Reviews for Overlady
Vindicem chapter 64 . 6/22
Really great chapter, once again great wit and cleverness all over and I love it. Louise is an absolute cute and her future self is too, wish there was more interaction between the two just for the sake of reading more of it.
SanguinePanguine chapter 64 . 6/21
OBSERVER01 chapter 64 . 6/21
love louises journey through the shattered timeline. that was interesting for her to meet that alternate future self. Hail Louise the One True Overlady! :)
Guest chapter 64 . 6/21
This just gets weirder every chapter
Hypothetical Spiritual Entity chapter 64 . 6/21
Ah, so Cattleya's awesome personality is genetic. I'm even more hopeful about Lousie's kids now. Especially if the inheritor of Cattleya's personality inherits a few centi-Eleanores worth of meanness as well.
dreaddragonknight chapter 64 . 6/21
time travel is always a headache waiting to happen
kishinokurobi chapter 64 . 6/21
Jesus the twists and turns!
knolden chapter 64 . 6/21
urgh. I hope the whole time travel stuff is over soon. Its just something I dislike. So ill just wait for this story arc to blow over I think.

Then I can take the pain in one hit at least.
Ermac The Being of souls chapter 64 . 6/21
another good one its proof Cattelya will return yeah!
Anon Y Mouse chapter 64 . 6/21
Yaaaaaay update. I just finished reading the chapter before this a few hours ago, and refreshed this page on a whim. I'm glad I did D
AltenativeFutureFan27 chapter 64 . 6/21
Future Louise may be based on Type Moon Francis Drake.
And that means Brimir was an Overlord. And Delfinger is posses by his soul or is meant to slay evil.
Sora with an S chapter 64 . 6/21
Why must you be so good at writing? I'm getting really jealous, you know.
inyourmind11 chapter 64 . 6/21
A damn mid sentence cliff hanger! Please don't make us wait on the next chapter too long!
Locothehood chapter 63 . 6/18
Damm that was crazy

Way to fun a read
ketain chapter 63 . 6/17
i binge read this story over the last weak. it is exceptionally well written. i would place it on the same lvl as LessWrongs hpmor. coming from me, this is quite the compliment. if you ever make a revision of this fic it would be cool to introduce chronophage earlier. like in chapter one or three. then it seems as if you planned this all along i find it especially well done how you use developments from 3 to 4 chapters ago to set up stuff for the next events. also how you change the depiction of cattleya and evil in general after louise loses the gauntlet. one actually feels how the veil is lifted from her senses just through your altered descriptions. was this an acccident, deliberate or doni interpret to much?
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