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droffatsstafford chapter 68 . 7/8
But I can't wait a decade!
...I kid. I totally can.
But I don't wanna!

Ahem. Truthfully, I had suspected that this story was on hiatus before I started reading it, so this comes as an unsurprising disappointment, rather than a surprising and quite upsetting disappointment.
I mean, this latest chapter is a rather more depressing one to leave things off at, but it's just as well to do it here. (Thankfully, the depressing note lightens towards the end, kinda, so it's not so bad. Makes sure I'm not so hyped up for more chapters, while also not being boring.)

I've actually tried to start this before.
...I hadn't felt like looking up what Overlord actually was back then, so I quickly set this aside.
Anyway, if your other works are half as good as this, I'll be taking a look at them... sometime.

...I hate having to prepare for college. University websites are just so... poorly designed. Convoluted.
You don't need to have more than one website, let alone twelve! Christ!
Curse you for providing me with an entertaining distraction.
Yes, I binged this in... four days? Something like that. Maybe six. Not five, though.
droffatsstafford chapter 67 . 7/8
You make Guiche so much fun. I love it.

one more chapter
droffatsstafford chapter 66 . 7/8
damn, getting metaphorically cockblocked from some juicy eavesdropping by your mom
that's harsh
droffatsstafford chapter 65 . 7/7
Dammit. Tiffania somehow managed to cockblock Louise, even though she's so far away, and there's not even a cock to block.
...Sounds about right.

droffatsstafford chapter 64 . 7/7
Jolly good.
droffatsstafford chapter 63 . 7/7
Ooh. I was right. The power of "Evil" has more or less replaced the power of the "Void."

Oh, and time is about to get fucked.
It must be Saturday.
droffatsstafford chapter 62 . 7/7
Louise can be nice if she isn't being weighed down by the curse of her bloodline. She doesn't even have to try!

I'm having a lot of fun. Shame that I'm almost caught up.
droffatsstafford chapter 61 . 7/7
I sense death.
No, that's just my body odor.
I should shower.
droffatsstafford chapter 60 . 7/7
Good call on making this a flashback leading up to Eleanore's bear-poking, rather than a flashback of the bear-poking itself. That is, if a bear were an ancient ancestral vampire that menaced its descendants.
droffatsstafford chapter 59 . 7/7
This chapter managed to hurt.
Good job.
droffatsstafford chapter 58 . 7/7
*insane cackling intensifies*
droffatsstafford chapter 57 . 7/7
Dei, short for Deity.
...Or a variant of Deus.
Same thing, actually.

I like this.
droffatsstafford chapter 56 . 7/7
Well, with the mention of Antithe, I've realized that Athe is short for Atheism, or Atheist. Obviously, Antithe is short for Antithesis(ter).
Clever, I guess.
...No idea what Io'hn is supposed to... As I typed that, I realized it was Ian.
I have to say, I do like all these names in the Dark Tongue. It's so quaint.

Also, yayyyyyyyy, Tiffania in a non-interlude!
...More lesbian sexual tension incoming?
droffatsstafford chapter 55 . 7/7
I approve of the gratuitous dick-teasing present in this chapter.
And also Marzipan's maniacal love for wards.
droffatsstafford chapter 54 . 7/7
Danny has the most adorable man-crush on Guiche.
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