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Guest chapter 17 . 6/22/2015
I love this story so much ! Your such a good writer
Knyle Borealis chapter 17 . 3/4/2015
This was very well done. I'm glad Clint's starting to look up again. ...And Natasha, I shun you...reluctantly.
Knyle Borealis chapter 16 . 3/4/2015
I have to say Natasha has been ticking me off this entire time. ARGH, woman! How can you desert him like that? *shakes fist...and cries*
Paige SJ Black chapter 17 . 4/9/2014
Awesome story where was loki banished to
VioletBrock chapter 17 . 8/20/2013
I am really enjoying your amazing writing and stories centering on Clint and the team. You do action, angst and drama extremely well! Poor Clint; the hole he is in just keeps getting deeper! I am looking forward to continuing reading your awesome series!

Thank you!

;) Vi
Gryffindor4Life chapter 17 . 8/19/2013
I loved it!
Sandy-wmd chapter 17 . 7/22/2013
Uh oh, Clint got taken over by Loki again. And poor Thor had to discover just how far gone his brother became. At least we got done humorous bits such as the override code. :)
Lamarquise chapter 17 . 6/12/2013
I apologize for my previous rant. I guess I was pretty exasperated and am still somewhat so.
Lamarquise chapter 14 . 6/12/2013
Seriously? This is a bit over the top. Clint could never have taken Tasha in a fair fight; she handled him when he was under the influence before with little trouble. You're making the Avengers a bunch of incompetent idiots that should never have been sidelined so easily or allowed Clint access to that much information about how the meet was planned. And Tony going into a meeting with Loki without his armor? That's just stupid. And of course Steve messes up the critical code factor. And what is Thor doing all this? He didn't have to kill Loki to pummel him and keep him from working on Clint, but he just sits around? I'm not sure you serve Clint as a character very well by dumbing everyone down and marginalizing them all to make him the big hero. This is, supposedly, a team, not the Hawkeye show.
Lamarquise chapter 7 . 6/12/2013
Clint is definitely your favorite character, isn't he? That's cool, but I don't think any of the others are any less willing to do what needs to be done or any less valuable, and you may have gone a little overboard with the exaggeration. "The heart of this team"? The whole idea of the team is that everybody pools their talents. Clint doesn't contribute any more or less than any of the others. Also, you seem to have a tendency to make Steve a bit of a jerk, and that doesn't seem consistent with the character-especially when Clint has never done anything to antagonize him. I know you tried to get into Steve's head in the one story and appreciated that, but there seems to be a pattern in your stories of Steve doing a lot of impulsive damage and saying hurtful things to Clint. That doesn't seem like Steve at all. Steve isn't dumb and shouldn't always be the last to notice anything about Clint, and when Steve always seems to be the one who goes along with plans to help Clint against his better judgment or just doesn't help Clint, I think maybe it's a disservice to the character. But I appreciate the work you've put out, enough that I'm reading through pretty much all your Avenger stories.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 17 . 3/13/2013
A smile washed over the trickster's sickly pale skin as he was left in the silence and solitude of his cell.
A smile... Why are you smiling, Loki? You are pained.
I expect that if spectre and Tesseract are given to Loki, Thanos will take over Loki's mind, and Loki will teleport-jump to Thanos.
This fact should be obvious enough that Loki's request to Thor would expose the possibility of Thanos still controlling Loki's mind.
Thanos does not give commands to his victims in real time, because Clint's actions were clearly pointless under these circumstances.
Mind link might be here, but the commands, the triggers are not new; they are old, and acting out without Thanos's thoughts or influence.
"You're going to be what destroys your friends. You're going to be the end of everything and they're never going to let you go."
Thank you, Bruce.
Stark nodded. "Or default back to the last order Loki issued." "Kill me," corrected the Black Widow.
Interesting. I was right about "old commands". But I underestimated the councilman's willingness to sacrifice an agent.
"I tried to kill Natasha and you just want to set me loose in the Tower?"
Why loose? The Jarvis is informed of the problem. The moment your eyes turn blue...
The fact that Loki had actually looked like he was dying when he arrived offered a twisted sense of relief.
Good. Loki isn't pretending to be ill; he would not wish to display such weakness if he could avoid it.
Archer leaned back a little to get a better view of who exactly was down. As one of the medics reached to grab something from her medical kit, the soft blue glow of Stark's arc reactor came into view. "Stark."
Loki has initiated the lock-down, so that it would be extremely unprofitable for Thanos to overtake Loki's or Clint's mind. Loki has left Stark outside the lock-down, so that he wouldn't stupidly interfere. Loki has thrown away his knives (well, not all of them, but the element of surprise is not there anymore), and crushed the bow. The only people left inside lock-down are Clint and Loki, right? Thor is immortal. And Clint and Loki would rather die than be controlled by Thanos.
"Just for the sake of conversation, tell me why Thor, Barton, and Loki are trapped in said lab where security protocols have been engaged and we can't override them to get any of them out."
Don't you see that this way, neither Clint nor Loki can get out of here, until Tony allows them? And Tony is the one who is sure that it's possible for Loki to free Clint. And Thor has to watch Loki's actions, because otherwise Thor will consider Loki a liar, yet again.
"And, just for the record, I will not hesitate to put a bullet in Agent Barton's head if he manages to get out of the lab with Loki because I will not have a repeat of last time."
That's why Loki will wait for Tony to be sure that Clint is free of the control, or capable of resisting the control, instead of breaking out.
Loki smiled and leapt off of the counter he was sitting on.
Everything goes according to Loki's plan.
Loki is infuriating. Why? Why does he provoke Clint and Fury so?
All the signs of illness had faded when his brother drew his knives. Barton, however, did not look well and his concern for the archer grew.
Loki is prideful. He has likely put on a glamour so that Clint would not see Loki's fatigue. Or, Loki pushed his illness onto Clint, to make it easier to disarm Clint.
This time, he was all too painfully aware of his growing loss of control. There was also the added benefit of knowing the capabilities of Loki's evil.
Loki makes sure you will win this fight against the order. It's impossible to kill immortal Thor; but since you are friends, you will fight against the order.
Unfortunately, Clint hopes that Thor will kill him, instead of fighting directly against the order. Loki has to seek another command. More cruel one.
Loki is a master with knives. Tony isn't dead, and the time until he gets well will be enough to free Clint from the control. Must be enough. Must be enough. Or it will all be for nothing.
He had tried to convince Loki that they were still family, that they didn't need to fight one another, but the trickster was steadfast in his resolve.
Until the link with Thanos is broken, Loki has to be sure that Thor recognise Loki as a threat to both Asgard and Midgard.
Does Loki prolong the scene, and provoke everybody, because he needs Tesseract to free Clint and himself from the spectre? Or why? Does Loki need to be stressed out, under pressure, to escape Thanos's control? Because if Loki hadn't stabbed Tony, Tony would have given him the Tesseract, and Shield would not be chasing them. Why does Loki need Shield to be around him when he and Clint break the spell, or die trying?
"You're on the open Avengers comm. frequency, Rogers, and Barton has his radio on him," said Romanoff.
Excellent! Loki and Clint run, with Thor and Shield in pursuit. Run to where? To Tesseract?
He placed a chaste kiss on her lips. It was brief and gentle and nothing like she was expecting from the monster before her. It was the kind of kiss that said 'I'm sorry', 'forgive all of my wrongs' and 'goodbye'.
Loki doesn't take Natasha out because with Clint fighting against the order it would take too much time. And Loki needs Tesseract.
Hawkeye towered over Loki with the sceptre clenched in his hand.
You wouldn't have taken this sceptre had Loki not wished for you to take it. Loki has created an illusion earlier because he anticipated that you will be able to fight against the order.
Loki looked at Thor, seething with betrayal. Thor felt for his brother. Punishment had been hard on Loki the first time, but having to face Odin's wrath for his recent indiscretion was going to be much worse.
Agree. And nobody will recognise that Loki's actions freed Clint from the control. Nobody will recognise that if Loki wanted to escape, he could have waited until Tony brought both the Tesseract and spectre here, instead of attacking Tony so foolishly, instead of initiating the lock-down and testing Clint's abilities to resist orders.
"The Allfather has decided to strip Loki of all his powers and banish him from our realm. He will be alone and powerless and he has incurred many enemies."
Banish to where? To Midgard, I hope?
Either way, I hope that Loki is free from spectre's control, too.
Good day, good night, and good luck, Loki.
Shazrolane chapter 17 . 2/13/2013
Argh, I have no idea how you're going to write Clint out of this one. This is so heartbreaking...
Shazrolane chapter 16 . 2/13/2013
NO! Natasha!

You really wrote the emotion into this chapter; the POV jumped around a little bit but it worked. I'm so glad I'm reading these all at once and I don't have to wait or I'd be yelling
Shazrolane chapter 15 . 2/13/2013
Perfect title for Natasha.

Trapped in his own head, knowing that Loki had control over him and used him to hurt his team mates, and in severe pain? Clint very seriously might not recover from this; I can easily see him retreating deep into himself to escape this.
Shazrolane chapter 13 . 2/13/2013
I got behind in reading this so now I'm re-reading it in one marathon session and having fun while doing it. This is such a great story!

Having said that, having Clint finally back under Loki's control fully was awful to read. This is going to be so very bad.
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