Reviews for Iota
controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/30/2013
YES YES YES THE SIRIUSREMUS I AGREE PERFECTION it when you throw some of that perfection in your fics omg. Other than that, I love everything else about this too. I love how explain his obsession with Lily and OH MY GOD the way you described him giving Rab a good ogle! And omg the way Rab reacts! Dying over here. And argh when James wraps his scarf around him! Cute! Cute! Cute alert omg! Great great great love this omg. :D
BlueEyes444 chapter 1 . 12/6/2012
I'm a huge Jily fan but man...I think I ship these two now. :D You're right about too many ships. ;)
Anyway, simply fantastic as usual. :D
Morghen chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Can I first start out with how completely happy I was when you said you were going to write this? I love this pairing soooo much (as you know) and you writing them makes me love them even more if that's possible at all XD

AND WHEN I THOUGHT I COULDN'T LOVE THIS ANY MORE (because I knew I would love it a lot before I even clicked on it) I SAW IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE SECOND PERSON! Afngraeigngvnbjsrgjsierpjgi *dies from happiness overload* The only way this fic could get any better would be if it could do my Chem homework for me :P Or had an explicit sex scene...either one ;P

YAY for Remmius! I like how accepting James was of his two best mates being together because I'm sure it was prob shocking for him at first. I also like how he's worried about what Sirius would think of him being with Rabastan, but knows Sirius couldn't say much.

I love how you explain his canon infatuation with Lily because it's not something you can really just ignore when writing James/anyone-except-Lily, I think. Rab/James is hawter than JamesLily, anyway. TOnks who? LILY WHO? I dunno ;P

"at last doesn't know what to do with you now that you've devoted a full two hours to him"


"Maybe he's not that innocent when you beckon him to intrude on you in the locker-room after a match,"

NAUGHTY NAUGHTY! I really like that whole paragraph, though, because I can't picture James wanting to be with, let alone be near, someone who was bad from the start. He's such a Gryffindor that I just can't picture him with someone who is bad. I mean, I know Rab turns bad (and I like how James still knows there's a possibility of it), but you still showed that Rab is different from his brother and that's how I picture him, too. I think, like Regulus, he succumbed to the pressure from his family to become a DE.

OMM, WHEN YOU DESCRIBE RAB AS JAMES CHECKS HIM OUT! *DEAD* Merlin, JAMES WHO CARES IF RAB HATES YOU FOR GROPING HIM IN PUBLIC, DO IT! XD Ah, the perfect mention of those yummy collarbones! I think the only difference with how I picture Rab is that I picture him as a redhead and I know we've had this discussion before :P

"even if no one would dare to near the Whomping Willow just to see what exactly the super-heterosexual James Thaddeus Potter is doing with the likes of the younger Lestrange brother."

JAMES' MIDDLE NAME! XD Gawd, I died when I read that in 45 Ways XD But I love how you described him as the "super-heterosexual" XD That, and his middle name, made me laugh a bit!

Ahhh, I love the last two paragraphs! We've also talked about Rab wearing James' scarf and I was all ajfngangatijamghnsg when I saw you mentioned that in here, too! :') The lack of dialogue in here is interesting, as well, because they just seem to have such a good understanding of one another's body language and it's so kyoot. And how James doesn't fret over their future, but just tries to enjoy the time they do get to spend together is so perfect and so James.

I just adore how you write them! How did you like writing them, though? Possibly any more fics in mind for them, eh? ;D That would make a certain Morghen very happeh :P JamesRab might conflict with JamesRemus, but it allows for Remmius to happen and they both are perfect ships! Lily has become quite the Tonks :P

" And there's a little thing in there just for you, Morghen"

Was it the collarbones thing? NOOOOO IT WAS THE SCARF THING! RIGHT? ;D

Btw, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't James be /undressing/ Rab, not putting more clothing items on him? Just an idea ;P ;P

But, before this review gets anymore rambly than it already is, I'll just say once again that I completely and utterly adored this and truly believe it would be best for everyone in the word if you wrote mor James/Rabastan. But that might just be my humble opinion ;D

autumn midnights chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
This is great! I really love the mention of Remmius, of course, since I ship them so hard (oh why did I phrase it that way, now I'm thinking inappropriate Remmius thoughts...). Anyway. I love how James was happy for Remus and Sirius, because I do think that he'd be surprised at first but then he'd be really glad that they'd found each other. And I love James's relationship with Rabastan, and how he tries to convince everyone - including himself - that Lily's the one for him. 'Looking at him makes you hot - not in the crude sense' Really, James, are you sure about that? ;) The ending is so sweet, though, I like how James is thinking that he doesn't care about the future, he's just focusing on the present with Rabastan. I really love this, wonderful job!