Reviews for Future Echoes
NatNicole chapter 36 . 4/11
I SO love how you portrayed Azula. I always thought she's like a mix between her parents and Zuko and the only thing that made her go nuts in canon was Ozai.
NatNicole chapter 26 . 4/11
THANK YOU for making Azula be the person she truly has always been, the person hidden and ruined by Ozai's behaviour in canon.
NatNicole chapter 24 . 4/11
WOOHOO! In the chappie before this one, Toph came in! YAY! And WOOHOO for Zuko's debut! As twisted as it may seem, I'm kinda glad that Zuko most likely will have that familiar scar, since imagining him without it is about as hard as thinking of Toph not being blind.
I absolutely LOVE this fic! Dude, you're a GENIUS!
NatNicole chapter 6 . 4/3
I''m glad you're not turning this into a Zutara. I don't care about pairings and only want any that occur to make sense, and in this fic Zutara would've been so wrong.
Also, I LOVE this fic.
spacellama chapter 28 . 1/22
still reading all your stuff, you're probably the only avatar fanfic writer I'll ever read (although after a handful of chapters into the taang one I've abandoned it(I'm sure you understand)).. I'm sad that I'm coming to the end of your works. I love your love of kataang, I feel the same way. I hope this story turns out sort of happy-ish, but if not I always have tales of republic city...

oh, and how is appa alive in the future narrative?

and p.s. I love you and want to thank you for writing such wonderful stories... they've made me feel so many things. I hope that you can see this comment and know that your work is still being adored
Guest chapter 6 . 1/21
you're a great writer, and i love that you're so firmly kataang. zutara is herecy!
elisabeta writes chapter 1 . 12/18/2013
The premise is too depressing for my taste. However since I am a big fan of your writing, I will read it.
Rexnos chapter 37 . 11/20/2013
I'm rather torn on this story. It was an interesting plot, but I don't think it felt quite resolved or sent the right message. I get the impression Aang was supposed to have died at peace, but it never really felt like he confronted his demons. He returned to the past because he couldn't deal with his loses in the future. That means the core conflict in the story is Aang's inability to deal with loss. Rather than confronting this issue, he continues to avoid it and regret, first with Azuka and later with Katara. In the end, he can't even help Iroh get over the loss of Lu Ten (partly Iroh's fault, but it contributes to the theme). Overall, definitely an unresolved internal conflict.

I'll also add that Katara's overall life the second time around was unreservedly awful. She may have gotten her mother back but her last two years of life she was haunted by dreams of a life she never knew, attempted to reconcile with a man who tried desperately to push her away and then died before they could truly be together. The End. Not much to be happy about in the slightest. The alternate universe where she might be happy doesn't fix how royally Aang screwed her life.

I'm rather upset you decided so strongly in favor of nature over nurture in regards to Ozai as well. He had every sort of support possible while growing up and a father and uncle who loved him. I really can't imagine where he got the idea to attempt to depose his brother and destroy the world. I was wondering if he was seeing visions of the future that never was as well honestly. It would have rounded things out and explained his rage toward Aang.

I suppose I enjoyed pieces of the story though. I liked Azuka as a character, though she seemed to key quite deeply off redeemed!Zuko attitude and conflict-wise. Seems like all fire nation royalty have parent issues doesn't it? I though Iroh and Gyatso were rather in character as well, despite the change in relationship between themselves and Aang.

Rexnos chapter 19 . 11/20/2013
I'm admittedly creeped out by the age gap. There's so much wrong about that situation that I can't even describe it. I'm hoping we see some crazy avatar magic to make things right.

That said, both sides of the story are fairly interesting. I'm curious as to who the Aang loses while fighting Sozin and exactly how the present will play out. I was particularly impressed this chapter with the scene between Aang, Iroh and Lu Ten. It felt particularly deep and heartfelt. Very true to the series.

From a writing perspective, I'd suggest you space out your walls of exposition more around text. Each chapter you generally have a handful of super dense instances of pure exposition which I've found myself skipping. Instead of just telling us in a mass of text what's going on in the rest of the world, share what's happening through dialogue. This could also be helped through the use of more imagery to break up the raw information.

Anyway, I'll probably drop another review or two closer to the end. So far so good, looking forward to where it's going.

Sifu Appa chapter 37 . 11/11/2013
I have to say... this ending left me more confused than anything. For pretty much the time from when Katara visits Wan Shi Tong to when Aang was struck by lightning, I thought they were going to recognize that they sacrificed their love for the sake of the world and find closure on that note. After Aang was struck by lightning, I alternated between Aang dying and Katara continuing along my previous line of thought or some Spirit World shenanigans bringing them back to canon. But then they both went down and Ba Sing... WTF? But after reading Five Days with the Avatar, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

Anyways, excellent writing and character development. You really made their personalities stick close to canon for the most part while yielding in an entirely natural way to the changes brought on by their life experiences. Bravo!
SpiritMonkey chapter 37 . 10/13/2013
Great story, fantastic writing and character/plot development. My only beef with it is I don't think Katara or Aang would have been able to actually make the decision that set this all up, given the uncertainties and what they'd already accomplished. Still, absolutely fantastic.
Guest chapter 37 . 10/11/2013
This story had me at the edge of my seat until chapter 35. I love this story so much, but the end was just... stupid. I'm sorry, but that's just my opinion. Perfect rising action and climax though.
Bhavana331 chapter 36 . 8/25/2013
"Sokka snorted. "Of course not! Who do you think we are?""
I'm seriously loving your Sokka so much. He's really in character and adds the perfect touch of humor to a pretty serious story- just like in the cartoon. :)
Bhavana331 chapter 35 . 8/25/2013
""—you mean because my sister dragged me halfway around the world searching for a magical owl because you and her were married in another life and she's totally still in love with you just like you are with her?" he inserted rather casually." That is SO Sokka. Spot-on, DJNS.
Bhavana331 chapter 33 . 8/25/2013
Still really amazing story! One quick typo: "We have known each other since we were children. How did we up here?" That should be "how did we END up here" right? You are so talented and I'm so in awe at how flawlessly this whole story flows.
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