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bestdogmum chapter 61 . 17h
I have only recently found this site and the Fanfics. I have read Fifty Shades of Parenting and loved every word. Now having read up to chapter 61 of 'Parenting More' I am absolutely blown away. Thus story is amazing and so well written. Ok there are a couple if typos etc but this is as good if not better than published books I have paid for. Your character development is so well thought through and your attention to detail is extrordinary.
I have been through every emotion possible as I have read this and you certainly know how to keep us in suspense with your occasional cliff-hangers. Some of the issues you have covered have been quite contoversial but you have continue unperturbed because you had planned your chapters and you knew where your story was taking us. This confidence and determination really comes through in your writing. That said, where appropriate you have stayed true to the original characters and their personalities and behaviours. I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the story from the various points of view and absolutely adore little Natalie.
What more can I say except thank you for taking the time anf effort to write this, but please don't forget about finishing this story.
Can we have a chapter update soon please?
notlori925 chapter 61 . 5/11
I just caught up with this story and just wanted to say how wonderful it is and how much I am enjoying it. All of the drama, the family dynamics, it is all fantastic. I look forward to more!
FTA92 chapter 61 . 5/4
I really love how you portrait Teddy. He's by far my favorite in this fic. I'm glad he setting some kind of plot line, it was a little boring how perfect he was. Hopefully he'll get more attention in this fic as it continues! I've read this and the previous fic in one sitting, it really is entertaining. Although Christian is fifty shades of very crazy and phoebe is a little annoying, I've really liked it so far!. Please update soon!
guest chapter 61 . 5/2
Kate and Elliot need to get up off their ass and come take their pregnant daughter home you need to either wake up Mia or heal Ethan up or have the grandparents get their kids that is entirely to pressure to have Christian and Ana I get that they are rich and can hire help but that is insane how they have everyone's kid at their house except for Cam Kate needs to put her foot down and tell Elliot that Ava is coming home if it was the other way around should be telling Ana to forget Christian he will get over it and take your daughter home this story is really bothering me you don't update enough and then you have this missing girlfriend and Ava pregnancy thing Mia in a coma Ethan laid in a bed healing in the same house as his children and they don't even know he is there Christian and Ana taking care of everyone's children including their own which is three kids under the age of three not including Phoebe see where I am going here
Guest chapter 1 . 5/1
hey. please don't stop writing ! I love ur story !
Guest chapter 61 . 4/12
What are your plans for the remainder of this story? Your updates are appreciated although sporadic and limited. This was begun in 2012. I think you're a good writer but the length of intervals is sad...for me. I'm not engaging in it until probably it's done.'s a shame as you're good writer and story.
iftheheart chapter 61 . 4/2
Love this fanfic so much!
Jkay75 chapter 61 . 3/30
PLEASE finish this story! I really would love to know the ending.
Jkay75 chapter 1 . 3/30
Thank you for continuing this story, I reall enjoyed reading this as much as the first!
mabel4469 chapter 61 . 3/27
Will you be posting any time soon? Can't wait much longer!
crista.burbage chapter 61 . 3/23
I just want to say that i think you did an amazing job writing this and i look forward to reading more of this i can't wait to read about Ava's baby and to find out what happened to Rebecca and everything else so please continue to write cause you are doing great
chillyadams chapter 61 . 3/22
I can't wait for more chapters! you're a great writer and ive loved this story! So much to cover...I can't wait
Nina7285 chapter 61 . 3/20
Please continue! Love the way you develop the characters and connect their story chapters later.
Guest chapter 61 . 3/18
I hope teddy and Sarah get together , they seem to be so perfect for each other, I really liked Rebecca but after she cheated on teddy I didn't liked her anymore. I know teddy really loves her, but if she really loved him she wouldn't do that, even if she's was sorry after that. So I hope Sarah and Teddy ends up together :) PS: I think Rebecca ran away with that guy she cheated with.
Caroline chapter 61 . 3/17
Will there be a chapter 2?:)
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