Reviews for Bellflowers, Batons, and Viper Churros
Watashi wa Kosaku chapter 16 . 10/4/2015
I want to start off by saying the writing style and language you use is unparalleled. I've never been so enthralled by fanfiction before. Everything from your descriptions of appearances to the deep, innermost feelings of the characters were spot on.
As for the story itself, I loved the format- snippets of random parts of their lives. Each chapter I felt closer and closer to characters that i've known for years but never really reflected upon that deeply.
You somehow made me really care about them, especially Karsh. I may have been too young my first play through of Chrono Cross and missed his unrequited love for Riddel, but now that you've opened my eyes to that, I have a whole new love and respect for him.
I'm rambling now. Fantastic work! You'll be hearing from me again!

Watashi wa Kosaku chapter 12 . 10/3/2015
Reading through this, chapter 12 is my favorite so far. Four chapters to go still, but I love everything about this. I look forward to posting a more complete review shortly.
LaBellexRoyale chapter 16 . 3/18/2014
So this entire piece was absolutely amazing! I read Bitten first and of course was totally for RiddelxGlenn. But after reading this I am horribly torn between the two brothers and Karsh! I really feel like each story delved me deeper into the true relationships between each character and I think that is what made me so torn between all of the guys because these weren't shallow relationships but meaningful ones and of course the brotherly love and friendships between the guys made it nearly impossible to want to pick sides. So that being said, I thought this was an amazing piece of work with beautiful description and deep relationships, an author in my opinion who can make someone truly feel so much and so torn is a great one! Keep writing please! I look forward to more of your works!
Guile Mustang chapter 1 . 8/3/2013
Just exploring around and randomly dropping reviews...

Your description is awesome, such as when Zappa hit the blacksmith's steel, and how Riddel looks. Her hair and eyes; the descriptions are pretty (though I admit that I often look up a dictionary for this chapter... No, that's not something bad; it's me who doesn't have a large pool of vocabulary in mind. :P). Not only Riddel, but all characters' appearances are very well-described.

Again he laughed that, charming, chivalrous, gentleman's laugh that made the girls swoon and Riddel melt. - Quite a fitting description for Dario's voice.

Riddel being so stubborn about the bellflowers makes me chuckle. And Dario sounds wise and intelligent... Aw for Glenn's sweetness. He makes the paper bellflowers as a makeshift gift!

Huffing and puffing he anxiously held out a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers, cut perfectly into the shape of the legendary bellflower and tied primly with trailing, curling silken ribbon. The petals blossomed with iridescent glitter and caught the sun so magnificently one would believe they held the real thing. - Again, wonderful descriptions!

This is so cute I must admit! :) I don't think I can think of any suggestions... Uh, inner critics are sometimes annoying, but maybe the brother-brother relationship is a bit lacking... Just my opinion though. But I feel that the Glenn x Riddel and Dario x Riddel are clear.

Keep up the good work! :)
Naishu chapter 8 . 4/12/2013
SO... it's been forever since I've visited this, but now that the semester is done I can read it again! :D! I'll be commenting on this chapter as I read it for no particular reason.

First off, I have to say that this is striking a chord with me. The older/younger brother idea is so woven into my own fandom that I can't ignore it (of course I'm a fan of Lyle, the canon 'younger' brother...though how he's younger when they're twins is beyond me...) anyways, Dario's sentiments are completely understandable. As he gets older he's understanding the dangers that his little brother is too young to understand. Somehow though, Glenn seems to understand that his older brother is wise beyond his years. It's really touching! The scene where Glenn and Dario are talking before the headless armor suit is particularly enthralling.

Once again you've managed to paint a picture of brotherly love, despite the fact that Glenn has an innocent crush on Dario's beloved. This brotherly pair is so touching, I think particularly to me as the Neil/Lyle brotherly pair in Gundam00 is so broken. The image of Dario and Glenn sitting on the 'not mountain-not hill' is wonderful, and what Dario says to Glenn is particularly touching. One day Glenn will be defending Dario as an ideal, not as a person really, he really will have to become strong for both of them, and this makes that scene so much more heart-breakingly wonderful.

I'm not sure when I'll get to the next chapter as I'm stuck in exams, but I'm always pleasantly rewarded when I read a new chapter of your stories, which is even more surprising when I consider the fact that I only know your fandom through google and the 10 hrs I played through an emulator. I really look forward to the next time I get to read this!
StormRex Lancer chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
First off, I'm still reeling of the frustration of the review you gave me. I have made a lot of tweaking from Her Royal Nonsense, and you make it sounds as if my piece is from Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' or Battlefield Earth - good concept, but bad thing. I don't like it, so I hope you can at least appreciate my writing, cos I appreciate yours.

'He sighed again,...' from that part till the end of the paragraph, you could use lots of breaking up into smaller paragraph. Riddel and Dario are decently established. I can fully see Glenn's excitement and wanting to see dario's back.

"Why are you so pretty even when you are angriest with me?" is supposed to be 'you are very angry with me'.

Overall, you decently potrayed the relationship between Dario and Riddel very well. Their love for each other is solidly placed. I just hoped that can seperate certain paragraphs into smaller paragraphs.
SunnyStorms chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
Yeah, let me just say, "D'aaawwwww." This was a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling inducing story. I think it was made more poignant for me as well having read Bitten first so I knew about the tragedy that will eventually strike their lives. (Or should I say I was reminded of it because I think that event was canon, but like I told you, my memories of the game are way vague. Though reading these couple of stories from you has made me want to bust it out again, if only I can remember where I put the game. XD)

On the writing and story: I especially loved the liveliness you've imbued here in the character of Riddel, which really came through in the way you described her movements with great word choices - things like "she tumbled out of the Smithery's back door and spilled out into the side yard," "her hair danced whimsically," and "Riddel certainly swept in a storm wherever she went". You made great use of verbs that are full of movement to capture the sense of this fifteen-year-old girl who is full of life and energy.

You mentioned how you thought you failed to capture the brother-brother relationship, and though they didn't interact much directly in this piece, I thought it was especially telling of Dario's relationship to his younger brother in how he responded to Glenn's bluebell creation. He could have teased Glenn for it or diminished the act, but instead, it made him think about what he still had to learn from his little brother - that to me was a huge 'showing' of Glenn's maturity and love for his younger brother. On Glenn's side, he clearly idolizes his older brother as tends to happen in real life, and I perceived that his puppy-love for Riddel retained its child-like innocence at this moment in time; jealousy has not yet colored his relationship with his older brother. I found the little gestures you gave Glenn which showed off that innocence adorable - like the way he peeked through his fingers when Riddel and Dario got affectionate and how he "sighed again, with all of the conviction a little boy could muster."

There were little typos here and there, but I think others have already pointed them out. My biggest suggestion for you in this piece is about the paragraph placement of narrative action and dialogue. The convention, I believe, is that a person's narrative action, in conjunction with or without dialogue tag, generally is put in the same paragraph as the dialogue that he/she speaks. This helps to add clarity as to who is speaking and doing what, and in general makes it easier to follow dialogue. It also allows you to signify who is speaking through actions without needing to use dialogue tags.

So for example, you often had one character speak but put the other character's actions following right after the dialogue:

/"I have seen the bellflower bloom there before. I only want to check, Dario." Dario sighed, frustrated with his girlfriend's persistence.

"Sometimes you are too stubborn." She smiled playfully before she answered.

"Well then I learn it from you." And with that she darted from the gated yard, down the path towards Main Street where she would eventually find her way to the graveyard./

I think for better clarity and flow, consider tweaking it to:

/"I have seen the bellflower bloom there before. I only want to check, Dario."

Dario sighed, frustrated with his girlfriend's persistence."Sometimes you are too stubborn."

She smiled playfully before she answered. "Well then I learn it from you." And with that she darted from the gated yard, down the path towards Main Street where she would eventually find her way to the graveyard./

I didn't notice this so much in Bitten, so I don't know if formatting might have somehow messed up for this piece when you uploaded or if it was how you wrote the piece. Anyhow, I'll just point it out and leave it to you to adjust if you choose to, though it is however, a common dialogue convention so going against the grain there I think does make it more work for readers.

Aside from that, as a whole, I loved your take on the characters and the story. I had predicted that Glenn would be willing to go look for bluebells for Riddel when his brother was skeptical about their existence, but what you chose instead to happen was even better. That was so, so sweet of Glenn, and in a way was a neat foreshadowing of the future I feel - a glimpse of when he's there for Riddel when his brother isn't able to fulfill the role. So in closing, this was a lovely read, Blondie.
Edhla chapter 16 . 2/6/2013
Ohhhhhh and we're back to KARSH. I love me some Karsh and it's entirely your fault so :p

"Stark black" is a very nice word combo. Just pointing that out :)

"Whose profound homesickness he nursed..." this is a little awkwardly phrased. Maybe "even for their strongest warrior, Zoah. He nursed a greater homesickness than any of them there"? Or something :)

"What I say then?" Did you accidentally a word or is this stylistic? I can't tell :)

Once again your dialogue between Karsh and Dario- Karsh matter-of-fact and Dario lofty- is awesome. It flows so well and is the centrepiece for this piece.

"He was just a loon, Dario..." the punctuation looks odd to me here, but I dunno if it is or if I'm just a bit odd myself :)

Gruesome details? *Gets popcorn* Oh, WELL, you could have put more in :p The "Dario was left..." sentence seems a little long but again, that could well just be stylistic.

As with the last one, I side-eyed Karsh suddenly getting touchy feely in his commentary. While I think he's right about them needing each other, and I love that sentiment, I'm wondering ifh e wouldn't... I dunno, flounder a bit more or be a bit less articulate about it? Not sure. You know him far better than me.

Anyway, extremely awesome as always and WRITE MORE NOW PLEASE. XX
Green Phantom Queen chapter 6 . 2/6/2013
First thought i had on this title: reciting that annoying line of bells from that Edgar Allen Poe poem back in Middle School.

Anyway, weddings are happy times: the union of two people united forever and ever in marriage till death do them part. It's something everyone fantasizes...but only a few realize. And friendships are like relationships too, the tvtropes page calls them Platonic Partners or things like that. Karsh and Riddel have a beautiful relationship, but the quote 'laughed to keep from crying' shows that he knows that the two will never be together.

It also reminds me of that Gwen Stefani song "Cool" and the chorus line. Yes, she didn't get with the guy she liked, but the singer says that the two are hanging out again and things are fine/. It's sad and bittersweet but still happy because they're still close. At least, that's my observation.
Meloriel chapter 11 . 2/5/2013
The last two chapters (9 & 10) were top notch. This last one started out awesome as well, but I agree that the ending wasn't quite as good. That being said, I loved it anyway. You've consistently done a wonderful job writing Glenn, and I think you've made his awkward pubescent pre-teen years just as endearing as his adorable childhood. Also, you've made me like Riddel much more than I did in the games.
Meloriel chapter 8 . 2/5/2013
Finally, a nice piece showcasing brotherly love! You did a great job with Dario and Glenn. It's touching, and quite honestly, I got a little teary eyed at the end.

As a sister much older than her siblings I can really relate to Dario and all the emotions he must be feeling at watching his younger brother prepare for war. You showed some wonderful insight here, and I love the little hints of foreshadowing which are popping up in many of these pieces.

I knew you're do Dario and Glenn justice! Good job!
Meloriel chapter 6 . 2/5/2013
Auw. This was tragic, sad, and bitter-sweet. Karsh is solemn, and definitely tortured. I said before that I loved what you were doing with Karsh and Riddel, and I feel the need to repeat it now. Well done.
Meloriel chapter 4 . 2/5/2013
I thought this turned out lovely.

Karsh is charming, endearing, and a wonderful take on a younger version of him. It's definitely not a side of him I've seen before, but I enjoyed it. I thought you showcased his feelings for Riddel beautifully.
Meloriel chapter 3 . 2/5/2013
Auw. Once again, adorable. I'm loving your child-Glenn and Riddel interactions.

I think it's wonderful to challenge yourself to work on what you view as your weaknesses. This dialogue-only (mostly) piece was wonderful. It flowed well and nothing jumped out at me as awkward. It's fun, light hearted, and made me simultaneously crave a viper churro and want to pat little Glenn on the head.

Well done.
Meloriel chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
I really loved what you did with Glenn and Riddel here. Glenn is adorable (he makes me want to shriek and cuddle him, which is a wonderful emotion). Riddel's repeated leaving and returning reminded me of the game (so many tasks!) and made me smile. I like how you portrayed Dario and Riddel's relationship, but I admit that Dario and Glenn didn't have much interaction together. That being said, I don't think they needed that in this piece. It was more about each brother separately and Riddel. I enjoyed it, and sincerely hope that I get to see the brother's showcased together in one of the other chapters to come. I think you'll do a great job.
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