Reviews for MY Little Girl
ilookhotinblack chapter 26 . 11/23
It's so good I can't wait to read next
Skywroe chapter 26 . 11/13
That was brilliant! I kind of don't want her to go to Hogwarts, I know that's where she's suppose to go back to but the thought of her being trained by Loki and going to Asgard to learn also, had a certain appeal to it.
Sailor Tala chapter 26 . 11/11
cant wait for the sequel please write it soon.
Guest chapter 26 . 11/8
Rainbow-FanGirl-Ing chapter 22 . 11/3
Right now I'm soooooooooo glad i hadn't discovered this story earlier, before it was completed, otherwise i probably would've died.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/27
Are you going to have a nice Tom Riddle or is he still going to be the bad guy along with Dumbledor?
butterflycheek0704 chapter 26 . 10/14
Loved this story! Can't wait to see what will happens next.
Crimsonheart chapter 26 . 10/11
Best story ever. I really can't wait for the sequel to came up!
ElysiumPhoenix chapter 26 . 10/8
I'm completely in love with this story!
edf-k chapter 26 . 10/6
Awesome story, I loved the relationship between Tony and Addy. Very heartwarming. I also like that you had Kingsley and Snape helping to hide her. I can't wait until Addy goes to school after being trained by Loki for years...
dfcole chapter 26 . 9/28
Awesome job! I can't wait for the sequel!
Ray chapter 8 . 9/23
I think this story is great.

Well done and I am only on chapter 8.

Best Regards
Bronze chapter 7 . 9/13
Well, they're out of England but Dumb-Dumb will still be after them as soon as he realizes Adrian has escaped his prison for her. The man just can not be trusted!
Bronze chapter 6 . 9/13
I think Tony Stark, The Invincilbe Iron Man, is a chicken when it comes to Pepper! You're doing a great job with this story Brenda. I was, at first going to call you out about your grammar from Adrian's POV but realized she's only a five year old! How can I expect a five year old to talk like an adult? I think my brain stopped working right for a chapter or two. Here's a suggestion. Instead of sending Albie a Howler, send him a very powerful letter bomb instead. Maybe loosing a hand would give him some insight into just what he's put Adrian through in her short life. Of course if it kills him instead of just maiming, no great loss.
Bronze chapter 5 . 9/13
Brenda, are we even talking about the same old man?! Reread those books and open your eyes girl! For even in cannon DUMBLEDORE DID NOTHING TO HELP HARRY! And DO NOT forget it was Dumbledore who created and then did nothing to stop Tom Riddle from becoming the terrorist he is! He knew Tom was being abused in that orphanage. Just like he knew Harry was being abused by his relatives. Yet every year he sent them back to be further abused. So, no, absolutely do not send Adrian to Hogwash mental hospital!
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