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BlackCatNeko999 chapter 9 . 9/22
What a way to end this story. I loved the whole development a lot. They all were in character the whole time and I enjoyed the story so much. Can I say that I stayed up all night to read this? I couldn't stop until the end. Thank you for writng this and good luck with everything you've got planned! :)
strawhatmikans chapter 9 . 9/2
I started this story a long time ago (back when it was incomplete) but I've just read the whole thing over again and I must say, this is absolutely beautiful and definitely one of my favorite fanfictions. Your writing style flows so nicely and conveys just enough but not too much. The way you write these characters is spot-on (Natsume and Sasayan are characters who seem difficult to grasp and other fanfics don't portray them nearly as well as you do). I've learned so much from your writing and enjoyed it a ton. Thank you so much for writing this! I love it a lot :)
Minion chapter 9 . 8/25
Hi. I'm just dropping by to say how much I love your work. It's truly a piece of art and I cannot describe in words how much I'm awed by the way you've presented Natsume in your story. Her character is on point, but you've managed to give her more character than I've seen in the manga and it truly amazes me because whenever I read a best-seller published book, the thing that dawns on me is that the main character never really grabs my attention unlike all the others do. It's as if they merely exist to see what's going on and do as they're told. They're rational, or reckless, or not observant and without a proper purpose because 'it's just who they are', but you know the feeling where you don't really know the character personally even if you're reading from their point of view? Unless it's through someone else's perspective in the story where we go like, "Ohh, so that's what they're really like."
As an aspiring author myself, I am obliged to learn from you! You may be the first author I don't envy of or feel insecure by, but would want to actually learn from. It really scares me to think that my main character won't grab much attention because she's so like me and I love her a lot as much as all the others, maybe a little more. I just want you to keep going with your writing and that I really look up to you because you gave the characters so much life! I've searched around so long and even though this is a fanfiction, it deserves so much recognition.
ChibiRaccoon chapter 9 . 8/22

I just got into the fandom of My little Monster (which forced me to kick my husband out of my life for a few obsessive days of screaming and other fangirling quirks) and I have just fallen so in love with HaruxMitty, and the insanely adorable Natsume and Sasayan pairing. Natsume is so interesting and unlike so many characters but her fears and worries are so real. I was sad that they didn't get a chance to actively date in the manga or anime but at least it was heavily implied that they got together. I love them so much!

Your story has been the best! You've really captured both characters well and I love the way you portray their journey. If I have only one thing to criticize then it would literally be the lack of Haru/Natsume friendship because the two of them are so funny together but that just might be my own love for all things Haru taking hold of me. Chapter 7 was so great (will we have more of that in the future? Don't judge me!) and I'm looking forward to their life after college. Please keep updating! This story is very much appreciated!

Kawaii Otaku Potato chapter 9 . 8/13
Omg, I love this fic so much,, it was absolutely beautiful
spoiled princez chapter 9 . 8/1
Oh this is too wonderful~ Natsume... was repetitive and too insecure and too much of an overthinker, and at times I've started to grow annoyed with her, but hey, this is just so real. That's what made this story wonderful, how it stayed true to Natsume's character. And gosh, Sasayan's overly patient and sweet, haha, it's really nice how they complement each other. I just ship them so much, and I'm so glad to have found this fic (first ever Sasayan x Natsume fic I've ever read)! I just love it

P.S. Shizuku's cruelly cute as always xD
practicingproductivity chapter 9 . 7/26
I am so happy I decided to read this because it is so overwhelmingly beautiful. You are very good with imagery and metaphors and with getting inside Natsume's head. I think that you perfectly captured her low self-esteem and how she is self-destructive. I do like that this fic was about overcoming emotional barriers, rather than just physical ones. I definitely felt Natsume grow over the course of the story. So I just want to say thank you for writing this! As much as I love Shizuku and Haru, Sasayan and Natsume are my OTP for this series by faaaar.
KawaiiOtaku0405 chapter 9 . 7/8
thank you for making it , nice ending
Bree chapter 9 . 4/18
This was a wonderful story. It reminded me of growing up, taking chances, angst, confusion, and the whole nine yards. lol Your take on Natsume and Sasayun was perfect. Their quirks, personalities, and attitudes were well explored here. It was like extended seasons of "My Little Monster", but covering more of their daily lives. I loved glimpses of Haru's craziness, and Mitty's cold sensibilities. I'm glad you kept Sasayun a bit of a mystery. He was never an easy character to read, but he's stable. While Natsume is just this big bag of neurosis and self doubt. She's so precocious in internalizing everything. The flow was perfect, and I could imagine literally every scene quite vividly.

You know it's a good story when it has you bawling, laughing, and feeling hella embarrassed enough to want to shriek hysterically; while hiding in a hole.
The ending was bittersweet, because I feel it ends w/ a good note. Though there's always that uncertainty and it left me a bit teary eyed. They've grown up some...I see them staying together.

This was a lovely slice of life. Kudos!
keikew chapter 9 . 4/10
Your story kept me giggling and hooked for a whole day! Thanks for writing this. I was searching for good SasaNatsu fanfic and your story was exactly what I wanted. I wanted closure for what I read in the manga and you delivered everything I expected and more! The emotional rollercoaster was sweet and passionate and so natural throughout. I loved their natural chemistry and Sasayan's intense but controlled love towards Natsume. I live for the way his control withers away in the most vulnerable moments and he lets it all come out. I LOVE IT thank you
Mari chapter 9 . 4/3
This is so heartbreaking, why must you do this to me?
Guest chapter 9 . 4/2
So beautiful. That ending was so well thought out, unlike anything I've ever read before.
Sejson chapter 1 . 2/21
Holy shit, how can you write them so perfect. Ughh I just really really love your characterisation of Natsume and how you potray her internal problems. It makes the story much more enjoyable to read and it makes me long for more of your writing. I just wanted to say that I really loved this story and your writing, hope you have a good day!
Poppymelon chapter 9 . 2/20
I followed this story from chapter one, and I had reread it numerous times while waiting for the last chapter. Finally it is finished and I want to congratulate you. You should be so proud!
This story is seriously the masterpiece in the Natsume/Sasayan fandom.
xxIcyAngelxx chapter 9 . 2/14
Such a beautiful ending! It was wonderful throughout the entire story and you've kept its tone true to the characters. I admire how you've written Natsume and Sasayan so much. There's so much potential between them and I'm happy to see you cultivate it perfectly. I'm glad you continued their story and ended on a hopeful note! Natsume found resolve and they're still together. Its incredibly sweet to see Sasayan sticking by her and the humor is still there so it doesn't hinge solely on drama. Very well-written.

Thank you for writing this amazing story!
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