Reviews for To Yield and Surrender
Timmy's Journey chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
Tommy Said "Look Chuckie! It's Reptar VS The Giant Monster Aliens" Chuckie Said "Wow, Tommy! Reptar's So Cool In That Movie!" After The Announcer Said "Now Playing for a Limited Time Only" Another Announcer Said "Now You Can Get a Free Admission Movie Ticket To See Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY THE MOVIE! Send In 3 Proofs Of Purchase From Specially Marked Boxes of Cap'n Crunch Cereal" Angelica Said "Why Did Quaker Promote That Fake Movie! Drew Said "Because It's The Way Promotion Goes!" as The Day Rolls On, Tommy Wanted To See Reptar VS The Giant Monster Aliens! But Stu Tells Him He's Seeing Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY THE MOVIE! When They Got To The Westside Octoplex To See Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY THE MOVIE On The Big Screen When They Got Movie Tickets, & They're Happy Except Angelica, Because She Wanted To Watch Reptar VS The Giant Monster Aliens! But Charlotte Said "No, Angelica Pickles! You're Gonna See Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY THE MOVIE" Tommy Said "Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie, Kimi, & Dil, Here's a Very Special Movie I Want To See" Chuckie & Others Said " What?" Tommy Said "Reptar VS The Giant Monster Aliens" Phil & Others Said "That Was an Awesome Reptar Movie" Tommy "Reptar, The Big Dinosaur Knocking Down Evil Giant Monster Aliens" Lou Said " I Told You We Should've Gone Bowling" Stu Said "Shhhh! It's Starting!" & As Everyone Remaining Quiet! On The Screen There's a CGI Styled Timmy Brisby's Head Saying "Oh, Hi Everybody, my name Is Timmy, Timothy Brisby, I Have Been Taking everyone To My Adventures In The Second Secret Of Nimh Movie! & Now I Will Save The Beautiful Princess Who Was Kidnapped By An Evil Villain Who is Darker Than Any Other Villain In Nimh, You See, The Princess is a human, We've Been Through Amazing Adventures Together, Some of The Humans & Monsters There are Really Strange, You See, My Mother Said I Had Pneumonia for a least a while, The Princess' Kingdom Is Far Away, But It's Closer Than You Think, One Thing To Sure Though, Trouble is Trouble! No Matter Where You are," & The Title is Called "Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY THE MOVIE" Lou Said "Timmy Brisby is So Despicable" Didi Tells Him To Be Quiet! & On The Screen There's a Kingdom In Thorn Valley! a Lovely Princess in a Yellow Tiara With Sapphire Jewels, Yellow Necklace, Blue Gown & Blue Shoes Name Dandelion Writing Her Name In The Paper! She Said "Come In Queen Melody, You Don't Have To Knock! Have You Told People about My Wishes?" Queen Melody Said "I Hope That I'm Not Disturbing You!" Dandelion Said "I Always Have Time For You, I'm Sure It's very Important!" Until a Panicked Mill Maiden Name Alice Said "I Saw All The Evil Signs, In The Guards & The Stars Oh No" Queen Melody Said " Alice How Dare You Burst Out Like a Crazy Lunatic! Where is Your Training?" Dandelion Said " Nonsense Melody, Let Her Speak! Alice Calm Down, now Tell What You See In The Card! Alice Said "Evil Shadows On a Unknown Country You Cannot Denied That, It's Him, The Villain is Very Dark, It's The Lord, The Evil Black Lord, He's Got Through The Other World With The Whole Army, They're Almost Here" The Black Lord Said " Take The Princess" The Army of Evil Black Robots & Black Ghosts are Obeying The Black Lord's Rule! Melody Said "There's No Way That Despicable Villain Heading Towards You Princess Dandelion!" Princess Dandelion Said "But Who Will Save Our Kingdom Now?" The Black Lord's Army of Black Robots & Black Ghosts are Heading Towards The Kingdom! Alice Said " I'm So Sorry about What's Happening To You Dandelion But Most Of Our Kingdom's Rumors Told Everyone Including You Should Flee from The Black Lord's Army" Queen Melody Said " I Should Suggest You Use The Secret Railway & Then To The Machine, You Know What Will Happen If the Evil Black Lord Finds You!" Dandelion Said "I Must Go To That Type of The Place! & Get Somebody To Rescue Me!" as Princess Dandelion & Alice Goes Down The Stairs To The Underground! Dandelion Said " Oh No, They're Here are Already!" as The Evil Black Ghosts are Passing By! Dandelion & Alice Choose The Other Way! But They're Shocked When There are Evil Black Robots Heading Towards The Door, Dandelion Running away from the door until Black Ghosts & Black Robots Broke The Door! They Said "Princess, Princess, Princess, Princess," They Run To The Machine! Dandelion Said "Lights On! I Hope Somebody Can Save Me With a Machine Still Works, It's So Old!" She Begin To Press Any Button Until someone in the Machine Said "Complete Sequence" Princess Dandelion Said " Oh No! What Was The Sequence, Come On, Come On, There's Still Time" Until The Lights Went Out & They're Passing Black Ghosts & Black Robots Heading Towards Dandelion & Alice! Dandelion said " They Got Us Alice" Dandelion Panicked! She Begins To Run from Them But The Black Ghosts & Black Robots Grabbed Her Too Tightly, The Black Lord Said " Take Princess Dandelion away To a faraway Dungeon Cell Where She'll Never Escape!" Princess Dandelion Said "Help Me, Please Save Me! Let Me Go, Unclaw Me!" Princess Dandelion Was Imprisoned By The Evil Black Lord! She Shed a Tear That Transforms Into a Golden Fairy! Tommy Said "Uh Guys, The Princess Was Kidnapped By The Evil Black Lord" Chuckie Said " I'm Scared" & The Tear Was Send To The Other Part Of Thorn Valley Where Timmy Brisby is Sleeping By The Tree! The Golden Tear showed Timmy The Holographic Picture Of Princess Dandelion Crying in a Prison Cell Said " Save Me, Please" Timmy Following The Tear All The Way Throughout Thorn Valley! Jenny McBride Joined Him as they Going On a Very Long Journey! Dil Said "Timmy Jenny Save Princess" Didi Said " That's Right Dil" 80 Minutes Later, Timmy & Jenny is In The Black Lord's Dark Tower, Where The Imprisoned Princess Dandelion was Crying For Timmy Brisby & Jenny McBride's Help! Timmy Brisby & Jenny McBride said " Hang On Princess, We're Coming!" Angelica Thrown a Tantrum Throughout The Full Movie Because It Did Not Have Cynthia in it! When Timmy Brisby & Jenny McBride Defeated The Evil Black Lord in the Tower, Timmy Said "Let's Tiptoed Downstairs into the darkness," They Begin Tiptoeing Throughout The Darkness! Timmy Was Holding The Key! Until They Got To The Deepest, Darkest, Dungeon! Timmy Said " Jenny Make Sure That a Cell That Has Princess Dandelion in it! I'll Unlock The Door With The Key!" Lou Said "Timmy Was Commanding Jenny McBride To Do That" Didi Said " Lou be Quiet" Timmy Unlocks The Door With The Key, Dandelion Begin To Cheer For Timmy & Jenny as They Saved Her! They Runaway from the Dungeon & Went Back To The Kingdom Where Dandelion Belongs! & When The Movie is Over! Charlotte Said "Angelica Pickles, I am So Angry & Disappointed About Your Behavior Out In Public! You're Grounded When We Get Home, 1 full day in your room, 1 full week in The House!" Angelica Throwing a Hissy Fit! Tommy Said " it Was Great, But We Could Likely To See Reptar VS The Giant Monster Aliens Next Time!" Kimi Said "That's Great Tommy," Stu Said " Everyone Except Angelica are Going Anywhere for a week!" Betty & Howard Said "Yay, That's What We Get For Being Quiet Throughout Timmy Brisby: Adventures In THORN VALLEY the Movie!" The End
SensuallyPassionate chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
That was just absolutely adorable :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
...:3 I love it. Very first Angelica/Chuckie fic and I absolutely love it!
loonytunecrazy chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Aw cute and adorbale work
matt chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Very nice...please extend the story!
Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
Keep up the good work.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
Heh, this was just so cool.

Keep teh good writing.
belle6900 chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
this was so cute and hilarious i luv it yay!