Reviews for A Home for Fear
PeterPanfan13 chapter 85 . 11/24
I was so sad to run out of chapters! This has turned into my favorite friendship story with Pitch and Jack! I love it soooooo...much! Hope to see more!
miriti1 chapter 45 . 11/2
Wow that must have been a nightmare right? pitch wouldn't suddenly turn on Jack like that
miriti1 chapter 16 . 11/2
Hahaha this is the sort of Pitch I like. Well I do also like him as the main villain (when he only wants to destroy the world etc) but this is the sort of boggyman the world needs, since I totally agree with Pitch that we all need fears in our lives. But in the movie he didn't really understand that fear is only good in moderate doses. This is a really interesting fanfiction and I will continue reading it :)
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 85 . 11/1
NOOOH! i am at the end D:
Please please plaese continue?
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 61 . 11/1
Probably should've commented before, since i've been reading this story non-stop in all my free time, but well. I love this story, it's so fluffy (sort of) and i love the interaction between Jack and pitch. I know there is a slim chance that you will continue writing, but please continue?
anon chapter 85 . 10/17
Guardians find Pitch and Jack in A very awkward position, go nuts
Sparky chapter 69 . 10/9
I would very much like to see what happened the FIRST time Jack hit his head too hard with Pitch. Haha. Maybe one where Jack drags Pitch sledding? Hehe
Sparky chapter 44 . 10/6
Reading this for... maybe the third time? Yeah, something like that. Are you planning on continuing this story any time soon? Maybe? I'd love to see something like... oh! Like maybe a little bit of Pitch and Jack before he became a guardian and then a reflection of how things have changed since? Or something?
Wynter Spite chapter 85 . 8/16
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. My sister is going to fall utterly in love with this story, just as I did.
Seriously. Brilliant stuff, this. I might have alarmed my dear twin by cackling like a mad thing and nearly rolling off the couch.
Totally worth it.
Hezu chapter 1 . 8/8
Omygosh. This fan fiction is incredible. Probably the best ROTG fan fiction I've read ever. I swear every chapter is really well written, the characters stay in character but also get some great development. The friendships founded throughout the story is just so touching! And every other chapter seems to leave me in a fit of laughter and happiness! It always cheered me up. I've read all 85 chapters, and every single one of them is great. I would recommend this fan fiction to every ROTG fan out there. Incredible work, I look forward to any future chapters or other stories from you! :D
You made me feel like the fandom isn't dead yet, that makes me want to tear up, you are awesome!
DaisySullivan chapter 2 . 7/27
Nah, I don't think they're too goofy, or too much out of character. I loved this chapter! :)
DaisySullivan chapter 1 . 7/27
Great chapter! :D This sounds like it's gonna be an awesome story! :)
LadyOfBirds chapter 85 . 7/4
i love you you cant go now i just found you
Daziy is SoniQ chapter 85 . 7/3
Such a great story.. To bad it was last updated almost half a year ago. Will you continue this?
RisingSm0ke chapter 85 . 6/29
I just finished reading this whole thing and I want to let you know it's amazing. I've always had a soft spot for darker characters that get stupidly possessive of the people they care for and Pitch fits the bill perfectly! Hehe, this was truly a joy to read and I absolutely love it~! Especially that parts where Jack tries to explain to the Guardians that Pitch just shows affection weird. That was great. There needs to be more fics about Pitch's odd displays of affection! :) And the banter between Jack and Pitch? Oooomg that's hilarious haha!

Also if you're still taking prompts I have one to offer, though I'm not certain it falls into your canon I thought I'd at least mention it:
Jack meeting Mother Nature and finding out she's Pitch's daughter (like I said, dunno if it's a fit for your fic so feel free to ignore this haha XD)
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