Reviews for TFHS 2: The Two Front War
dracohalo117 chapter 45 . 5/27/2015
I can already tell Cerberus intends to turn Jack into a tool...I wonder how much they would have to alter their plans based solely on her gender, who knows what risks the chemical differences of Testosterone and Estrogen would do to her, and that isn't even including the neural dampeners, or whatever they would need to put in her to make her a loyal tool.

Just saying.

demonicnargles chapter 45 . 5/27/2015
I really like what you did with the Maelon situation.

And I especially like the idea for Jack. That always weirded me out in the game. I mean, in the game, it was a combination of the data, and surviving the exploding facility, but neither of those were part of the original Cerberus deal. Even supposing that the Blue Suns had kept their end of the deal, how could they expect Jack to cooperate, especially given her history with Cerberus? The first time they set foot in civilization she'd have turned on them, if she even waited that long to start killing the Cerberus crew.

I enjoyed the conversation between Tali and Shepard. It always seems like, in the game and in most fanfiction, everyone either converts to Shepard's viewpoint, becomes a hated enemy and dies, blows up with anger and gives the cold shoulder thereafter, etc. It as nice to see two people who can disagree, civilly.

And I always like anything to do with this Shepard and Cerberus, such as his conversation with Miranda, here. He says many of the things that I wish I had been able to say in the game.

Keep up the good work.

Appbeza chapter 44 . 5/12/2015
Lol, I think you should append the genre 'Drama' to this story. Wonder how Shepard and Tali are going to solve the genophage situation that is lingering over their heads.
dracohalo117 chapter 44 . 5/11/2015
I do wonder what a Krogan trial will be like...

Tomon chapter 44 . 5/10/2015
Bad day... year* to be a Maelon :-D
Good chapter
thedarkwolf95 chapter 15 . 5/4/2015
what? no thane as a crew member, but he's one of the most badass and epic characters in the ME universe
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 43 . 5/3/2015
Nice chapter, well balanced between action and discussion. As always Mordin is a treat to read, and I laughed at Tali (mentally) chiding Shepard for blaming others when they start impromptu philosophical conversations on the field. He's not always very self-aware, is he?

There's maybe only one possible characterization issue I'd noted : Grunt. He seems quite quick to use "we" and "us" when talking about Krogan, but in cann, he was at first a lot more distant. He didn't seem to care about Krogan as a whole, and was much more self-centered ; this view-point changed during the course of the game, sure, but here, he seems to already have adopted the mindset.

Of course, it might be a way to speed things up ; somehow, I doubt a full character arc is in store for Grunt in this story.

Unrelated, but I wonder what you'll have in store for Mordin in the future. Most of his importance in the games was derived from his work on the Genophage, then on the Genophage cure, but here, it became irrelevant before he even appeared (unless we find out later that the cure Shepard found doesn't work ; wouldn't that be ironic?). All in due time, I guess.
dracohalo117 chapter 43 . 4/28/2015
Great chapter, loved how, despite being young, and being inexperienced with life, Grunt still has a philosophical side, also like Shepard's view on religion, yes, it is easy to justify atrocities when you think there is an afterlife.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Tomon chapter 43 . 4/28/2015
Krogan's homeworld is the only planet when Shepard may fear that he will loose the most thickheaded person titul :-D
Really enjoying this version of Grunt and I'm really looking forward to more.
Very good chapter
irishninja0 chapter 6 . 3/27/2015
You know, its one of those sad days when a story you love just gets...bad. You're writing is excellent, you have an amazing talent, but like others before you, this story is bogged down by elements put in by the writer for his own agenda. At least thats what it seems like. I hated Shepard in this story, he was an asshole to Jacob and Miranda, refused to stop complaining at every turn, and was just flat out petty at every single moment he had the chance to be. And thats the word I would use to describe this incarnation of Shepard, petty. Billions of lives are at stake here, and he can't see past the fact he's working with Cerberus. He couldn't get past his shortsightedness and see the bigger picture. Innocent people are disappearing and being abducted, but no, the bigger issue is that he's working with Cerberus. He was such an asshole to Jacob and Miranda, all Jacob did was try to be nice to him AND he told him the truth about who they were, and yet Shepard yells at him at all his attempts and insults him afterwards. His treatment of Miranda isn't much better, Physically assaulting her, scolding and yelling at her when she was just trying to help, nearly berating her when she stopped the video monitors Veetor was working on, which actually solved the situation! She solved the situation better than he ever could and instead of thanking her, he would have yelled at her again if Veetor hadn't interrupted. Oh and the two things that drove me over the edge, that showed truly how petty and stupid this Shepard was, was when he outright stated (in his head mind you) that he didn't care about the lives of the people under his charge, Miranda and Jacob, despite them doing nothing but good for him, this is the one that disgusted me. The other one was when he also outright stated, also in his head, about Tali's suggestion, he said (keep in mind, still in his head) he knew Tali's suggestion was more dangerous and risky than the better option of a joint push against the mechs, but since it was coming from Tali instead of Cerberus, then he had no problems with it. Wow Shepard, bravo to you. That one line right there shows how petty and low Shepard can go. He simply does not have the intelligence, moral integrity, or discipline to put his feelings aside for the greater good. And his plan was to abandon Cerberus after the mission and do...what exactly? Does he honestly expect the Alliance to take him back? Does he expect the council to reinstate him as a Spectre? Oh he's going to talk to goyle, except you know, there are 3 other councilors, who could still say no. Because for all they know, you're a fake and are too dangerous. Shepard could have used Cerberus as a means to an end, he didn't have to like it, but this meant he could save lives. But NO! His feelings about Cerberus and his own opinions are more important than the lives of innocent people, Billions of innocent people. I'm not going to try and justify Cerberus, cause really there is no point. Shepard is right about the wrong things they have done, but that doesn't excuse what he did. Like I said he could have used them as a means to an end so that lives could be saved.

I swear this has gotten as bad as those religious fanfictions, you know ones. Those that say like, oh the systems alliance is run by christians, they have taken over the globe and everyone is so happy under christ and Shepard converts all the aliens to christianity and they live happily ever after. Yeah Shepard can be religious, I've seen stories where that actually has worked, done so much better and told a good story. The problem with the other ones is that it makes it feel like they are pushing an agenda on you, forcing their religion and what not on you, like Shining Bright is a good example of this. This story was amazing, the writing was beautiful and the characters were great, until he started pushing Christianity and Catholicism on the readers and shoved it down our throats, and that whole conspiracy theory thing about how Congress tried to kill off all the black people by doing what the Salarians did to the krogan or something like that.

Yes you're not shoving a religion on us, but you're shoving something that can be equally annoying, an ideal. In the first story, The first human spectre, while it was pretty heavy handed at times, I didn't feel like it was being shoved on me too horribly, and it was actually good writing about something that was truly wrong. But this? This is where it gets too far. Where the ideals of the character get in the way of saving lives, that is where it went too far. The ideals were annoying in Reaping of the Storm, but in this it is down right disgusting how far it goes. This Shepard disgusts me. He disgusts me with his priorities, he disgusts with me with his lack of empathy, and he disgusts me with his pettiness and stupidity.

And now instead of going off to help save colonies, he's going to geth space with Tali to do what exactly? Study stars? Because thats what the mission in the game was about. He doesn't know what they are going to be doing there so he pretty much is abandoning those innocent people so he can hang out with Tali. I love Tali as much as any Talimancer, maybe more. But I would never, and Shepard certainly wouldn't, put his relationship ahead of the lives of innocents.

This Shepard has gone past the point of redemption, past point of no return. There is no redeeming this character. He's shown his true colors, his priorities and frankly this is a character that I refuse to follow anymore. This story could have been something great, but instead it turned into something that I cannot stand. Maybe one day I'll read further into the story, and that is a big maybe. Until that time time comes, this Shepard can rot in hell, and wish you luck Octo8 on your future work. Maybe you'll heed my words, I have no idea. Heck I don't even know if you'll respond or even see this. But even so, goodbye and good luck.
Jormungandr1994 chapter 42 . 2/26/2015
YAY URZ. I fucking loved that varren, and I wish I could have kept him.
SmilingJack65 chapter 42 . 2/24/2015
I'd have to agree with NoNameAvailable and some other reviewers. This was a nice chapter, but some stances were contradictory or oversimplified. Mordin does value a race's culture very highely, probably due to culture, in my opinon, essentially being the blanket identity of a species. That may sound like an abstract over individual statement, but hear me out. I think that culture is like the end result of the actions of a species. What that species decides to spend its' lives doing on either an individual or group level builds different factors that culminates into the "big picture".

What seems to be glossed over is that the process of culture developing is enacted by the actions of individuals. The worst example being things like conscription or governments making decisions, but even that can be broken down into individual actions as no government or any other kind of group pops into existence without starting off with individuals. If a species has no culture, it can be assumed that no significant actions are being taken. Whether that significant action is an organized government or one person deciding that rock and roll is great and their opinion spreads to like-minded individuals is irrelevant. Specific culture norms start somewhere or rather with someone and do not spring into existence, someone has to think of whatever "it" is first.

That, I think, is where Mordin's disapproval lies. He probably believes that an absence of culture means an absence of thought. If there is no culture, no choices were made; including the decision of inaction that Tisiphone brought up. If no choices are being made then, by extension, no thought is taking place. Finally, if no thought is taking place, can you really consider that organism to be living a fulfilling (by whatever that organism's definition of fulfilling would be) life? This would come down to a fairly famous quote from René Descartes, "I think, therefore I am." I regard this as the baseline of sentience and thus what qualifies an organism as a "person" or "individual". A person is the sum of their thoughts, without them, they have no individual identity. We would just be "not-dead" sacks of meat, bones and blood.

That final bit is the conclusion I see Mordin coming to about the Collectors and his view on cultures as a whole. A lack of culture denotes that the species is either too new or no longer has individuals to create it. Without individualism, each organism of that species is not living a life that's much better than a vegetable or plant. Culture or growth are merely the result of individuals taking actions. The collectors had all be the very basest of necessities replaced by tech. They walk, talk and follow the Reaper's directives, but there's no thought in it. They are essentially lifeless puppets whose strings are being pulled by the Reapers. So it isn't so much that he's saying the Collectors are beyond saving so much as there are no Collectors to save, they aren't "there" anymore even though their bodies still are.

I can't remember where in the codex I read it, but I recall a bit of information regarding the end phase of the Reaper Cycle after they head back to deep space. As we know, they always indoctrinate what races they can to act as their ground troops and means of attaining any goals that can't be achieved by "blow it the fuck up". However, once they left, any indoctrinated followers that weren't given specific tasks, like the Collectors who they kept in contact with, stopped having any directive. They no longer had the Reapers taking the wheel and simply stopped doing anything at all. They just stopped and let themselves waste away and die.

Anyways, that's my TL:DR response to this chapter as I feel Mordin's views are being skewed and judged a slight, only slight, bit more radically than they deserve.
LS14 chapter 42 . 2/20/2015
Eh in some ways mordins right because stagnation of a species would be bad because if an outside threat enacts on it it has high chance of ending the species especially if its sentiant since stagnation on the scale of a whole species would include things such as social and technilogical values, sure variants of the current technology would develop but that's all they are, variants which just the same as the previous but with slight or minor changes example if humans where to stagnate as we are now and if an alien sociaty like the ones in mass effect like say the buttarians or turrians decided they didn't enjoy our existence we'd be fucked
dracohalo117 chapter 42 . 2/20/2015
I got to say, the chapter was good, and it introduced the concept of 'culture vs individual' in a very deep manner...loved it, keep up the good work.

NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 42 . 2/20/2015
Still not dead. :)

So, here we have Grunt. Making him a biotic is an interesting choice, but probably won't change anything for the character (even though Shepard lamenting biotic exploitation was just strange : the guy IS exploited, but him being a biotic have nothing to do with it). From the way he was written, I don't expect a particularly memorable character here... So, welcome, Grunt! You can join Jacob and Zaeed at the bar (though Jacob DID have a good line here).

A good take on Tuchanka and Krogan society for those last two chapters, I think. The descriptions are quite vivid, and rang true for the most part.

I found it strange that Shepard seemed to think it was paradoxal that people would fear a culture where "everyone is fighting and preparing for a fight" (his words). Sure, not having a solid economic and industrial base would hamper their effectiveness, that still makes for atrocious neighbours. And since they have an history of achieving a lot of results with very little ressources... Though, I'd agree with the characters general reasoning : it was always my opinion that a 'Krogan rebellions - round 2' would have ended badly for the Krogan, and in ME3, I was a little surprised by the importance they were suddenly given ('sure guys, having super-soldiers is nice, but I think I'd rather have more ships, given what we're fighting right now').

Shepard talk with Mordin was a bit strange, since he advocated a solution that looked lot like a 'race over individuals' (parking all Krogans on a few worlds and blockading them here... actually, I honestly wonder if it actually wouldn't be worse than the Genophage. Last time they had a surpopulation problem, they launched a galactic war. Before that? They nuked their own world. Not a great track record), while saying he found that point of view atrocious. Problem is, there's always some way to shift those perspective, and there's no defining line where 'individual' ends and 'race as a whole' begins. Still, some interesting points were made on both sides, and it's worth noting Mordin canonically evolves toward a similar position ("Focused on the big picture. Big picture made of little pictures. Too many variables!")

About [1]... that's a gross oversimplification of the point Mordin was making. Sure, he holds culture development important, but he never stated it was the alpha and omega of everything. I found the important line in that conversation was "No souls, replaced by tech".

I never noticed you said ME3 wouldn't be canon (though it was obvious some changes would be needed), but, eh, not a big loss. While it did some emotional moments really well, from a plot point of view, that game was idiotic, most of the time. And, no, the ending was far from being the only problem.
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