Reviews for Adele: Side Stories
Guest chapter 10 . 3/3/2013
Finally, I'm reading the last chapter.
No major plot here, but it's still very enjoyable to read.

My favourite chapter here is of course Chapter 5 Infatuation, with my favourite pairing of course.
Second is Fiery, not at all my favourite character, but this chapter is very funny.
Third is Lysol and Wedding, see.. I love reading the funny ones.

For character development, well Karura in my number one gal, but other than her, I really love Kisshouten here, she's kind, forgiving but Real at the same time, unlike some other manga characters.
Vahyu, though I don't like him at all, is very entertaining. Same goes with Aguni.

Also two thumbs up for Kahra and Kumaraten, very original backstory.

Loved how you write Seiryuu and hakuryuu here, also Kendappa's character, adn Souma's and Kujaku's and basicly..everyone else.

And for those who didn't review, I encourage you to do review. I mean, Ms Lyoness had work hard, not to mention for free..
At least she deserve a decent feedback. I think a line or two will bring no difficulties for you, but will mean a lot to her.

PS: Will try to get my password back so we can continue our PM ;)

Thanks again for writing this!
Tata chapter 8 . 3/3/2013
Hmmm, I don't blame Tentei's for his behaviour. Any father would do the same. I would probably do worse :P
And muahahahhahahha... Tentei thought Tenou would be an obese teenage.
Well, in real life I think it would be very hard to forgive and forget in that kind of case, no matter how kind are the next wife and her son. I would probably would never ever have a big heart like Kisshouten and her father.
But, I'm glad Kisshouten does move on. It make life easier. Not to mention those yummy lads next door.
I really like how you write Kisshouten here, she got angry, she moved out, she came back, she divorced her husband, she forgive, she moves one, and now she had two younger admirers, and she liked them and fantasized them! Love her! She's just real!
Wonder which one will she choose in the end?
tata chapter 9 . 3/3/2013
It's me again! Sorry for being absent for this long!
This chapter is great! It's nice to see good old sweet Kendappa. And that pasive agressive attitude suits her well.
Ha! Shashi thought all lesbians didn't wear make up and short skirt. I have a lesbian friend that does I didn't expect her to be a lesbian either...

And Kendappa's mother! God I almost forgot her! She was drawn so very beautiful by Clamp. Too bad her character wasn't as pretty... And you take on that part ironically, an obsessed fan-girl..or fan-woman?
Poor Yasha, why he has to deal with those aggressive girls?
Btw some people believe that the Yasha-Ou that was loved by Kendappa's mom was Yama's father. in my personal opinion I think Clamp meant it was Yama (the current Yasha Ou).
I think Clamp make a fan art of Yasha and his admirers, but why was Kisshouten and Kuyou included in that? Oh well...

Yeah Tai deserves all that misery! So this chapter is definetely fun!

PS: I can't log in (seems I forgot my password).
nga130 chapter 10 . 3/1/2013
You might want to change the page count to 400, and the entertainment are brimming in every one of them :) . There are spelling errors here and there. They might be more typing errors, like you actually want to put "through", but miss the letter "r". I'd have to admit though, compare to the main story Adele, the chapters here - which are more like individual short stories - are rather long, which might be difficult to read in one go.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/21/2013
Hi... Hi...

sorry I just got the time to write the reviews.
So many things came up in the beggining of the year.

Anyway, onto the review:

this chapter is still truly written by your style. Still potraying the evil, sociopath Taishakuten.
He played around, watching Bishamonten-Shasi-Tenou suffers in glee, tskk..tskk...
Same goes with Hanranya.
Although I still wonder until now, how could she even liked him?

The funniest part is when Taishakuten breaks down in front of Ashura Ou. You described it really funny, Ashura-ou in his most tempting look and surely Taishakuten can't take it any longer...
Also you insert the whole cannibalism thing in a casual, smart way.

Ashura-Ou, is indeed very handsome. I think I have to admit it. Clamp has drawn him in a very beautiful figure, with the "I'm calm and cool!" personality as well. Too bad they didn't come with a good reason why he wanted his son to be born and have so many people killed for it.

I also liked the way you potrayed Ashure, a spoiled kid with too many toys and big appetite, yet very nice and cute, it's so Ashura.
I think he's smarter than his dad, I mean a kid could see how evil Taishakuten is, how can Ashura Ou missed that?

Poor Ashura, have to deal with Taishakuten everyday. At least he got Shuratou (again, a nice insert of original clamp thing)
nga130 chapter 7 . 1/19/2013
You welcome Lyoness. I admit I found Adele while looking for fanfic about Taishakuten x Ashura-ou, as it's a more twisted relationship and has more potential than the Yasha x Ashura one. But it was your writing that got me hook. The story was witty, down to earth while still having the element of exaggarate, and realistic at some point. I must say this chapter (Lysol and Weddings) is the most successful so far among the Side Stories. Everyone show up (well, except Kendappaou and Ashura), play a role, and act like normal people, which means getting drunk and telling secrets *big grin* and making fools of themselves. Very good work.
nga130 chapter 6 . 1/14/2013
I would not deny your reasoning for poking holes (I think the writter of the script wrote the first 9 volumes, left it there for a time then return later to do clean up, which might explain why the head and tail are so mismatch). I'd argue with you the Taishakuten was only stopping Souma from killing herself long enough until Kendappa-ou was actually dead and there's no hope of reviving her, but that's not really that important. Actually, I didn't reallly like it when the Taishakuten in the last volume was so emotional and had such sad face, it did not suit him. I absolutely love the image of Taishakuten you've potrayed - I suppose some of us do have evil in our heart. As for Ashuraou, I'd be overjoyed if you could make him more twisted, instead of the hero image, but then the world is not perfect that way. And Ashura, the way his father kept spoiling him, maybe having Taishakuten as the "stepmother" might not be too bad a turn.
lilychic chapter 5 . 1/3/2013
Hurray! It's finally up!

This is definetely my favourite chapter. It's less funny than chapter 2, but hey we got grumpy Zouchouten and stern Karura, What can we expect?
Four years of knowing each other, without realizing each other feelings... seriously... that's awful. No wonder one kept 87 love letters and the other a self-restrained notebook.
If I were to blame someone, I must say Karura is the one who is responsible. I mean,... the others had known, is only her that keep sitting in the dark.
Poor Zou, must be hard to supress his feeling every now and then, though..seriously..four years...
Lucky we have Kujaku there :)

It's unfortunate Stuart has to die, but I can't imagine how akward it would be for Zouchouten pinning for his friend's daughter.
And Souma...tsk..tsk tsk...Bad Souma...but it's really funny, to read Karura suffers from the date, she kind of deserved though for being so blind all of these times.
I kind of agree with her, men should look like men, not girls nor women! If you live in Asia, you will see how those male pop star resemble more and more like a girl, just check out some Korean boyband, ughhh..serously they're sore to my eyes (sorry if I offend some Super Junior or what ever boyband fans here).

And why Zouchouten hates tofu? I must say, when cooked right, it can be delicious too.

I must say, your taste of music are quite varied, it seems you know everything from pop, classic, rock, etc... I really have to check some o
the titles you've mention. FIY, I first acknowledge Timbaland feat. Katy Perry's If We Ever Meet Again through your Tenkai City Fic, and kind of like it (it's on my playlist now).

The office scene is T rated,.. oh well, better than nothing at all. I think you got into Karura's character pretty well, a cold, stern one but can blew up at some moments, (poor Kumaraten), and back to her usual self in the next hour.
From this and Tenkai City, I think you'd prefer her making the moves first (both in stating ILU and the sex part). Can I request for the next fiction you make them vice versa? Like you did in YaKuja?

As for Tenou, how the hell he can described how the girl he'd fall in love with so precisely? Had he been reading "The Secret"? Mwahahahha...

Looking to read for the next chapter, they're not my favourite pairing, as you had known, but I think you made them with interesting background as enemy turn best friend turn lovers (it make me shivered, though).
lilychic chapter 4 . 12/30/2012
Merry christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you holiday is filled with fun.
I didn't know that Vahyu had many admirers, always thought him as a crazy pervert. And he's good at fencing too..
But yeah he's good in dealing with his evil boss.
And so does Varuna. I think Varuna is a pretty normal guy compared to others. How could someone that normal can deal with Vahyu and Komoukuten? Thumbs up for him.

Poor Tenou, if I were him, I would tell Tamara to buzz off immediately.

And you got new nicknames: Grumpy and Happy-Go-lucky, Beautiful and Beefcake..mwaahhahhahah...

The next chapter is going to be my absolutely favourite.. it's finally KaruZou! Yay! Can't wait for it!
PS: new profile pic? chibi version of RG veda Character?
lilychic chapter 3 . 12/16/2012
That's a quick update. This chapter is quite fun, since Ryuu's family are rarely mention in the manga, and yeah I think his cousins are hot. (I prefer Hakuryuu actually)

And I don't blame Shasi on her prejudice, I would think my neighbour is some sort of exhibionist if I were
But still, I would gladly take advantage of the 'neighbouring view', instead of bitching araound.

Tough life on Ryuu and Hakuryuu. Ryuu's is handling the bullies well, and "Ouch" for Hakuryuu, hateful boss that keeps checking on him. Reminds me of one of Jenniffer Aniston movie.

I like this chapter, but the previous one is funnier.

Can't wait for the next one, seems promising, wonder what Varuna would tell his therapist. ;)
lilychic chapter 2 . 12/10/2012
It's me again (Tata), actually I've signed up a few days ago. Actually it's me who should be thankful, you have provided a very amusing, funny entertainment for my rg veda -fangirl needs.
It's really hard to find a rg veda fiction out there, especially the one who suits my taste. And yours is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a Karura-oh fangirl.

I actually like this chapter than the first one. It's strange, since I don't really like Komoukouten or Aguni. This chapter is super funny, "Agony not Aguni", "auditions for the next Bond nemesis" and other clever funny lines, just makes me laugh.

And oh, yes, Gymnastic teachers are scary, once I got
tata chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
You're back! I'm so glad!
As I had promised before, here's my feedback: Love it as usual. It's hillariously 's character is a bit OOC, and I actually prefer Kujaku who pursue Yasha, as you wrote before.
I wonder how Yasha's sex face would looked like... ;P
And Komoukouten's orgasmic face would ruin my days...
And poor Vahyu, always got it bad (dumped with spaghetti, stabbed by a fork), though he deserved it.

I always like you fiction, your humor fics are so funny, but actually I think you also write a very good serious fics, like you did with night and four feathers. They're detailed and captured the mood very very well.
Serious Fiction is probably harder to write compare to the comedy one. I mean you could always be free to let your imagination rules, but the serious one took much thoughts (and vocabulary) to write.

But really, I would love to read a drama-romance-angst fiction from you.
BTW, love the profile pic ;)