Tiffany till "I love a man who isn't afraid to shop," OMG just stake her already. This is...a weird compliment but I think this is maybe the chapter in this whole trilogy I've been least excited about, and EVEN IT has HILARIOUS banter, an excellent plot twist, and a super vivid entertaining OC. What kind of ridiculous high bar is that?!
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