Reviews for Passions of a Dragon Slayer
Doom Marine 54 chapter 1 . 7/12
If you think sex being too vanilla is a good reason to cheat on someone you must be some skank in real life. Jesus I wouldn't be surprised if you get a blue waffle one day. Gross.
KJacket chapter 4 . 3/25
The first chapter was the best chapter, the rest isn't bad but since the story is only half written, it's a bit unfortunate.
KJacket chapter 1 . 3/25
Laxus tackling Lucy in an alley was hot.
jcastle1 chapter 4 . 3/20
love it
Doom Marine 58 chapter 3 . 1/28
Another brain dead Lexus fangirl that bashes Natsu because she Can't write for shit and doesn't know how to write a good romance.
jj chapter 4 . 12/16/2017
Please next chapter
Doom Marine 54 chapter 4 . 12/15/2017
Man you Laxus fans can't go one fic without having to compare him to Natsu and bash can you? It's pretty sad how insecure you guys are.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/23/2017
Please continue writing this story I'm dying to know what happens next with Laxus x Lucy please continue
ecogirl20 chapter 4 . 7/19/2017
any update coming?
jena chapter 4 . 4/21/2017
can you please make more of it
want to know what will happen next
darkhunter1982 chapter 1 . 3/12/2017
fuck that is hott
CharleyRS chapter 4 . 2/13/2017
Omg please write more! Love this story :)
Guest chapter 4 . 1/25/2017
Keep goinngggg its goooood
Karlie216 chapter 4 . 1/2/2017
Please for the love of everything holy please please please continue the story
sassykitten1701 chapter 4 . 12/18/2016
gah! *makes grabby hands* where's the rest?
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