Reviews for The Other Side of the Fence
ScribeOfAnarchy chapter 37 . 3/21
This is actually one of the cutest stories I have read on here. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Samantha Rosales chapter 23 . 3/19
I just stumbled upon this when looking for another book. Very well written and very erotic.
Diary of a Single Girl chapter 37 . 3/16
I think I just finished reading this the fifteenth time.
Fenceward and Chefgirl make me happy.

audiblyausten chapter 36 . 3/1
Your confession that Bella's past is really yours moved me. It's not only the fact that you had to grow up in such a horrible way, but that you've become such a powerful, confident writer. Reading your stories, I never would have guessed that you ever suffered self-doubt. It's not that your characters are strongly self-confident (though some are) but that your writing is. You write to your heart's desire and without apology. I'm touched and proud that after going through so much, you write so wonderfully. This story is fantastic. It's equal parts laugh-out-loud and cry-worthy. You incorporate both aspects seamlessly into the plot. I love that both Bella and E depend on each other; their relationship is so beautifully strong. Did you have someone like E in your life who helped you become the person you are today? Oh, and I must confess that I actually threw my hands up in the air with an accompanying "YES!" when Emmett told E he could reunite with his family. I'd secretly been wishing for that the whole story. ;) Thank you for sharing your story and this story with the world. You are infinitely talented.
glo4twilight chapter 37 . 2/27
well i have to say while i did enjoy alot of this chapter i was very disappointed in bella most of all. yes what edward did was wrong and stupid and totally unnecessary but he was very remorseful and was on his way out when it happened. i too understand that bella was angry and disappointed. but she did not need to drag it out for days! she acted more like an angry teenager than her daughter did. what happened to the we will work things out 'together' motto? you stand by your man if you love him as deeply as she supposedly did and talk things through. have your time of anger but don't let it go on too long. what was she teaching her children in their observation of things. what if something tragic happens in the time of silence or anger...there would be far more remorse and regrets if things were left unresolved. overall tho i loved the story and the highlight for me was edward being reunited with his family and bella even had a representation of her family back in her life great stuff :) thankyou again you are an incredible writer!
glo4twilight chapter 36 . 2/27
i think i started crying when i read the a/n at the beginning of this chapter! but seriously i was on the bus and i was fucking crying yet again i had to really hide my frickin face. that was when i read half of it then i read more in my break and cried a-fucking-gain! geez it was so lovely and sad and beautiful and everything i so wanted to happen! now i have to say that this one would need to be my fave chapter! i loved it so much..i wanted it so much! thankyou so much i bow down to your greatness!
glo4twilight chapter 35 . 2/26
wow i bloody cried in this chapter when jessica and mike and mandy made an appearance. poor little girl. and how much of a punishment is have a little girl just like the one you beat on all her what a turnaround. excellent chapter! loved this story and so glad there's still a little bit more
Guest chapter 32 . 2/25
so loving and supportive of each other. emmett is a crack up and it's great that they have a very small circle of friends they can trust. love that edward feels better and that bella is definitely gonna be with him
glo4twilight chapter 33 . 2/25
Woohoo yayyy what an awesome proposal of course it had to involve the fence lol. I got all teared up again just thinking about how edward wont see his family again just makes me want to cry again :( but they are so happy :)
glo4twilight chapter 32 . 2/25
Emmett is a crackup and I'm so glad that she got to meet him. It's great that she will get to meet rose. Their life is really moving forward. cool about the married thing lol. I'm not looking forward to this story ending.
glo4twilight chapter 31 . 2/25
wow that was a real heart clencher. had me in tears. how horribly sad. i was a bit mad at her cos it seemed to take a little while for her to believe him but was so glad she was completely loving and supportive in the end. it's so good to know what happened and it's great that he has bella.
BurningAkira97 chapter 37 . 2/25
Love it :')
glo4twilight chapter 30 . 2/24
Oh yes he truly is absolutely amazing. So patient loving trusting endearing caring considerate gentle yet passionate and downright fucking hot n sexy n i waaaant him. How dare you make me crave such a man lol. Love your work.
glo4twilight chapter 29 . 2/24
ohhh what an excellent chapter. what a frickin awesome bf he is. it's great that edward has silenced that voice in bellas head. he was just so loving and intense when he was describing how he saw her and wow just his whole point was profound. their declaration for each other was so beautiful. and of course to top it off with some passionate lovin was so enjoyable mmm mm. frickin lucky bella.
glo4twilight chapter 28 . 2/23
That was a great glad he talked bella into going. And that she wowed him Lol and still.. he is so whipped lol love it. So thoughtful with the secret gifts.
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