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persevera chapter 4 . 7/9/2013
I'm doing this review with the previous chapter for a comparison, as there seems to be more in this one with Clove than with Glimmer.
[The soft fabric tears so easily; it is not meant for real life.]- I did like this line. The stylists except for Cinna seemed to regard the tributes as canvases for their creations, rather than people, so a dress not meant for real life is to be expected.
The mentors are a little bit the same. I'm sure they care more about the tributes, but there still seems to be this tendency to make them what they were and in District 2 with so many champions so so many wonder Clove was confused.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 47 . 7/9/2013
The name Stock is interesting. It's an odd one. I do like the name Jersey. That's really neat. I like that the second year is the hardest. That's kind of the way of life. The first is tough, but not like the second. I love the fact you say the third is worse than that. It's horrible that every year gets worse, but it explains why there's drinking and drugs in the games. I love that Jersey knew it but didn't say anything. That's an awesome way to end this one off.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 46 . 7/9/2013
I love that Tallow has such a strong personality. That little bit is fantastic. I love that he wobbles but still holds out. It's interesting to see him going out on stage despite all this. It's like a big middle finger to the Capitol. It's awesome that he's showing them he's still strong. I love how it ends with "my father made it". That's really nice.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 45 . 7/9/2013
Seeder is a different name. I didn't expect that. I love that Rue is mentioned. Rue is one of my favorites. The fact they're talking about the fact she won't get sponsors just because she's quick is a bit depressing. It's a business deal plain and simple but really sad all the same. These aren't things, they're people they're discussing. I like that you bring that through in this. I'm not sure what Thresh knows. I wasn't sure. Are they putting all their bets on him?
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 44 . 7/9/2013
I like the name Lilla. It's different. The little bit of melancholy placed in this because of the children not coming back was nice. I like that she's alone and dials the kitchen. It's a nice little thing that in the silence there's food. The fact it's chocolate tarts with strawberries is AWESOME. It's sad that she's crying for her tributes. It's a sad way to end this off.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 43 . 7/9/2013
This is a bit more on Tabitha? That's exciting. I like the illusion to the fact she's doing things for her job. That's really a nice, clever way of doing things. I also like the subtle hint of her low neckline. The dark circles mention on her eyes was also really nice. It's not often you get to see Capitol less put together than normal. It's sad that she has to do whatever she can in order to get her tributes sponsorship.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 42 . 7/9/2013
Is Sella one of yours? I don't remember her in the series. I'm wondering why she's laughing though. What did the pair of people do or how do they look that makes her interested. Oh, they're putting paint on themselves? That's really cute. I love that Tabitha tells her not to worry because she's going to be her mentor. That's really comforting.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 41 . 7/9/2013
Another escort! I'm interested in why Stanton is after that girl in particular. I would have liked a bit more detail on that. Is that one of the ones he was hired to be with? Or is he telling the boy that he needs to go with the girl. I wasn't quite clear on that entire thing.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 40 . 7/9/2013
I'm not a fan of the brother/sister thing. I know that it's probably close to canon, but that's not something I even like to gloss over. It's disturbing. It's realistic in their world, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It makes this chapter less than appealing and one of my least favorites.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 39 . 7/9/2013
Oh... This doesn't sound as good. I love the fact that someone came before Finnick in thoughts of beauty. That's really nice. I love the fact that Gloss loses his standing in society. I think it's interesting the way you touch on what the victors have to offer. I also like that Finnick is still the crown of this. It's neat that you kept in line with canon in that aspect.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 38 . 7/9/2013
The escorts in this always bring about a different view. It's interesting to see how they react and what they have to do through. I love that Sable has different clothes for every occasion. That's a nice little feature. I love that his suit matches him. With the gold and accents of blue was really nice. I loved that description.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 37 . 7/9/2013
The start with wheat, barley and rye was really nice. I'm glad that you give each district or tribute that homey feeling. It's really nice. The scent of husks was a lovely thing. I love how Durum looks at his partner so suddenly. I'm a bit confused as to what they're counting down for, but I think it's a bit of rebellion. That's really nice.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 36 . 7/9/2013
Aww, this has Annie in it! I love how it shows Annie in a more stable mind that she can carry a tray. The fact she stays with Mags is so adorable. I love it. The fact she wears one of his old shirts is also sweet. Aww, I had to read the prompt in order to understand everything. That was really sad. Poor Mags!
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 35 . 7/9/2013
That's a nice way to start out with a crossword. It's so common for people to chew on their pens. I really like that her teeth left marks on it. That's awesome. In some ways I wish that the dialog would be quoted instead of italic. It makes me think it's a thought instead of spoken. The fact Cherry calls them all sunshine is interesting. I'd give her a disbelieving stare at that.
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 34 . 7/9/2013
I love how you touch on the addiction! That is awesome. The fact that he leads her into addiction is even better. He's already there and he just helps her to bring her out of the pain. There's not really a lot about the addiction, but it's just enough to show how it really starts. That's really awesome. I love it.
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