Reviews for Overlady
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 86 . 9/20
I care, because that was quite entertaining.
AkiraWolf98 chapter 9 . 8/31
Darkness? Lalatina? Is that you?
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 86 . 6/29
That was a great chapter to read, go heroes go! Thank you again for another amazing chapter, I look forward to reading the next.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/18
recruit eleanore recruit eleanore recruit eleanore recruit eleanore. because Evil is a family business, and she will be very Profitable for One's moste Eevil Business.
Lord-Sylph chapter 86 . 6/18
War…war never changes
barbadosbluefree9 chapter 51 . 6/17
Love it
Sora with an S chapter 86 . 6/16 This chapter felt 200% real. Congrats on the eiry feeling of WWII-style fantasy combat.
haystack51 chapter 84 . 6/15
NEVER MIND LMAO, I double tricked myself. she doesn't want jessica to know, I get it now.
haystack51 chapter 85 . 6/15
oh god I didn't pick it up the first time, but she kept the helmet. sheiiiiiiiiit
haystack51 chapter 86 . 6/15
can't believe I missed the chapter update noti, but somehow I still ended up here!?
sad chapter, but glad Louise managed to help her old buddy and the heroes.
thanks for sticking with us.
W8W chapter 86 . 6/14
Welcome back. Chapter nicely show how important is logistic in war.

I really love plot with heroes becoming war leaders because of fame and feel way over their heads. Still they have to play part of great leaders or army morale will shatter. Guiche and Montmorency really put effort to do as good job as possible.

Overall excellent job showing how war is not glamorous but dirty and painful. I also like detail of differences between both armies.

I knew that good and bad is part of setting and real but pragmatism is to use whatever available. We have example with Kirche chasing after glory and plunder leaving army to fend on itself. If I am not wrong golems stopped working because Louise killed Joseph.

So in this story Sylphid specialist in dark magic?
stearcd2471 chapter 86 . 6/13
I don’t like Overlord or Familiar of Zero, but this has got to be the best thing I’ve ever read on this site
Ero-kun chapter 85 . 6/12
Ah, Louise, you silly goose 3 I got sad thinking about that little helmet, lost and alone. I must grieve, like Louise. Thank you for continuing to write this delightful story :)
Dalke320 chapter 86 . 6/11
What does war care for good or evil? According to this apparently not all thst much.

Louise was part of a very exciting class at her school. And since they are all so young they still have so far to go!

It’s been so long since I have actually seen the anime thst this story is now my canon. Who needs what’s his name and der flinger anyways.
Fencer22 chapter 86 . 6/11
Oof came in expecting tiny mage plotting and recovery. Got hit with horrors of war in the trenches. Well done!
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