Reviews for Roads of life
Queerapika chapter 1 . 11/29/2012

SHIIIIIIIT, This is brilliant. (I don't care if it's a mess, it's supposed to be a mess, life is a mess, I'm so incoherent, OHGODTHISISAWESOME!) And it's so... THEM. The jobs you chose for them, their way of thinking. And you managed to insert both TRC (a failed clone, this is just epic, because I almost forgot how FWR used to experiment with the technique and how it was mostly trial and error, gaaah) and Horitsuba and I can only shower you with love. Can you feel it?

And I know exactly which artwork you mean, tsuabasafan wrote a KuroFai-story inspired by the same thing, yet quite different from your work.

(And hooray for them making love outside. XD)

Don't belittle yourself, okay? Nobody writes our boys as we do, because nobody cares as much about them. We are an elite! *hugs*