Reviews for Dissonance
Tyr'll chapter 2 . 11/30/2012
It's too bad no one else has reviewed yet, your story isn't bad.

I might say that it's lacking in something... I can forgive length, especially with a faster update time. I guess so far I feel like it's lacking interaction. This last chapter is about Spike reading about Applejack narrating about a flashback involving her parents... And due to their not being in the show, and their only brief appearance in your fic, I don't care much about their death. It's just an obvious plot device to explain Applejack's honesty (and the lack of parents/farm equipment on the show), so the whole thing feels like it lacks meaning.

I like your idea, I'm rather fond of stories that handle Spike's identity as a dragon with a different lifespan than the other characters, so I hope you continue!

Good luck and thanks for your story!