Reviews for TFHS 2: The Two Front War
Potalien chapter 64 . 7/4
Long overdue from when I should of posted this. But hope it still gets seen.
This has been my favourite Mass Effect fanfiction for years and one I've often come back to often when I've been in a Mass Effect mood. Loved the extra complexity and depth you brought to the characters and universe and the ways the story bridged away and connected to the original story line. Your perspective on the universe was very different to others and the perspective and ideals of Shepard and the rest of cast in it has always been what sets this story apart in my eyes.
It would have been fantastic to see where it went if you ever decided to come back to it but its great to see you're still writing regardless.
Thanks for the great story and good times reading it. I'm sure I'll be back to it again in the future.
kcinnaysvp chapter 64 . 4/18
Thank you, best mass effect fanfic. too bad you ended it in the middle.. take care and thank you, you are brilliant and wonderful
Logic11B chapter 19 . 11/25/2019
Shepard maxing out the *Pure Retard* skill is turning this story into garbage quickly, and chapters are now hard to read...

We are to watch Shepard's life slowly spiral out of control because EDI wont stop being creepy, and our genius Spectre doesn't disable the her sensors or break apart her cameras? The Captain Shepard who ordered all surveillance devices to be removed from his ship doesn't think to remove the very ones destroying his life?

Sorry, this is just HORRIBLE writing.

A protagonist(Tali) even gets her ass dumped, and the genius quarian whore accepts a demotion from the Captain's Cabin to sucking dicks by the sleeper pods? I don't think so.

If Shepard gave Tali AIDS or something else believable the story would have been a lot better.
Guest chapter 64 . 6/20/2019
I have read and reread this story twice now, both parts, and it is for lack of better words, utterly ridiculous. It is a sad day when I come to look for a good Tali/Shep fic that I stumble across this one and secretly pray for something to just take Shepard out. Without a doubt the worst Shepard I have ever seen in a fic on this site. The first Shepard that I have ever just down right hated. Like no one ever decided to slap him around to wake him up to the realities of the world and tell him to grow the hell up. That not everything is black and white. He is not a Paragon and he is not the renegade hardass I have seen in other fics. This Shepard is in his own little world all alone. He is no hero. He is simply a man with a ridiculously high sense of self importance, one who believes he is ALWAYS correct and heaven help you if you disagree or appear to even slightly be at odds with him. God Complex sums it up.

In the games, books and canon, the Illusive Man is no idiot. NO WAY IN HELL he goes through the trouble and cost to bring king of the self righteous douchebags back from the dead, unless every damn implant has a control chip for insurance and a self destruct measure for added security.

The characters as written are so OUT of character its laughable. Everything is so skewed to represent what I would assume from your profile are your personable beliefs. They are simply in name only characters. I would say that Shepard is the worst offense but since that is the character you play in game you have more leeway with his writing but the other characters? Not a chance in hell. Unless you go full blown alternate universe, they have canon beliefs and actions. Characters like Miranda and Zaeed are vilified but someone like Jack seems to get a free pass and she straight up admits the stuff she has done. No holds barred. Yet Shepard prances around like Saint of the Galaxy. In a real world situation at the end of the first story? Yeah, Shepard would not be dictating diddly squat to the Councilor or to an Admiral or Captain in the Alliance. Waltzing around like he had all this power when in reality he would have been jailed for various offenses, hauled off to Earth to stand trial, or secretly snuffed out. His sense of moral superiority allows him to justify his own crimes while out the same time pursuing others for their crimes? Can you say Hypocrisy 101? Oh he sacrificed the Council. Way to help allow for chaos and including nearly 10000 dead. Destiny Ascension having almost as much firepower as the entire asari fleet combined. Roughly 2600 more people dead to boot if Shepard's figures regarding man power in Turian cruisers is aligned with man power on human cruisers, in ME2 are anything to go by during his interview with Khalisah. If her figures as hundreds of humans dying are accurate, that would mean an even greater loss of life. Is that blood on his hands? If you plan on doing Arrival, thats what 304,942 dead on his hands as well? Is he going to run around claiming he needs to be put to death for a war crime or is he going to brush off his own actions as what was needed to be done because the Almighty Shepard said so? Pretty damn sure thats a helluva lot more blood on his hands than anything the Alliance was guilty of or tried to cover up with ExoGeni or Conatix and Baat.

I mean I can get the beef with Cerberus in most instances from his personal point of view as written in this story but the hate rage for the Alliance? I just don't see it. No government in the history of mankind is flawless or perfect, because humans are not and will never be perfect. Shepard only has sight for the blemishes against the record of the Alliance, any good they have been done be damned. It does not exist for the Almighty Shepard.

Guess I will end it here as this story seems to be old news and over, and before I continue further and this becomes an essay on what I feel, in my opinion is wrong with all of this. This Shepard, this supposed morally superior man, with everything he has done and every bridge he has burned, does not have a snowballs chance in hell to unite a galaxy to stop the reapers. He would be to busy browbeating every race for what he believes is wrong while the space cuttlefish harvest and wipe out all advanced galactic life. Sadly with this Shepard's attitude, some would probably be more grateful to go out in a Harbinger beam, than to list this pretentious douche prattle at them. He is simply what is meant by some fates worse than death.
Wanderer101 chapter 64 . 5/14/2018
An okay story but it manages to hit a couple of my berserk buttons. Shepard is quite bluntly an ass towards the crew. They aren't Cerberus and few if any really believe in its goals or ideals. They joined to help Shepard. The Alliance and the Council effectively abandoned him and Cerberus approaches them with the chance to help Shepard and save the galaxy. At the end of the game when Shepard cuts off ties with Cerberus they all go with him with no complaints.

He didn't talk with them and was usually aggressive towards them. The crew was most likely miserable for the entire mission. The reason why I consider this behavior to be inexcusable is because how pointless it is. It's not like Shepard treating his crew like crap is going to be the finally blow that destroys Cerberus. In all likelihood it will make them more likely to embrace Cerberus' ideals. They all joined to help him and are being punished for it.
Fan chapter 64 . 8/26/2017
Hey man, any chance you'll consider updating? It's been a year and this story is so good. Love your version of Tali and Shepard, and all the politics that make up this universe as well. Really looking forward to how your universe has and will diverge from cannon, especially with ME3 if you ever get around to it, as it's clear anything from Arrival onward you'd ditch. (Or at least get rid of the hand yourself into the alliance part afterwards, for obvious reasons)

Looking forward to reading more,

A Fan.
Guest chapter 64 . 6/25/2017
Dude when are you going to update? This story is so good and it's been so long! Update please!
Guest chapter 48 . 5/26/2017
Shepard is a mass murderer and he now it he no right to judge Massani's guilty in part 49 for 30 people. Shepard in one case he killed more than 10000 people. Getting rid of Massani is fuck it's still your story but Shepard is too much of hypcrite
Tali'Shepard Rulz chapter 64 . 5/28/2017
update plz
Cullen chapter 34 . 5/18/2017
For the 2180s it is about 6000000 not 8000000 just putting it on this
Cullen Walsh chapter 4 . 5/3/2017
You took it a bit to dark with Shepard taking with Joker in this Chapter in my opinion. It is a good fan fiction 86 out of 100
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 54 . 10/13/2016
And the journey continues...

So. What do we have here. First, Thane Krios keeps scoring points to earn the title of "most polite assassin ever". I mean, he's one step away of apologizing for the inconvenience to his targets, and perhaps inviting them for tea first. And once again, he flees to be badass another day. I really wonder how this will be resolved - or at the very least, how it was intended to be resolved.

Then, Garrus. In the end, this was a fitting ending to his personal quest, I think. I mean, there had been no magic resolution and sudden change of heart in that story, why would it start now? It's interesting that while Shepard and Tali don't quite agree, they seem to accept the outcome - it's not how they would have solved things, and they make it known, but what's done is done.

Finally, Bailey. While I do share some of your contempt for the character ("oh look, the cool cop who doesn't play by the rules and screw the politicians, he knows how it's like, and look now he's your friend. How original."), I can't help but think that his position was rather twisted here to fit the narration. After all, in canon, he had no problem letting Kelham alone in a room with a spectre, which doesn't fit with the accusation levelled here. I'm willing to admit I don't remember the details too much, though.

(also, Shepard sounded rather hypocritical at times in this chapter about the whole "you should follow the law and not question how it is applied", but at least he realized it a bit)

Oh, and by the way? Yeah, spying on someone while invisible is frown-inducing. Spying on someone you have a crush on? We're reaching Twilight-level of creepiness here, and no, the girl being the one doing it doesn't make it okay either.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 50 . 10/13/2016
Well, seems our recent exchanges made me pick up this story back again! Okay then, where were we? *four updates later* Huh. Okay then.

Ok, first, I admit one of the trouble starting reading again after so long is that some details start to get fuzzy. I was quite certain Jack was already part of the team (possibly because we did discuss her a bit via PM), so when Shepard & co started their attack on Purgatory, I went all "but why?!" before the narration made me feel silly.

So, now, I suppose the two main topics at this point would be Jack and Zaeed. Let's start with Jack. So far, I like the way she is portrayed. Jaded, cynical and overly eager to murder things, but also realistic enough to not always lash out indiscriminately. Shepard's thoughts about her, and notably his motives to not take her on Zorya, fit well with the story and his personality, and while it is disturbing to see him so eager to use the "hey cool, I hate Cerberus too!" card (in front of Cerberus agents, but by this point, they're probably used to it) and talk so openly about "yeah, I'll shoot Miranda in the head as soon as the mission's over" (damn it, and I don't even like Miranda!), it's nice to see he's still a bit wary about the whole thing. The enemies of your enemies aren't always your friends.

And then, Zaeed. Should have realized something was up when he got *gasps!* screentime two updates before Zorya. Though the end result wasn't actually too surprising, actually ; we all knew he was going to do his "don't care about civvies" routine, and that this Shepard has basically zero patience for those kind of bullshit. So really, the update ending with Zaeed dead wasn't such a big shock. What was rather uncomfortable, though, was the way it happened. While the vote was indeed close, you can't help but get the feeling of seeing a kangaroo court at work ; I mean, Grunt will always pick the "kill" option, and Samara is contractually obligated to side with Shepard, or something (though I applaud her way to cast her vote). All in all, you just know how this will end up (because really, how could he remain in a team where half of them argued for his execution, starting with the leader?), it just seems like a way to drag it out and dangle some sliver of hope in front of his face before snuffing it out. Basically, the whole thing felt - to me, at least - surprisingly vindictive and cruel (and I don't appreciate Zaeed all that much either! Stop making me feel sorry for characters I don't like!).

Hmm, what else? No real opinion on the Garrus/Shiala pairing ; neither had enough presence in the story to really judge how this will work. I presume this will remain a background thing? Though since Garrus' arc is up, I'm curious to see how this will go. Him finding a lead on Zorya was quite a good way to involve his quest again in the plot. And I'm curious to see how you will handle EDI. There was a couple of interesting talks in those updates, making me want to see more (I was quite disappointed with canon in that respect, where EDI's change of heart pretty much came out of nowhere, just another instance of 'cool people agree with Shepard').

Well, onward!
CPFM chapter 64 . 7/28/2016
This is just about the only fic I've found where someone, in-universe, points out that they have absolutely zero reason to trust what Legion is saying.

IMO this is probably the most shoddily written part of the entire series, since Paragon Shep is supposed to repeatedly trust Legion with his life (e.g. walking right into the Heretic Station) despite Legion's proof being non-existent and despite LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE OTHER GETH IN THE LAST 300 YEARS having a shoot-on-sight policy for organics. Including Shepard and his crew who the geth have tried to kill literally dozens of times. Until potentially near the midpoint of ME3. So I hope that all gets brought up.

Fun fact: according to their final conversation in ME3 (assuming the player romanced one), where they're having a body count competition, Tali destroyed more geth than Garrus did on Ilos, and is confident that she can kill more Husks/Cannibals/Marauders etc. than him on Earth, though Garrus disagrees with the latter. Makes you think...
dracohalo117 chapter 64 . 7/7/2016
Okay, this is pretty good, I wonder how things will progress with the Quarian crew now that an active Geth is on board the ship.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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