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Guitarguy420 chapter 11 . 3/10
It's a Trap! Naruto, those are not the fires of Amaterasu, their Flame God Slayer flames!
Squarekiddo chapter 5 . 10/21/2015
I adore the Siblings thing you got going on, but what you did this chapter was plain stupid, I understand you have made Naruto alot weaker for some reason, by taking away is physical prowess, and kyuubi, but you are ignoring other things so blatantly, honestly, you seriously think Naruto, an at least double S-rank shinobi is stupid?

Dont get me wrong here we all know Naruto is a goofball, but he is a far fucking reach from stupid, im sorry but he should have been able to win against Gildarts rather easily, simple hidden Clone with a kunai to hes neck while he made hes first head on charge.

It honestly bothers me how you make hi so stupid in battle, the dude was in a fucking Shinobi war, and you have him charging head first like a fucking Natsu wannabe, hes a SHINOBI, a man at Naruto level should even have clones hidden around him at all times for simple substitution just in case, but noooo, make him stupid, seriously that battle with *Gildarts was pathetic, utterly pathetic.

And a shinobi in earthland infiltrating like this? again with the stupid act, send a simple shadow clone, go in, learn, dispel.
im not being ignorant here when I say that it would be childs play for Naruto, the dude escapes ANBU and age 10...

Im gonna be totally honest here, it seems like you WANTED a 13 year old Naruto in this story, but you didnt make a 13 year old Naruto, you made a 22 year old Naruto that looks 13, you cant simply ignore what hes done after he was 13 just cause he looks 13 now, even then he would have easily infiltrated Raven tail, due stole the most important scroll in hes village before that.

Shape up dude.
ARSLOTHES chapter 11 . 10/19/2015
Looking forward to the next chapter whenever you decide to update again
GenesisHWinter chapter 7 . 6/22/2015
Great chapter! Couldn't help but laugh at the end of the Gildarts and Naruto fight though, seems like something Gildarts would do. Btw about the Gildarts being capable of destroying Konoha? I think he probably could, although he'd probably do it by accident.
K chapter 11 . 5/29/2015
Please update! This story is awesome
jbadillodavila chapter 2 . 4/9/2015
Me gusta hjc
darkworkangel chapter 1 . 3/12/2015
do you plan to finish this it's a great story
Guest chapter 11 . 3/7/2015
the story is so intense! Please follow up (: is the one who use Amateratsu sasuke? Cause you did not mention which of the seventh Kin it was.. INTENSE!
naruto08738 chapter 11 . 12/30/2014
it is my favorite story . I am begging you please update it at least once in a month .
Guest chapter 11 . 10/20/2014
If you havent died since augest please update your story
PugTheMagician chapter 11 . 10/5/2014
I really like how you set this fic up. For one thing you actually used a semi-realistic method of transporting naruto to earthland, rather than something involving gods or some other thing. I like how you showed how the magic of the land affected kyuubi to the point that using his power can actually cut off large chunks of naruto's life, especially in the case of narutos eye. I thought the mismatched eye colours to signify erza and naruto as siblings was a very nice touch. I like how you emphasised the fact that naruto is a shinobi and NOT a mage, even if he seems annoyed kyuubi has it as well as imense chakra already. It was interesting that you had naruto promise to work on releasing kyuubi without killing himself, i am interested to see how that will go considering magic is in the mix now. My advice, if you can't find a way to do it with seals you could get that girl from the filler arc before the grand majic games,the one with the wand looking like a hand, to seperate them like she did mirajane and satan soul. Anyway,i liked how you had naruto come back to the R-system tower and, he thinks, destroy it. I like that through that experience kyuubi pointed out he was becoming arrogant qnd forgetting the limitations of his new body considering kyuubi can't help anymore. I liked the initial meeting between him and ultear, especially his calling her a pervert because of the crystal ball. That was a good way to set up there friendship in the future. I liked the point of having guild marks linked to magic powers of the marked. I wonder, considering it was kyuubis magic that made naruto able to recieve the mark, does he also have a mark? I like how you had naruto join up with erza on her missions and even train her in using chakra. The way you had naruto use doton to create a bridge was pretty good. I like how you showed that jutsu were more versatile than mages magic, i have been wondering for a while now why mages don't take up multiple magics but i guess %10 thing must make people only specialise in one magic or something. I like how you had gildarts test naruto on his abilities before agreeing to let makarov send him off to infiltrate ravens tail. I wonder, does anyone other than erza know that he was actually a full grown man in a childs body? I was surprised how you went to have naruto end up prefering the sneaky infiltration jobs to the blow everything up ones by showing how his childhood essentially bread him for them. I like how you have ultear as a schemer, she definately seemed like (before tenrou island) the kind of calculating person to always be trying to twist everything to her benefit. I like how you have shown this in her growing relationship with naruto. I will admit i am worried how that will go down in the future seeing as how her plans are essentially to rawaken this worlds version of kaguya. I just worry how this will go down if they have a romantic relationship at the time because she is one of the few naruto truelly opens up with and she herself has starte to show some genuine feelings for him grow. Maybe my worries will be confirmed or denied in the future if you return, i'll just have to wait and see. I like how the S class test for naruto went, especially how you had naruto overcome his positively zoro-like sense of direction by placing hiraishin formula on all the contestants. I love how you had gildarts and naruto get carried away with there fight, especially when naruto activated his sage mode. I loved th horror stricken face naruto had when he found out gildarts had STILL been holding back quite a bit even after he went sage mode. I agree with kyuubi on that he is the best possible opponent for a jutsu spammer like naruto to learn to fight against. I also like how you showed the similarities between gildarts and deva path pein, i never thought of it before. I really like how you had naruto and laxus become friends, or at least on ammicable terms, and i thought your slavetrader mission was set out extremely well. I especially liked how you showed where naruto got his nickname from with the collaboration jutsu creating a mini-hurricane.i do wonder though, if erza has small chakra reserves and has only ever been given kyuubi chakra once, why does she know such a phenomenally powerfull suiton jutsu? I like how the S-class exam for erza went as well. I admit i would have DEFINATELY sided with kyuubi on this one in not wanting to do what naruto did to erza in making her feel she will never get stronger because of her own nii-san. I also like how through it you reminded us that kyuubi could do magic, though i am curious as to what kind it will be considering everyone seems to specialise in only one naturally. My guess is something like miras satan soul considering he can only use it when in possesion of narutos body and, well, he IS a demon. I like how you introduced wendy earlier to the story and how well she got along with naruto and natsu. I wonder, if naruto showed both of them some katon and futon jutsu would they be able to replicate to an extent the abilities with their dragon slayers magic? I mean with natsu it would just end up being different ways to breath fire but with wendy she could learn ways to make her dragon claws sharper, have AOE style attacks and other things, if of course she wasn't so hinata like towards confrontation. I like how you had ultear send the carbuncle mages after naruto to test his power. I was pleasantly surprised how good chase was with his shadow magic, especially the obito like kamui abilities of his shadow. I do wonder though, why doesn't she just spy on him next time he spars with gildarts? Considering how far he pushed naruto both times youd think that woukd be the best and easiest way of seeing just how powerfull naruto really is and how, if she even can, to overpower him to make him help her, though if she were to just use half truths and not tell exactly what she wants i'm pretty sure he would help her of his own volition as long as it didn't hurt erza. I like how things went with jelall and how it lead naruto to wonder about the fates of the R-system towers. I am curious about sasuke. He seems to be alive and well if he has been recruited by grimoire heart, but i honestly thought he had disintegrated. I mean, the damage naruto went through was so extensive kyubi only had enough to work with to recreate him in his small boy form and sasuke doesn't exactly have any giant chakra beasts to do the same for him. I am also curious why sasuke is fighting naruto considering he should recognise him from his anbu mask. I hope i find out more in the future if you ever return to this fic
hanna.leigh.weakley chapter 3 . 6/18/2014
Watch your tenses in this chapter. You kept switching.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/2/2014
This is why I hate reading stories like this, they're always abandoned. It's a shame; I really enjoyed it though.
naruto-phenex chapter 11 . 5/30/2014
muito bom
silverhawk88 chapter 5 . 5/18/2014
I am really enjoying this story so far. Don't worry about me harping on you about the charaters being OOC, it takes a good artist to know what to add and what to add twists, too. Keep it up and I hope you update soon.
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