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Cicero chapter 53 . 9/24
Oh... nice... Eleanor the Big Good...

Probably due to the guilt at what she did to her little sister Catleyn... which is why her other little sister Louise would be her one weakness...
pedrofaria339 chapter 53 . 9/24
For some reason, your version of Elleanore makes me think of Slade Wilson.
Analyn Rockwand chapter 1 . 9/22
This is going to be GLORIOUS!
Mingyu chapter 53 . 9/4
Well, that made for a fun quest! And Louise's luck continues to hold. Also, that was a good scene with Eleanore. Thanks for the chapter!
Mingyu chapter 52 . 9/4
Lucky break for Louise! Overall, this was a fun chapter. I wonder if Wardes will become aware of Montespan's...status...thanks for the chapter!
Me Myself and I chapter 53 . 8/31
You know, at the beginning of the story I was hoping that Luise's growth issues were caused by her problems with her magic and once she got her magic sorted out she would start developing properly, with her look showing her growth in power. You know, in RPG player characters start with relatively simple gear and get more complex/ornate/badass gear as they progress, it gives the player a sense of advancement, a similar concept is evolution, a creature start in a juvinile, weaker form and as it grows in power it evolves into a stronger adult form (i.e. Charmender - Charmeleon - Charizard, cute little pet - bigger badass form of the former - big effing dragon), Luise's progression might be shown by going from stunted child to sexy young woman. It would also play nicely with her rivalry with Kirche, when they neet again Luise rivals her in beauty and surpasses her in power... It would also work with Luise's relationship with her mother, Scarron paniked when he mistook her for Karin, let her grow into a dark mirror of her mother's beauty, similar but opposite and yet on the same side, both battle maidens, Karin the knight in shining armor, Luise the black knight, working toward the same goal but clashing along the way.

But alas, she seems to be doomed to be be a stunted kid for a long while.

P.S. I loved the intro and I can't wait to see Luise clash with Tiffa's faction. (Luise using the defeated, and unharmed, Tiffa as a pillow... I can't get it out of my head)
Greatazuredragon chapter 53 . 8/30
Nice chapter, good work.
SanguinePanguine chapter 53 . 8/29
your story is the only story i truely love.
Guest chapter 53 . 8/29
It's times like this that I wish this site had a "likes" system for individal chapters
Veedramon chapter 53 . 8/29
She got brains, but is her little sister the one that got do much evil she literaly cannot do any other kind of magic. And yes Void magic is evil, it slaves humans and elves as servants, it destroys everything and eventually brings their users to madness.
AltenativeFutureFan27 chapter 53 . 8/29
Eleanore is a Bitch that could be a Bigshot in prison if she wanted- or is she?
Also I would like to see the point of View of Karin de la valliere(She is possibly descendant or Daughter of the Overlord and she doesnt know it. XD)
Guest chapter 53 . 8/29
This is what we've been waiting for. More of this.
Paxloria chapter 53 . 8/29
Great chapter!
Glad you updated!

Heh! I wonder what sort of look will appear on Eleanore's face when she learns that the OverLady is her sister, Voice is the princess, And that Cattlya is helping out to.
Should be good!
MangamanZX chapter 53 . 8/29
I love your Elinore; she's so mean but so entertaining... I love it :)
neogoki chapter 53 . 8/29
dreaming about the Emperor again, someone needs to be laid very bad

"formal complaint" leave it to louise to use the modern tools of revenge XD

Eleanore, I am impressed.
And I want to see her eat her words when/if she learns that Louise is the Overlady
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