Reviews for Timing
lena-jade chapter 1 . 12/18/2012
I am a sucker for fics that explore the important factor of 'timing' in relationships, and I love how you explore his 'I feel like I've lost' comment in the manga to a deeper degree here. Even within our tiny fandom, there's only one or two fics I know that recount from Sasayan's perspective, so I'm happy to find such a well-written one. I also want to give kudos to the fact that you didn't romanticize Sasayan's initial opinion of Natsume, which by the way, I can see it in canon because of how easily he loses his temper or patience around her compared to around other people, but then called back to the fluidity of his opinion because he doesn't understand her as well as he does others. Perfect ending:

"She is still crying under his cap, but there is no resistance as Sasayan pulls her through the empty, familiar streets, and her hand feels very small in his, as she tightens their grip.

For the first time since he has started feeling this way towards her, the boy thinks maybe he got there just in time."
Guh, just guh.
Frog-kun chapter 1 . 11/30/2012
I REALLY LOVE THE LAST LINE IN THIS. I think you've really explored Sasayan's feelings well. It was an awesome character study and I felt like I knew him a lot better coming out of this. I'm a little surprised the Sasayan/Natsume fandom is as big as it is right now - I only hope it grows further!