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Christine chapter 66 . 2/7
Hi I was wondering when we were going to be able to read more of the chapters of ur fandom I really enjoy reading it
koocher chapter 66 . 2/7
Love this twist. Keep on going with this I really want to see how this turns out.
Hope Mia likes that they have done this.
Christine chapter 66 . 2/4
Great story can't wait for more chapters to read and see what happens with Mia
dancemom33 chapter 66 . 2/2
I enjoy this way you have so many twist and turns makes it such a pleasure to read.
Guest chapter 66 . 1/30
Okay, no I don’t like the swap. The CG we all know would have fought this to death before allowing Ana to go spend 5 days acting as someone elses wife... who the hell does that?
Monic H chapter 66 . 1/28
Well, I myself luv the wife swap & can't wait to see what happens!
Guest chapter 66 . 1/28
That was great. I have to admit I was NOT a fan of this whole wife swap thing and thought Ana was selfish for wanting to do it, BUT...I enjoyed it. I think the story of Paige being kidnapped and murdered with the DNA of the murderer on file with the police. I'm sure Christian and Ana will want follow this up and using their crack team, I bet they will get some leads on catching the monster who killed her. That would be a great plot addition. It would make the father get out of his angry mode and be a part of his family again, instead of being so distant. Can't wait for more.
Dseiladmnd chapter 66 . 1/26
Love The long chapter. Thank you.
mic476 chapter 66 . 1/27
I don't think Mia could have handle Brian like Ana did. I'm assuming he change into a cold-hearted father is because of what happen to his daughter Paige. Probably blaming himself for what happen. I expect Christian to act that way towards Alexa. I'm surprise she didn't break down thinking about Paige after spending time with his daughters and nieces. Let's see if the experience helps Alexa and Brian.

So Becky and Teddy. She's continuing to make strides in the right direction. U scare me with Sarah. For the moment, I thought is was someone who she ran away from. Hope she and Kevin hit it off.
Looking forward to the good news concerning Mia.

Post more soon
Rosiekin chapter 66 . 1/27
I know I was a little hesitant about the wife swap, but I have to say I'm enjoying it.
I hope the girls will take Alexa shopping..the Grey way of course!
Well done.
Thanks for writing!
michelle chapter 66 . 1/25
just when exactly do Kate plan on taking her pregnant daughter home I find it quite selfish that she hasn't taken her home already if Christian and Ana don't have enough on their plates already
adela chapter 66 . 1/25
Love it i can not wait for next chapter and more to come on this book
VRB Mariposa chapter 66 . 1/26
:-) I was determined not to like this "wife exchange" thing, but you surprised me and made it very exciting, so much so, I can't wait to read more. ( Sorry I don't watch reality TV). I feel sorry Alexa and Brian; what they have gone Yet amazing chapter, so entertaining. Thanks :-D
motherbeatrice chapter 66 . 1/25
Its amazing that Christian agreed to do this...but I can see where it would be good for him...and at least he isn't being a total arse...loving this...the kids are so cute...hoping MIa will recover...
shan36 chapter 66 . 1/25
I happen to like the wife swap idea, it was different and it was really fun to read. great chapter looking forward to more!
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