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GT500RonSmith chapter 1 . 7/12/2013
Beautiful love story! Wonderful love making as usual! And I have a powerful desire to find a pair of mistletoe boxers!
Tony7323 chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
Fantastic I really Loved it a lot .. You could more chapters to this if you want
SalaciousCastle chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
A beautiful story. Loved it from beginning to end. Exactly how I see them starting a life and traditions together.
Shutterbug5269 chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
Love it! Would love to see you expand on it!
ggfan01 chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
Perfect and just too beautiful. Love their first holiday tradition as a couple :)
The Writer's Muse chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
This was HOT! A first tradition for our fav couple. The White Diamonds in the elevator. This is too funny. I was looking through an issue of Ladies Home Journal just before I started reading this, and it has a sample of White Diamonds in it, which my livingroom now reeks of it. Made this story even more authentic.
ShotsyGirl chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
I liked this. Nice to see one where Kate doesn't just cave to his traditions and also one where Castle is understanding.
Deb838 chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Another great story, the tenderness between them is just so beautiful
liviafan1 chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Our conversation reminded me that this has been sitting in my inbox until I could sit down and read it without interruption (also-4,000 words? SQUEEE).

I'm a sucker for Christmas and the romance and the air and I-sigh. I was onboard with christmas tree smut since I saw it on your Tumblr. HA.

The lights, the hesitancy swirled with eagerness-you've painted a really gorgeous picture. Makes me go all dreamy inside.

I love the implication in your last few lines.

Also-first tradition?! Yes, please. They should just keep the tree up all year round...
Van Inactive chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Aww with fics like this how can we not root for these characters. You wrote just enough complication and provided great insight about the complexity of emotions inherent in being a new couple, a newly in love couple. And it was sexy too.
3rdfah chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Another sexy but sweet little story. Very nice!
Aly chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Totally and completely worth the wait! I love that it was both spicy and sweet (I am spicy like a pepper and sweet like a banaaaaanaahh), and that it had a wistful element to it... perfect characterization for the holidays. Also thank you v v much for the imagery of the two of them in mistletoe underwear. Merry Christmas to meeee!
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Kate huffs, blowing her hair off her cheeks as she tugs off her gloves, shoves them deep into the pockets of her coat, eyes trained on the numbers over the door, her impatience growing as the digits flicker on and off far too slowly - I feel like this is me in an elevator all the time. Especially if I have to be in there with someone I know but don't want to talk to.

The day has been long and all she wants is to get out of her heels and into her pajamas, curl up in her bed with a book and glass of wine, - Oh Kate Beckett. You are my spirit animal.

Wants to be able to unravel the threads of loss and longing that have knotted around her heart, kept her rooted in the tradition of tragedy, remembering and honoring - I really love that sentence. I think it so accurately describes who Kate is during the holidays, why she stays at work. It makes me so sad for her but also so happy she has Castle in her life.

Christmas was her mother's favorite time of year. She loved the pageantry of it; the way the city transformed into a sparkling ball of lights and decorations and cheer. The spirit of giving that shrouded the month, the freedom of smiles and greetings. Presents were her specialty. Her mom always had the perfect present, the one thing a person never knew they had been missing until she brought it to them. A pocket watch for Jim, made by the same small company in Massachusetts that his grandfather had worked for as a young man. A blank journal for her intern, the pages crisp and white, just waiting for him to fill them with all the doodles and sketches she found along the edges of almost every piece of paper that passed through the office. The perfect scarf to match a new coat for their long-time neighbor, a bottle of wine from the vineyard where they honeymooned for her best friend and her husband, a stack of new comic books for the kid that delivered the mail at her office. Perfect. Every single time. - This to me is so genius. Not even the specific gifts (although I do love those) but the random people you chose. You didn't JUST do Kate and Jim. You did these random people that makes Johanna seem so much more real and built this life that they used to have in just a few sentences. I also love the reasoning of the gifts, like for the intern. It's just SO creative and so different and I don't think many people think outside the box like that.

Her mother had given her Castle.
Perfect. Every single time. - THIS GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS. SO MANY. I also love the repetition of Perfect. Every single time. But I love so much that the last gift Johanna ever gave Kate was one of Castle's books amongst others. Like even in this bundle of different books, Castle stood out.

I know you're not ready for the full Castle family Christmas experience this year. And I do understand. You have your own traditions and memories to honor. I hope that we can eventually fold our separate traditions into something that we can call our own but perhaps trying to force all of that on you at once wasn't one of my better ideas. If I've learned anything about you by now, it's that you have to come to things in your own time and no matter how much I might want to walk on your heels and hurry you along, I have to let you do it your way.

Now I'm sure you're looking at that tree and wondering just how in the hell a three and a half foot Fraser fir falls under the category of me letting you do it your own way and so I will take this opportunity to remind you of the one thing you should know about me by now: I'm going to push you as much as I think I can without getting shot.

Christmas is a time for joy, Kate. I hope this can help remind you of that. - Highlighting so much. How obnoxious, haha. But this letter just kills me. I love how open and honest he is and how he just wants to make her happy but knows she's sad at this time and respects that but still wants to make her happy. And I love the humor interspersed with the sad because that's so Castle to me. You are just so good at the letter aspect of stuff.

"So, should I be wearing my vest the next time I see you?"


"A helmet?"



"No protective gear needed, Castle. - I really love this exchange. It's so them. And I love how he keeps going because he seriously thinks he's in trouble so it has to be SOMETHING.

"No, actually. I'm in your elevator. Which reeks, by the way."

"Yeah, it does. Why are you in my elevator?" - This is weird, but I love the realism in this. Like it's such an off the cuff comment that it makes it feel real. That's one of my favorite parts about dialogue. Making it sound like real people and people always sort of go off on what they're discussing so this fits in so perfectly. It's such a small thing but it really makes it more realistic to me.

"Glorious and wonderful? It's a three foot tree with one ornament, Castle."

"It's three and a half feet, Beckett, and it's magnificent."

"Why are you always so preoccupied with size?" - Ha, I love that. You always get their banter down so perfectly.

"I brought eggnog. - I have still never had eggnog. It kind of creeps me out.

Castle whines but leans into the couch, tugging on her until she scoots back, lets him arrange her body across his lap. His cheek comes to rest on the top of her head as she twists toward him, her breasts slipping over his ribs as she nestles herself under the heavy blanket of his arm. - THEY ARE SO CUTE, CAN'T HANDLE IT.

She loved ornaments. Collected them, really. I helped her take down the tree about a week before she died." She tilts her face up to look at him, wants him to be able to see the happiness in hers. The lights strobe over his skin, casting him in a warm glow that makes her stomach flip. "It took us hours, Castle. She had to make sure everything was protected and perfectly arranged, had to tell me the stories behind each one. Never mind the fact that I'd heard all of them at least a dozen times before." - This sounds EXACTLY like one of my friends. We help her put up her tree and she's like no one ever helps me take it down! It is literally because she is so anal about where everything goes and protecting the ornaments. I'm like it's more fun when we watch Christmas movies and put it up. No one wants to help it come down. Whoops, bad friends. But I love that Johanna is like that too.

"I wasn't scared of it. Just leery. It got even worse once the eyes fell off."

"Okay, yeah, eyeless seashell Santa does sound sufficiently creepy." - HAHA have you ever seen the pictures of me and the one eyes chocolate Easter bunny from like 2 years ago? It's excellent. And YES, so creepy. People do not like that photo.

"Maybe - I can call my dad tomorrow. See if he would mind if I came by to get some of her stuff. He's been trying to give it to me for years." Castle's fingers dig into her back, eight points of pressure that push the rest of words out of her lungs. "Would you come with me? I'm going to need some help going through all of them, picking out the ones that would look best." - Ugh I love that so much that she asks him to go with her. That even if this week or day or holiday upsets her she wants him to be a part of it.

"On the couch?" The words vibrate against her skin, shockwaves sliding down to collect in her stomach.

"I want to watch the lights."

Castle leans back, a dopey grin tilting at his lips. "You want to have sex in front of your Christmas tree?" She nods and he laughs, hands sliding up to strip off her sweater and toss it to the floor. "Well, I'm not gonna say no to that." - Yeah like you'd say no to sex anywhere, Castle.

"Mistletoe boxers? Really?"

"'Tis the season, Beckett," he breathes into her mouth, tongue flicking against her lips. Her hands work at the buttons on his shirt and slip inside, nails scraping down his chest "There's a matching pair waiting for you under my tree."

"What makes you think I'm going to wear novelty Christmas underwear for you?" She gasps when his hands close over her breasts, thumbs sweeping across her nipples, teeth nipping at the corner of her mouth.

"You don't want me to kiss you under the mistletoe? Where's your respect for tradition?" - LMAO. That is rather genius dialogue right now. Nice and dirty. But I would really like to see him in silk mistletoe boxers. Yes, plsssss.

She drags the flat her tongue up the length of him, her lips pulling up into a smile as he hisses, his eyes slamming closed. Castle's hands fist in the cushions when she pulls him into her mouth, her free hand slipping inside his boxers, feathering between his thighs, rolling the silky flesh across her fingers. She moans around him, wet heat sliding through her abdomen as he thrusts into her mouth, a stream of guttural curses falling from his lips. Hands land on her head, sweeping the hair away from her cheeks, fisting at the base of her skull. His thumb is impossibly gentle at her jaw, tracing the rounded bone over and over as his eyes roam her face, watching. - Imma gonna stab this bitch so I can take over. But not right now. Since I am all snotty and no one wants that.

Drawing back from him slowly, she watches him fight to keep his eyes open as she pushes to her feet, slides her body into the the cradle of his lap. Her hips twist into his, the wet slick of his erection grinding across her stomach. His fingers are clumsy as he tugs the soaking crotch of her underwear aside and slips across her, his chest vibrating against hers as he moans.

"Fuck, you're so wet." - Pretty much not okay with this rn. Just saying.

His teeth work at her neck as she rocks into him, a hum trilling at the base of her throat. The strap of her bra slips off her shoulder and he chases it with his mouth, his late evening stubble scraping her skin. Need burns in her veins and she throws herself into him, hands clawing at his back, pulling him closer. She wants it. Him. This. Everything. Ughhhh I love when things are both beautiful AND sexy.

Castle arches up into her, neck s
jinglebelle55 chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
Lovely blend of sweet and sexy with a side of melancholy. Perfection.
And mistletoe underwear FTW!
kentuckybelle chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
This was sweet, sexy and amazingly fabulous. A perfect smutty holiday treat! ;) And I plan to reread it many more times over the next month. Merry Castle Christmas indeed! ;))
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