Reviews for Adopted Hearts
2loveybunnies chapter 31 . 1/16
Ugh, so he's going to go out and screw someone random to satisfy his needs? And I get the impression that Bella is planning something or has at least looked into her rights (at least I hope she has)...

It's really nice that he's trying to get to know Kaitlyn, but when are they going to tell her the truth?
2loveybunnies chapter 29 . 1/16
I guess i need to let go of my animosity if Bella has. Bring on the fireworks!
2loveybunnies chapter 28 . 1/16
Well, guess that answers the question of Edward being attracted to Bella for real or just to get close to his daughter...
2loveybunnies chapter 27 . 1/16
Well Bella certainly seems to have adjusted to Edward being a part of Kaitlyn's life. She's being very cordial and nice to him. Is something else going on here? Is she sincere? It just seemed too easy after the awful things he said to her.
2loveybunnies chapter 26 . 1/16
Wow, didn't picture Edward as a dog person either...interesting. I am very curious as to what Edward has been doing since he found out about Kaitlyn as far as his sexual needs go? Is he still out there sleeping with men and women randomly or is he now being more subdued?
2loveybunnies chapter 25 . 1/16
Taking care of kids is a lot of work. Wonder if Edward really thought of how much work before now?
2loveybunnies chapter 24 . 1/16
She's a cutie! I agree with Edward about the soda - never give it to my kids - but he's a little extreme in his eating habits. Wonder if they put the calorie count on the menus of the nice restaurants he eats at or if he looks them up ahead of time. I know he's a doctor and his mom died of cancer, so he's probably extra cautious, but is there some hereditary condition he may have that we don't know about yet?
2loveybunnies chapter 23 . 1/16
Damn, it's really not fair to either of them, but Edward was an ass for treating Bella like that. He had no right to throw her medical history in her face. And regardless of the circumstances, Edward also has a right no know he had a daughter, and Bella was complicit in Kate's cover up.
2loveybunnies chapter 22 . 1/16
What a total fucking asshole! I can't believe he knows her medical information! Did he go through her records?! That's an ethical and HIPPA violation and he could lose his license for that! She should press charges. I'm so mad at Edward right now!
2loveybunnies chapter 21 . 1/16
Ugh, why would Bella have sought Edward out if Kate had told her he wasn't interested in being a father, and that the lawyer would handle things when the time came? It's not Bella's fault for not looking for Edward! She was carrying out Kate's last wishes and adopted her baby. That agreement didn't necessarily come with a caveat that she had to find the birth father and say anything to him. If Bella had sought him out when Kaitlyn was a baby to tell him about her he would have probably rejected her anyway. The only think I'm curious about is how did she get away with adopting her without his parental rights being severed? I know he wasn't on the birth certificate, but I thought they did searches or investigations before they grant adoptions?
2loveybunnies chapter 20 . 1/16
Damn straight! Bella is her mother, adopted or not.
2loveybunnies chapter 19 . 1/16
Yes, Edward is an idiot. Asshole really, for fucking with her like that. She thought he was interested in her. Wow, that's harsh. I'm sure Bella is very cautious about dating and this just reinforced all the negative things I'm sure she's thinking now.

The worst part is that he is Kaitlyn's father, and he never knew she existed. It would be different had he been told about her and chosen to give up his rights. But he wasn't and now he has no idea what to think or feel. He has the right to get to know his daughter and she has a right to get to know him too. That was sort of shitty of Kate to put him in that position and to leave the letter like that. She should have given it to Bella to send when her daughter was of age.
2loveybunnies chapter 18 . 1/16
Damn, poor Bella! I know he could have approached things differently, and I know he thinks he doesn't want to take Kaitlyn away from Bella right now but the love a parent has for a child is an unbreakable bond. He may not even realize how strong his feelings may get for that child.
2loveybunnies chapter 16 . 1/16
SO, will he really tell her?
2loveybunnies chapter 15 . 1/16
Wow, so he's built up a shell to mask the pain of his past. Sounds like he could use someone like Bella in his life...
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