Reviews for The Steel Wolf Chronicles
117Jorn chapter 3 . 9/24/2014
LOVE IT! Though what machines will Alan and Ayami pilot? Captured Zeon MS or Gundam's like rebuilt RX-78-1's? Or are they going too be core fighter pilots, and occationslly pilot the Guntank and Guncannon?

Also, Stormwolf, I'd very much like too talk too you - It's kinda important.
Lily Nadesico chapter 3 . 9/9/2014
Wow, nice chapter, I really liked it! I can see that things are going to get really hectic very soon, and both Alan and Ayami are going to be an asset to the White Base crew. Very good chapter, and I hope to read more soon!
Wolf's Honour chapter 2 . 1/28/2014
By the way, in case I didn't mention it I don't consider Alan Barqs a Zeon, but a Spacenoid. I also want you to know that I support his condemning of the attacks on Sides 1, 2, and 4 because I condemn them too, but I do not support desertion or the reasons behind him joining the Zeon Military only to desert it.

I saw in the reviews how someone said 'a Zeon who recognizes the atrocities his side made' and to point it out, many Zeon officials and soldiers recognized the atrocities that they and their nation had committed in the name of independence but fought on anyways to protect their people and one day kill the ruling regime and establish Char or Casval as the new leader of Zeon.
Wolf's Honour chapter 1 . 1/28/2014
I don't like this. It goes completely against the lore of the founding of the Principality as it was stated in the manga, the Plot to Kill Gihren Zabi, that the founders of the Zeonic Heavy Industry giant was the Fieseler Family, or rather Hoth Fieseler, a member of the Original 11 who pushed for the creation of independent space colonies from the Earth Federation and a founder of Zeon.

Further more, the PoZ was a military aristocracy founded to be a base for the future independence of other Sides from the Federation. Even foreign spacenoids immigrated to Zeon to leave the life of the Federation to live in an independent nation of colonies. They also had female pilots and soldiers in the military, hell they held high positions in the military and government so thinking they'd just hate on Ayami just because she was a woman and to 'off her' for that reason is a very long stretch, especially if her family is the apparent owners of Zeonic and members of the aristocracy, as well as a horrioble plot device for them to get together out of nowhere.

I could understand if Alan had problems after the gassing of Side 2 and the nuclear attacks, as well as dropping a colony during Operation British, but having the other girl, a known aristocrat and practically heir to the CEO of Zeonic and a born citizen of Zeon, would suddenly desert after her 'man' ups and tells her that he plans to leave the military. There is no real reason for it.

Its because of these reasons I'm not going to read this. Hopefully this review makes you see how ridiculous this start is and how much of a need of researching your material is needed. Not many loved Gihren Zabi, I'll admit that. In fact, I have no reason to believe the Steel Wolf would have loyalty to the Zabi Family for the only ones worth serving, like Garma and Dozle, get killed and Char Aznable, the only worth fighting for, is focused on getting his vengeance on the Zabi's for the murder of Zeon Zum Deikun. Many fought for Zeon because it was their home and they believed in independence for all spacenoids, not because of the Zabi Family.

And I know it seems I'm pro-Zeon, which in a larger scale I kind of am, but I do not support the ways which they conducted themselves during the One Week Battle, although I do understand the reasoning behind it. I'd have loved to see this man serve under Char Aznable or Johnny Ridden and work for the re-establishment of Char to be the leader of Zeon, not this 'Zeon is bad so we deserted' and live in Side 7 which is controlled by Federation.

I loved your work on the CE Timeline, and even then I held my reservations with the whole 'I'm Never Wrong' Hypocritical Lacus romance and how ORB is everything and screw ZAFT and PLANT because of Zala and the EA sucks because of Blue Cosmos, but this is something I won't read.

Sieg Zeon,
Wolf's Honour
Deathzealot chapter 1 . 2/13/2013
Nice another great story from Storm Wolf!

You are pulling a fanon SEED move in UC, and that is pretty damn awesome. Basically you are throwing two enemy aces at the beginning of the story of the heroes, and I wonder how they will fit in on the White Base. Also please make this the Movie Amuro instead of the series Amuro because I hated, hated the series Amuro. Gah!

Anyways please, please get the next chapter out pretty soon. This looks to be an interesting story.
JC chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
Great,start We finally have a Zeon that reacognize all the Atrocities his side maded.
Zeon lost all Jusified reasons when they attack Sides 1,2,4 and drop a Colony,I hope two more Guncannons survive the attack Side 7 and your characters get them.
Gaby chapter 1 . 12/24/2012
This is Great,What are the Mobile suits your characters will get?
I always wanted to see more Gundam and GunCannon,s prototypes survive the Battle of side 7.
But if you wanted to use custom Mobile suit it,s OK.
EmperorDraco7 chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
Interesting start so far, I really like how this story is about to go so I hope to see the real action soon.
Takeshi Yamato chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
This looks like it has potential.

I look forward to seeing what changes your two OCs make to this story. :)

I hope the next chapter comes soon. :)

Later! :D

Takeshi Yamato
Azure Knight of the Raging Tempest

PS: When's the next chapter of "Tale of the Twin Wolves" coming?