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666-HyuugaNeji-999 chapter 19 . 5/3
I wasn't going to review until the end (finding it seriously hard to put this story down!) but I had to say something when you put in the Unseen Librarian - I loved it! His insertion into the storyline was flawless and I laughed out loud at the mental image of him and Cicero discussing literature. Seriously man, you are amazing.

Right, back to reading I go. I'll review properly when I'm done!
Rena chapter 1 . 12/5/2014
There were several times when I was reading Cicero and Delphine's interactions that my stomach gave this delighted little flip. I could hardly believe you were writing such a deliciously sexy take on the pairing, exactly what I wanted to read and so few writers know how to get just right.

Was I wowed at how many plot lines and characters you managed to seamlessly bring together? Yes! Was I impatiently fidgeting like Cicero in anticipation of the next round of kinky fuckery? VERY YES.

In fact, my only complaint in this entire ficathon is that I greedily wanted the details of each naughty scene (roadside flogging, giggity giggity!) instead of a cutaway. But given the sheer magnitude of the work you already did, it would hardly be fair to demand more. JK plz more.

Hah! Which reminds me- his strangled "Plz Sanct'ry!" had me crack up laughing. As did "Ooh, Listener! Are you going to put poor Cicero over your knee? Please say yes."

Loved it, saved it, gonna reread it. Thank you so much for putting in the time in this labor of and seeing it through to the finish.
Tapix chapter 38 . 10/13/2014 i actually finished it. i actually managed to finish a 305k word fic. that like... never happens. but this one is just sO GOOD
i want to personally thank you for choosing polyamory instead of doing stupid dramatic love triangles like so many authors do, because polyamory is so important and so much better than pointless love drama. thank you so so much
and i love how odahviing got to become part of the brotherhood! hes the right colors for it too ouo
the character development with cicero is superb, by the way. im never going to look at him the same again x.x;; i dismissed him before (mostly cause ive only ever played through the db questline once and killed him that time bc it was in my character's nature to do so) but never again. same with delphine and eola and all the other characters that i now love so much
this is one of those fics that i cant believe isnt canon. like wow its just so amazing. congratulations on an amazing fic. i would definitely read this again, and may or may not be putting it on my kindle soon ahahah
Tapix chapter 20 . 10/9/2014
you didnt like blackreach? i can understand that cause dwemer ruins are an actual Pain In My Ass but blackreach was just so freaking astounding that i didnt care x)
Tapix chapter 18 . 10/8/2014
this fic more like everyone has sex with everyone the end
no but seriously this fic is amazing and i cant stop reading it, which is a feat for me cause fics with more than 10 chapters often end up unfinished under my readership. i love everything about this so much
ugh how am i gonna explain all these ships to my tes friends now though theyre all so unexpected
FablehavenFunLovin chapter 38 . 7/21/2014
i read your entire story, start to finish. loved every single second of it. i believed these characters feelings and relationships, and was so in love with their interactions. the strangest bunch of murders, but it works better than anything. i even tried my hardest to somehow get them all together in a room, i wanted it so bad. this is also the best representation of cicero i have ever seen, not to mention how i loved his improvised back story as to why he is the dragonborn of legend. i know i am starting to ramble, but this is one of the best skyrim fics i have read, if not the best period. congratulations, you created a masterpiece. *returns to chapter 1 again for a reread*
MorrisonJ chapter 15 . 6/29/2014
Yay I'm s happy that the two brotherhood cells are allies now. And a battle would have been intresting, but both sides would have to lose people.
annie maryon chapter 1 . 4/5/2014
of all the ships, i think this one is the weirdest. it works out... in a weird way...
Pokemark17 chapter 35 . 2/19/2014
Mark does not like Man Man he is not homaphobic but most of the good skyrim fanfics are female characters or Man man it is not enjoyable to have to skip half a chapter or just stop reading a story he cannot read the lemons cause it would make him sick I hope your other storys will stick the same mark is enjoying them
Pokemark17 chapter 27 . 2/18/2014
Only started reading this story a few weeks ago stopped for a while but am reading it again at the start of chapter 27 it says if your not hartbroken by the end of this chapter your a monster and I was laughing more than the laughing dagger himself
Graus and Wil chapter 27 . 10/11/2013
I was ammused. Not sad in the least.
Torinarg chapter 37 . 7/15/2013
Love the story, just finished chapter 37 and am looking forward to the next story.
I do feel you underrate how big the real life skyrim is or rather would be. My guess it has a an area similar to Great Britain and Solitude and Riften would be at least 300 miles apart, a RL Solitude would cover about half the area of the game map. I think it would take the best part of a day for Odahlving to fly to Windhelm and back, sure dragon's are fast but i can not see them being able to sustain more than 100 miles an hour for long periods. Just my humble thoughts but a great story, I'm hooked.
Neleothesze chapter 38 . 5/18/2013
It was an amazing story. I haven't stayed awake all night just for a story in months but this was well worth it. I'm heading over to see if you have any other stories. It's the first time someone managed to get me to like characters I had already formed a negative opinion of and I can't say I mind much. Your versions of Delphine, Cicero, Eola and Babette made me pull out my old copy of Skyrim and start a new character just to reacquaint myself with them. Thanks for writing and sharing this with everyone.
Kyubbiman chapter 1 . 4/9/2013
this will be an interesting read. Also it will either be epic or it will fail completely
Smozzick chapter 26 . 4/4/2013
Very complicated relationships and stuff going on. Looking forward to the Paarthanax conversation but dreading it too.
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